5 Feb 2012

Jan Molby: Kenny should drop Charlie Adam for Liverpool FC's next game

Jay Spearing's bid to establish himself as a viable replacement for Lucas Leiva was cruelly disrupted in January, with a red card and an injury in quick succession. The homegrown midfielder returned to great effect against Wolves recently though, and according to Liverpool legend Jan Molby, Spearing is becoming one of the most important players in Kenny Dalglish's team, and is moving ahead of certain other players in the midfield pecking order.

The absence of an energetic, ball-winner in the heart of midfield was painfully evident in Liverpool's 3-1 defeat at Bolton recently - the Steven Gerrard-Charlie Adam partnership just didn't work, and Bolton capitalised.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Molby acknowledged that Liverpool were 'punished severely' on the day, but admitted that the midfield looked much more 'tight, compact and energetic' since then with Spearing in the team. He further observed:

"Kenny hasn’t made that mistake since, and with Jay Spearing back, and excelling, at Wolves, Liverpool looked so solid in the centre of the park.

"Jay is the natural replacement for Lucas Leiva in there; he is a high-energy player - he gets about, disrupts team’s rhythms and uses the ball well himself. He is becoming a key player in his own right".

Liverpool face Spurs on Monday night, and getting the midfield set-up right is absolutely crucial, and Molby insists that one of Liverpool's key midfielders must make way for Spearing in that game:

"For me he simply has to play against Tottenham on Monday night. Spurs are strong in there, with Scott Parker and Luka Modric in great form. And they have won that particular battle easily in the last two meetings.

"With Steven Gerrard sure to return, and with Jordan Henderson looking better and better with each passing game, it may be that Charlie Adam – who was very good against Wolves, by the way – has to sit this one out. That’s how important young Jay has become".

I'm a big fan of Charlie Adam but I have to agree here - Liverpool need mobile, pacy players against Spurs, and he doesn't fit the bill. It will be tough on Adam after two assists against Wolves, but needs must.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The thing I am afraid is Kenny going to play defensive against Tottenham.

  2. Fully agree with Molby here. A holding mid is imperative against Spurs, or a Man U side with Tom Cleverley returning. Given we will have to prioritise speed and movement against Spurs, it will have to be Adam sitting this one out.

  3. what part of hendersons game have you notice the improvement in...he is useless and sould be loaned back to sunderland. If liverpool are going to be content with player like adams (too slow) henderson (crap) and spearing (at best a mid table team player) then god help us.

  4. 118118 ring that and ask for the nearest specsavers mate.....

  5. Henderson needs to be dropped. All he does is make up numbers. Doesn't do anything else in the game, he isn't the best defensively and he ain't got the balls to go forward n attack!

  6. I don't think that is such a bad thing. If we play a high back line they will smoke us on the counter. whereas if we play deep and rely on Bellamy and Suarez we could just beat them.

  7. I concur - Adam would be a liability in this game, whenever he is put under intense pressure on the ball or doesnt see enough of it he makes mistakes either mis placed short passes, mis placed "hollywood" passes or gives away free kicks in and around the penalty box.

    With Modric and Parker in there Adam = liability. Yes wee Jay is a tanacious little bugger and is not himself always the cleanest of tacklers but he is a dam sight better and quicker than Adam, keeps it simple and the ball moving in the right direction.

  8. Henderson is a very good player, people always want a scapegoat!!!................the lad is aclass act as is Spearing!!!!

  9. Dam sight better and quicker AT TACKLING before anyone corrects me..

  10. Don't you think JK that the reason we have drawn so many games at home this season is because we have too many players who want to keep it simple? Attacking players give the ball away, top quality defences are hard to break down. But to call attempts to break down stubborn defences Hollywood balls is a little bit harsh. We have to find the balance between defence and attack, something we haven't done so far as our goal difference will testify to. I myself would play Spearing but not at the expense of Adam, who has more assists this season than any Liverpool player.

