12 Feb 2012

Rafa Benitez for England? He seems to be interested in the job...

The England national team is currently without a manager, and although Harry Redknapp is the strong favourite for the job, former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is available, and given his tactical nous and experience of European football, he would seem to be an ideal candidate for the job.

In an interview with Sky Sports a few months ago, Benitez was asked if the England job interested him, and he replied:

"Yes, why not? Everyone is asking you in Spain 'Do you want to be the manager in the future, and in England now everybody is talking about the position of Capello.

"I think you have to respect the managers - that is the first thing - they are working and they have to carry on and see what happens in the future".

"But, as a manager, always you are thinking about to have a big challenge like Spain or England but we have to wait."

Clearly, Benitez was/is definitely interested, and the Spaniard confirmed again on his website yesterday that International football is an attractive proposition. In response to the question 'would you consider an international team', Benitez stopped short of specifically declaring his interest, but said::

"It depends on the project".

What better project than England, a team in disarray but with a major international tournament on the horizon?

Benitez knows British players; he knows European football, and he's available right now to come into the set-up and hit the ground running.

Redknapp is the outstanding candidate, but Benitez is also a fantastic option, and I think that when it comes to International football, he may probably have the edge.

In a press conference yesterday, David Bernstein confirmed that the FA has a preference for a British manager but that all nationalities would be considered:

"He [the next England manager] will not definitely be English, but we do have a preference for an Englishman. I’ve been asked this question consistently and the answer hasn’t changed. There is a preference for an Englishman or a British person, but at the end, we want the best person so we don’t want to rule out anyone but at this stage, any English or British person would have a good start"

Get in there, Rafa!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Doubt it, overwhelming support for Harry to take the job so that seems certain, not all gloom for Rafa as I reckon this summer it is possible the Chelsea and Madrid jobs could have vacancy's

  2. Everyone wants Redknapp but he may not be able to take over until after the Euros, depending on things. So maybe, at least, Rafa could be short term option.

  3. Harry has it in the Bag !!! He is 64 this is his last big chance.

    What we all should be concerned about is Rafa to Spurs. He is the right guy to establish them as a soild UCL side and push on in the league. He is a big enough name to draw big European talent to the Lane.

    And with that squad he could get them quite far in the UCL, Harry has been great but he lacks the tactical experience for Top European football.

  4. Benitez would be great, no one better at setting a team up to play against strong opposition. He proved it with us and he proved it with Valencia. Tactically, in individual games against strong sides, he is far beyond Redknapp.

  5. Holy crap! Never seen you praise Benitez before... I must be going mad. :)