18 Feb 2012

Manager: 'Respectful' Liverpool still one of the 'top teams' in the world...

Liverpool face Brighton on Sunday in what could potentially be a very tricky FA Cup tie. Seagulls boss Gustavo Poyet invoked the wrath of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson over his comments about the Luis-Suarez-Patrice Evra affair, but despite his contention that the treatment of Suarez was 'incredible' the former Chelsea man believes that Liverpool were right to apologise.

After Suarez was hit with an 8 match-ban by the FA, Poyet declared that he backed his fellow countryman 'to the death'. Poyet's support is clearly unwavering, but he's glad that Liverpool and Suarez have now drawn a line under the situation. He told The Daily Express:

“No one can say who is right or wrong because they haven’t been in that situation making decisions. It is very easy to say, but the people who talk freely about that have never been in this situation.

"It’s very respectful that Liverpool apologised and Luis Suarez apologised. I’m sure they have learned a lot. Nothing has changed for me – Liverpool are still one of the top teams in the world.”

Liverpool beat Brighton 2-1 in a Carling Cup game earlier in the season, and Poyet is keen to learn from that defeat, and he's doing his best to ensure that his Brighton players are as prepared as possible for the game. He noted:

"I spent all day Wednesday watching DVDs of Liverpool’s recent games and I spotted one or two weaknesses that I hope we can exploit".

Sounds ominous. No doubt, the distinct lack of pace in the Liverpool team is something that Poyet will try and exploit, and if he watched a DVD of the United game, I'm sure he will have taken note of how much time and space United's midfielders were granted.

Poyet concluded:

“I won’t have to motivate my players for this one at all. As soon as they see the stadium and our 6,000 fans and do the warm-up they are going to be flying. We need to be careful that in the first few minutes we don’t go crazy".

This is a game that Liverpool can, should, and probably will win. Having said that, it's an FA Cup tie, and anything can happen...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Unsurprising comments from the former Chelsea and Uruguay international player, considering his outspoken stance throughout the Suarez ordeal.

  2. those one or two weaknesses he wants to explot are probably henderson and downing.

  3. if only we could predict wat the starting 11 will be!!
    anyone know if lucas is due back early??

  4. I am sure those weaknesses aren't players. They're going to try to win consecutive corners, try something different with each take and then pack the box at the other end.