7 Feb 2012

Lawro warns: No need to 'cut off your nose to spite your face...'

Manchester City's Carlos Tevez is one of the most maligned players in the Premier League at the moment, and Liverpool legend Steve Nicol recently argued that "the football world would think a lot less about Mancini if he does decide to let him come back". Nicol's former team-mate Mark Lawrenson seems to be a lot more forgiving though, and he believes Tevez could still play an important role for Man City this season.

The Tevez saga has been dragging on for months now, and speaking to ESPN recently, Nicol labelled the Argentinean a 'mercenary', which is probably the view of many non-Man City fans.

Lawro has a more pragmatic view though, and believes that Roberto Mancini should see Tevez as an asset, and use him to get the club where he wants it to be. He told Today FM:

"I think they [Man City] are missing someone like Tevez...and sometimes, it doesn't pay to cut off your nose to spite your face. Yes, he was out of order with whatever he did, but as a manager, you must be thinking 'I could use him'

"If you were Mancini in the cold light of day, and you seriously thought that Carlos Tevez could come back and win you some games, and win you the Premier League, I would certainly be thinking about it.

"He didn't go in the January transfer window; clubs don't want to pay the 25m that they want. What if he did come back, started playing extremely well, then the chances of selling him in the summer would be even greater".

I wonder how Kenny Dalglish would handle the situation? If, for example, it was Luis Suarez who'd done the same thing, would he exile the player from Anfield and refuse to countenance any possible return, or would he allow Suarez back into the fold and use him to fire Liverpool up the table?

One thing is for sure: A lot of Liverpool fans would not have a problem with Tevez's behaviour. A recent poll on this site - in which 2000 fans voted - showed that the majority would like to see Tevez at Anfield.

Based on the fan reaction to the Suarez-Evra issue, I'm guessing that if the tables were turned (as per the example above) most fans would be calling on Dalglish to let Suarez back into the team.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Aye, considering how much we tolerate Suarez and worship him, Tevez would probably be welcome here with open arms.

  2. My reaction to the Evra / Suarez situation was full of support as I cannot accept Evra to be a credible victim as he has brought a number of controversies in his career and I admit I was protecting one of my own as it were!!! No shame in admitting that, and thats why I understand why Dalglish tries to protect Suarez at every opportunity!!

    As for Suarez to refuse to play for LFC would be a different matter and he would be disrespecting everyone in connection to the club.
    That said, Tevez did that for City due to his relationship breakdown with Mancini and not his disrespect for the club or fans as it seemed obvious, when he was the main man at City he was superb and no trouble at all!!! Bring him to Anfield and let him do what he does best, be a truely world class player and be loved by the Kop and MOST of us fans!!!!!!!!!

  3. God Jamie how bored can you be?
    Firstly the fans only reacted that way because they were misguided  by the club. If kenny was the manager of city then he would of shipped him out on loan like he did aquilani and co till the end of the season. Tevez has a negative effect on team spirit. 
    Oh and if he was at Liverpool and did the same then he wood be public enemy number one with Daglish for there can only be one winner. City have money and Liverpool don`t.
    Most manager would take tevez to their club for a cut price fee even to move him on and make a profit. Bottom line he has to apologise to his manager and team mates to to even think of coming back.
    For liverpool we don`t pay over 200k a week on a player but hes worth a punt at 20 mil and reducing his salary to 100k.
    He tried to hold city to ransome and i love how city have put himin his place. If he doesn`t apologise he can rot in the reserves to the end of his contrat. I am sure if he feels that city mean bizness his attitude will change. City hold the ace and they will sell in the summer.

  4. lol still waiting for my post to post

  5. Tevez was a great player for Man City last season but had been trouble for a long time and the City management (incl Mancini) had bent over backwards to accommodate him - Tevez has had issues with quite a few people.  Also, many of the City players back in Feb 11 complained to Mancini that Kompany should be captain and not Tevez.  Following the Bayern drama, Mancini did go round to visit Tevez to patch things up.  All Tevez had to do was apologise to his teammates.

  6. Well, I wouldn't have the sneaky so and so anywhere near my club and i would be disappointed if mancini went back on his word and played the guy. In fact, it would convince me that there are no morals or ethics in football at all in this day and age. Which i am starting to believe in any case, seeing how a large number of our fans have conveniently decided to swallow whichever set of lies suits them. The Bayern Munich farce was only the latest in a line of incidents at city involving this guy, the spat with Garry Cook, the constant requests to return home, etc. Does anyone really know what this guy wants? How does playing for PSG, for example, reconcile with his desire to be with his family? He's lied his way through all of this, apparently, changing his story every other day. He should get the transfer to South America when someone pays the going rate. Who does he think he is, behaving in a way that will cost his club 10 million?

  7. city manager is only being nice for legal reasons in my opinion, it is what i would do. moderator stop editing my posts, i still think this is a silly article lol

  8. If you think it's silly, go to some other website and post about it there. If you persist in posting derogatory comments you will eventually be banned. Disagree as much as you want but please stick to the comment policy.

  9. Well what is the comments policy jamie? I have seen some of your replies to other posts and i am sure they have been rude. Constructively how can you compare the two with tevez playing for a club full of money and Liverpool being skint. Suarez on 70k a week and suarez on over 200k. One wants to leave and the other has never mentioned him. One doesn`t like the manager while the other does. Logically I do not see your point and that is my opinion. You respect that. If you want to ban me because I disagree then it says more about touch you than me. Maybe newspapers should ban people like you and me who read and critisize what they right because we don`t agree with them. Kettle black springs to mind.!!! I am  entitled to my comment as I see fit.

  10. Like I said if we should be very respectful of other newspapers and articles if we want people to respect our own. I always appreciate a good article .....when it`s good, Communism is outdated in my opinion.
    So please do  not edit my post. Thank you.