6 Mar 2012

Arsenal star hails 'fantastic' Liverpool FC fans...

Anfield has been a fortress for opposition goalkeepers this season, and it was the same old story again at the weekend when Arsenal stopper Wojciech Szczesny became the latest in a long line of keepers to put in a fantastic performance against Liverpool. The 2-1 defeat was hard to take, but despite the disappointment, Liverpool fans showed their renowned magnanimity by applauding Szczesny's efforts, something the Polish International greatly appreciated.

Speaking to the Liverpool Daily Post, Szczesny conceded that the defeat was 'harsh' on Liverpool, and he admitted that Kenny Dalglish's team were 'better over 90 minutes.

That may be the case, but goals win games, and for all their possession, Liverpool just couldn't score. It was a memorable victory for Arsenal, but for another reason, it was also a day to remember for Szczesny, who enthused:

“It is my first experience of Anfield and can I start by saying that the Kop is fantastic. When you go in front of them and they give you an ovation it is great. I thank them for that"

As poor as Arsenal were on the day, they're still ten points clear of Liverpool in the Premier League table, and Szczesny believes the Reds are now out of the race for that coveted 4th spot. He observed:

"It's tough for them, and I can't see Arsenal dropping 10 points between now and the end of the season".

I can see Arsenal dropping 6 or 7 points over the next 2 months, but 10 points? It's very unlikely to happen, especially now that Wenger's team is out of the Champions League.

On a slightly related note, check out Martin Srktel's defending masterclass against Robin Van Persie ;-D


Jaimie Kanwar


  1. martin hurt-all  !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I missed that tackle on MotD, how on earth did Skrtel not get sent off for that considering some of the pretty soft sending off's there have been this season?  Reminds me of what footy matches back at school were like.

  3. Top goalie, would take this guy to be our keeper any time. Think he is going to be one of the best 2 or 3 in the world for the next 10 years. We could do with finding a youngster of this quality once in a while.

  4. Van Persie deserved it. He was doing it to everybody else the whole match.