28 Mar 2012

Angry LFC Legend slams 'impossible' Luis Suarez decision...

Liverpool legend John Aldridge has accused referee Lee Mason of making a 'guess' when deciding to rule out Luis Suarez's second goal against Wigan on Saturday.

Liverpool were in the ascendancy when Suarez got on the end of a Martin Skrtel flick-on and 'scored' the goal, but the strike was ruled out for handball, and Suarez was given a yellow card in the process. Speaking to LFC TV, a clearly irritated Aldridge scathed:

"I was at the game, and I watched the referee as the ball went into the net. He'd have to have eyes like a sewer rat to see if the ball touched Suarez'z arm.

"Where the referee was, it was impossible. He looked at the linesman, but he'd run to the halfway line. He's then decided to give a foul, but there's four players in front of Suarez there.

"It's impossible! It's absolutely impossible for the referee to see that. For whatever reason, he's guessed. Unbelievable decision for me. It just dosn't make sense"

I think it's clear that Suarez handled the ball:

Mason may not have seen it clearly but he got the decision right overall, and the yellow card suggests that the ref decided Suarez deliberately used his hand to control the ball.

The ball hit Suarez's arm, so he must have felt it, yet he reeled away in celebration as if nothing had happened.

Deliberate handball on the line? I'm sorry, but I take offence at the suggestion Suarez would do something like that. He is a model professional, and there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that he has the mindset to con the referee and try and gain an unfair advantage.

Oh, wait...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. After watching various games of Premier League for last 2 years, I can easily say that there is a massive amount of corruption going on in this overrated league. Referees favour according moods of their bosses in FA. Manchester United has a big influence in FA and they always get favour which proves crucial in winning tight matches and league as well. 

    Anyone remember how cruising Man City were derailed by declining Kompany's justified appeal ? And if anyone has doubts, watch highlight of their last game against Fulham.  If it happens at anywhere except Old Trafford, visiting team would get a penalty.You can also observe the interviews SAF gives to media and kind of questions he is asked. No one dares to ask him uncomfortable question in this country. That shows the power Manchester United has and they use it so openly to get a favour on and off the pitch. It is disgusting the way FA operates. No wonder, they got only 2 votes in bid for hosting world cup. Who would support such corrupt organization ?

  2. Tbh, the ref probably called it off for the push in the back, even if he didn't see the handball.

    You don't really expect many players to own up to their wrong-doings in such a situation, so again it is our manager (and his lackies) looking like idiots in attempting to play the victim here. Looking back in hindsight and still criticising the ref for making what is clearly the correct decision is "unbelievable" and "doesn't make any sense" here.

  3. And how does this pertain to the current discussion at hand

    ? Oh, you were just ranting ?? God bless you. 

  4. suarez plays the man and doesnt move his hand towards the ball at all if you slow it down . if anything it was canceled for a him kneeing the player in the back, i doubt if the defender would have saved the goal anyway

  5. Officials shouldn't be guessing, so if that is the case, I understand Aldo's grief, regardless of whether the decision was correct or not. 

    Slightly off topic but Suarez not helping to do away with the pantomime villain reputation he has now. He has got to be a bit more sly and inconspicuous like Stevie G if he wishes to 'bend' or break the rules (To make it clear, I am not condoning it nor do I like it. I hate it.), though Stevie has the advantage of being British.

  6. Yep, its one big conspiracy(!) but that rant aside, what is your view on the matter at hand in this article?

  7. Probably off to sunny Espana anyway and J Kanwar might as well close down because he will have no whipping boy to bitch about

  8. Jamie, Ghana lost.

    It's now plainly obvious the better team won.

    Get over it.

  9. Referee probably guessed a little alright, got away with it

    Right decision ultimately

    There seems to be a lot of confusion over handball rule, even if it is a total accident but an advantage is gained it should be given as handball

    Terry could have conceded a penalty last night, jumping with arms spread all over the place - shoulda been a penalty

    Ayala used to grasp one arm behind his back to ensure that a penalty couldn't be given

  10. We need to provide Suarez with confident attacking players around him...

    Without Champions League we can still sign really good players and I would like to see Kenny/Damien try and bring in 2 or 3 of the following players in the Summer:

    (CF) Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (28 – right footed) Dutch – £15m-20mRecord this season for Schalke – Played 39, Goals 40, Assists 13.Goal scoring record speaks for it self, a powerful confident striker that has also played a prolific season or 2 with Suarez.