  11. BBeen saying it from day one...Adam is not a lfc standard...if you let jay spearing take all the corners..freekicks ..penalties etc..he would have just as many goals and assists too and would contribute more defensively


  13. its pretty obvious really. playing two immobile players in the middle of a 4-4-2 clearly wil get punished, and thats what adam and gerrard are. spearing isnt the greatest of players but he sures things up because at least he has energy and determination to close things down. no-one wants to criticise gerrard but his work rate is so up and down during a game and most of the time he doesnt close down properly. as for adam hes clearly no good at the defensive side of the game. obviously lucas is one of the best in midfield but while hes out the only option we have is spearing, unless henderson or gerrard stay back effectively. or maybe conor coady could do a job there? whatever you do dont play carragher there again!

  14. WHat do you mean by Hendersen being good?In Liverpool's way or your way or Sunderlands ways?He is a scrap

  15. henderson what does he do?

  16. Thank you Jamie for that one!
    You have for sure higher standard on your articles now, like Liverpool's game ;)
    It pleases me that you now are able to see a more full side of Adam, I am not going to put salt by repeat what I think of Adam ;) (even though he sometimes makes a decent game!)
    Seen some good suggestions on a line-up that includes 4-2-3-1 with Kelly, and Gerrard beside Spearo, Bells, and Kuyt/Hendo with Suarez behind Carroll
    Like many before has said: Mobility is a key, that is why Adam and Carragher is out of question.

  17. since gerrard has come back liverpool have looked awful in midfield and adam's form has dipped we should use gerrard from the bench as an impact player.

  18. I just love the way everyone seems to be slagging Gerrard off recently...
    Firstly, the guy has been out for a VERY LONG TIME and needs games to get his match fitness and sharpness back, this usually takes roughly about 10 games for ANY player, never mind one who is approaching his 32nd birthday !!!

    Secondly, he's having to fit in a side which has a completely new look midfield (apart from Kuyt) and this has to be taken into consideration, the rest of the team has been gelling for all of the season so far and we can all remember what a shambles some of the games have been with so called "Hollywood" passes, this is simply not knowing what run your team mates are gonna take !!

    Keep the faith


  19. I have always held high in esteem that Spearing is a better player than Lucas but sometimes Kenny lost his focus.

  20. True! 
    But Gerrard has always looked awful without a proper defensive midfielder. His strength is attack.Play him when Spearing is playing, he will look different player. Even Charlie Adam had a good game because of Spearing's presence.

  21. starting XI (4-1-3-2)
    johnson skrtel agger enrique
    downing gerrard bellamy
    ----carroll suarez

    subs: kuyt, adam, hendo, maxi, carra, kelly, doni

  22. for me we have to play bellamy up front with kuyt and play suarez out right with a free roll to go anywere, downing on left. Kelly for Johnson better option against bale and cover for Suarez.
    So its

       Kelly            Skrtel              Agger          Enrique

                             Gerrard          Spearing
       Suarez                                                  Downing

  23. For a man of your ability and detail im surprised to read "but the home grown midfielder returned to great effect against manchester city.."

    Here is your own line up for the game and as you can see not even on the bench. The same 2 of Adam and Gerrard started against citeh. http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2012/01/liverpool-line-up-vs-man-city-bellamy.html

    Spearing - love the fact he is homegrown, gives his heart and everything else but lets face it he is no Lucas. Lucas quite simply is (or was when he was fit) the best holding midfield player in the prem and possibly even eurpoe. Anfield Index did a very detailed analysis of this. As long as Lucas is a red  unfortunately spud has no chance unless Lucas gets injured again (and obviously if he doesn't recover as well as expected from his knee injury and regain his fine form of the past 18 months)

    Henderson - anyone who doubts this kid clearly doesn't know much about football or what his role is within the team. Yes, he does need to grow into his own a bit more and yes he needs a bit more confidence to do the things we are all expecting from him but that will never happen with small minded people who only see the end of their nose on his case all the time. Think about it. Support your team. YNWA

  24. From watching Spearing in the reserves over the years I would say that even he isn't a natural holding midfielder, which is why I expected another ballwinner to be bought for the first team in the summer (or Coady to be given more opportunity to step up).

    Eitherways, as things stand we are dependent on sticking Spearing in the middle (seeing as apparently clogger Carragher is capable of playing in midfield while Agger isn't!), as playing Adam and/or Gerrard as holding midfielders takes away from their strengths so dramatically while making them defensive liabilities...

  25. You forgot to mention that the other players in the side are so crap that Stevie is the only man capable of scoring from the spot.