7 Mar 2012

Agent confirms LFC interest in £10m Dutch striker. Should Kenny bid?

Liverpool have been linked with countless strikers over the last few months, and the latest name to enter the fray is FC Twente starlet Luuk de Jong. Kenny Dalglish is notoriously tight-lipped about his transfer targets, but the Dutch youngster's agent has let the cat out of the bag and revealed that Liverpool are definitely interested in signing the player.

De Jong has been linked with Liverpool several times in the past year, and now his Agent, Marco De Marchi, has confirmed that the young star could be available for a transfer after the European Championship this summer. De Marchi told calciomercato.com:

"I confirm that Liverpool like De Jong and not only them. There are several English and German clubs who follow him, but no-one has made real steps with Twente. I think something could happen in the summer, after the European Championship."

If De Jong - who is rated in the £10m range at this stage - is picked for the Dutch side and plays well in Euro 2012, De Marchi believes his price will inevitably skyrocket:

"He is improving day after day and by the end of the season I think the price will rise further, especially if he'll be called by [Holland coach Bert] van Marwijk for the European Championship."

De Jong has made it clear in the past that he wants to play in the Premier League, as he told Fifa.com recently:

"I’m still very happy playing for Twente, but every player has dreams, and Mine is to play in a nice foreign competition one day. And the Premier League is a really nice competition"

I think the priority for Liverpool here is clear: try and sign De Jong before Euro 2012!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Tornike Khomeriki4:34 pm, March 07, 2012

    Although Twente would prefer to drag the matter until after the Euro, for the obvious reasons.
    We definitely need a striker, but I believe a creative central midfield player is equally needed - in terms of attacking efficiency, the good periods we've experienced in the last couple of seasons have been tied to attacking players like Gerrard, Benayoun and Meireles, while currently we're stuck with Henderson. We all know (though some might not admit) Gerrard is past his prime.

  2. um I dont thing Steven is past his prime at all.......hes been injured for most of last season and this one. Let him play regularly without any injuries youll eat those words.

  3. Definitely agree, we need a provider more than a goalscorer.

  4. He's been injured for most of the last year or so, there's a clue, don't you think?

    Remember your 'eat those words comments' and come back at the end of the season, and lets see how Gerrard has got on. Loyalty is admirable but blind loyalty is all too common around here!

  5. Oh so suddenly being injured constitutes being over it? Solid logic there my son. bwaaaaaaaaaaahahaha

  6. Ill tell you what is all too common its yours and loads of others negativity. Thats whats all too common.

  7. How do we need a provider more than a striker when only City have "provided" more chances than us this season.

  8. I dont rate him highly to be honest.He seems a good player with talent but i dont rate him highly.if LFC wants to be were LFC must be,we should be a proven goal-scorer,someone like Valencia's Roberto Soldado.another winger would be needed too.

    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Gerrard Lucas Adam
    Lavezzi Soldado Suarez


  9. Thank you Mr thought police, thank you for that insight. Most people who label other people negative tend to be deluded, so it doesn't surprise me that you have resorted to that to short circuit a debate.

  10. It took you 3 hours to come up with that follow up? Had you been thinking about it THAT long? You must be a real laugh down at the pub.

    Yes, being injured for almost a year with various injuries does often mean you are past it!

  11. is it just me or is dalglish a shit manager with shit tactics and even shitter at buying players!!! Carroll for goddness sake 35 million henderson for god sake 20 mill downing 20 ,ill adam 7 million i mean come on lfc fans how much can you defend the king also all these players have had enough playing time wake up lfc fans please 

  12. If you're going to critique Dalglish, please do it without resorting to personal insults.

  13. well he has created many chances but they given up many tied games and lost at the end... it is just a bit of weakness upfront, while most of the new transfers have not been  up to what the team paid for, way under par with most of their performances.

  14. Who's been creating all these good chances? Adam? Henderson? Downing? Who else has there been who has played enough to have been this creative force that i have obviously missed? If we've created so many chances, then the players who most people agree have flopped have, actually, been quite the success!

  15. Luuks like a potential waste of money. His chances all looked pretty good and he came up some pretty loose defending/goalkeeping. Nothing suggests he would be an extraordinary goalscorer in the Premier League. Let us not forget Kuyt and Suarez were top scorers in the Eredivisie but are hardly the same marksmen against Premier League defences/goalkeepers.