    (ST) Matías Suárez (23- both feet) – Argentine £12m-18mRecord this season for Anderlecht – Played 37, Goals 17, Assists 19.Technically very good, good acceleration, strength and finishing ability but his best asset is his assists, his pace and accuracy on the counter attack has made him the top creater in the Belgium league (appreciate it is not one of the better league but he does look “in a different league” ) It has been confirmed that he will be sold in the summer and Liverpool are interested. To watch him go see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tggy630-xEk.

    (LW) Dries Mertens (24 – right footed) Belgian – £8 – £10mRecord this season for PSV – Played 42, Goals 23, Assists 22.He stands at only 5ft 4 but puts 100% into every game is full of energy has excellent technique and pace, is a superb dribbler, has good passing skills and possesses the vision to set up team-mates in dangerous positions with his intelligent through passes. Additionally, Mertens can make life difficult for any goalkeeper with his accurate long-range strikes and calm finishing skills inside the area.

    (CAM) Gaston Ramirez (21- left footed) Uruguayan – £8 -10mRecord this season for Bologna – Played 25, Goals 5, Assists 5.Hailed a Serie ‘A’ monster, a fantastic player. His power on the ball, and his skill is truly remarkable he has extremely fast feet and one hell of a finish. Although naturally he is an attacking midfielder, he can play on both wings very well. He is a full international with Luis Suarez and Bologna have said that he will be sold in the summer as he wants to move to a ‘big club’. He has apparently been watched (amongst other top clubs) by LFC for some time.

    I think these players would all add the technical ability and confidence that we miss in the squad. The last three add quality pace and dribbling with an end product. Could they do it in the EPL, maybe not but they certainly appear to have the tools to cause damage.

  11. There's always another whipping boy ;-D

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  12. hope your talking about Charlie Adam(!) ;)

  13. I agree 100000%. One word: David Gill. we should have 20 members from eachfootball team on the FA board. If only we were in a democractic country...

  14. Patrick Vieira said exactly what I said. Read it on BBC

  15. Dalglish looked like a clown for trying to argue the point. What is it? Every time Suarez does something, Dalglish says he didn't and every time he doesn't do something Dalglish says that he did? Even when the cameras can prove otherwise? No wonder Dalglish thinks we are playing pretty football.

    Looks like more than the ball striking his arm, he appears to slap it into the net to me. But, then i am not a hand analyst like many on here. Suarez hand never moved towards the ball this time, although it did move towards Evra's hand until Evra withdrew it. Funny, that, the ball was moving away from him as well, didn't stop him slapping it into the net!

    But, at least, unlike Pepe, he can get his hands to something!

  16. Doesn't really matter what Aldrige thought of it, it was the correct call in a season where refs have got a lot of flak for making bad calls, so kudos to Mason for that.

  17. Another dig a Reina..


    Pity some people , cough cough , can get their hands on keyboards ..

  18. It really is painful clutching at straws when a pundit tries to argue that a ref should not have made a correct decision on cheating because he might have guessed. I thought that referees were meant to use their judgement and apply common sense? Obviously, looking at the situation, the ref, rightly, felt that something illegal had taken place. He can obviously see that Suarez did not head the ball and, even without being able to see the exact place that the ball hit Suarez, he could tell that, in all probability, the ball struck his hand. Replays have suggested that he is 100% correct, so what is the problem? I'd say refs 'guess' or use their experience and judgement in a fair number of calls that they make, and there's no problem with that as far as i'm concerned. Particularly when they are proved right.

  19. been to north korea lately?

  20. ;-D                  alglish.

    I think that's what he meant, anyway.

  21. I think the point Aldo is making is that the ref only disallowed the goal when a Wigan player on the floor began to complain. There is no way Mason had a good view of it -  the assistant never flagged, it took an inordinately long time to give the decision, and from the Kemlyn it looked a good goal.

    I haven't watched a replay, and don't particularly care to.  He disallowed it, 'cause he's a gimp.  Case closed.

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