5 Feb 2012

Dirk Kuyt: Craig Bellamy has been 'unbelievable' for Liverpool...

Craig Bellamy has been fantastic for Liverpool so far this season, and with 9 goals and 7 assists to his name already, he is arguably the club's most important attacking player right now. Dirk Kuyt played alongside Bellamy during his first stint at Anfield, and he believes that the Welshman is an even better player now.

Speaking to LFC TV, Kuyt - who is back on the goal trail with two goals in the last two games - enthused:

"I think he [Bellamy] is unbelievable. He came late in August; we didn't pay a fee for him, and the impact he's had so far has been unbelievable.

"He's a great professional. I know him from his first period at Liverpool, but now he's even better. He looks more in shape; he knows exactly what he can do, and he's really professional in training, trying to help the lads.

"He's great for the team, and the goals he's scored so far are unbelievable.".

It would be insane to leave Bellamy on the bench for the Spurs game tomorrow - Liverpool need real pace on the field, and if he plays, Bellamy will - despite his age - be one of the quickest players on the pitch.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. bellamy over downing any day. we look a better side with downing on the bench and bellamy on the pitch.

  2. Team I would pick:
    Kelly agger skrtle Enrique
    henderson Adam gerrard
    Suarez carrol Bellamy

    4-3-3 no one could handle that front three!

  3. No, we look a better team with Downing AND Bellamy on the pitch.

  4. If we played that midfield spurs would bend us over.  We need s holding player in there.  

  5. Your entitled to your opinion, but you are wrong.  Bellers has been our best player lately.

  6. Downing has been good lately, he's getting back to that sort of form he had at the start of the season. I think Bellamy, Kuyt AND Downing all deserve to play but Suarez is back too...it's a good selection headache to have tho.

  7. The best line up against spurs would be
    Reina, Kelly, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique
    Kuyt, Gerrard, Spearing, Downing
    Bellamy, Suarez

  8. henderson? real waste...

  9. i agree mate..

  10. it won't be a tactical move to keep on the bench if he is, it'll be cos of his knee problems. so don't go all crazy and make stupid calls and question dalglishs' management jamie. 

  11. I thought Bellamy was suspended for 5 bookings???, I agree that he is a magnificent player................what a signing!!!!

  12. I hope Downing dont get drowned if Bellamy gets the nod over him.

  13. I'd like to see:
    Johnson  Skrtel  Agger   Enrique               Spearing      Kuyt     Gerrard    Downing           Carroll   Bellamy   

    With Suarez to come on for last half hour.  He hasn't played for 9 games and Kuyt, Carroll and Bellamy have done really well.  Plus Downing is growing in confidence.. Suarez will win his place back easy but still you have to reward the effort of these players.

  14. I agree too mates

  15. I think the formation should be:

    Reina, Kelly Skyrtel, Agger, Enrique
    Johnson, spearing, Gerrard, Bellamy
                 Carroll, Kuyte

    Bring Suarez on for the last 30mins after the spurs defence have been run ragged. Johnson and Kelly will keep Bale quiet and force him to defend more.

  16. Pace and agility are sooo important in modern football, yet Liverpool insist on acting contrary to popular trends in building some of the slowest teams around. Even on a bad game, Bellamy will pose a threat, just for the mere fact that he'll be able to outpace almost any defender and get in on goal. As long as he is played high up the pitch, and not sitting in front of our left back...

  17. mateys I am in agreement

  18. KUYT is past it now come on people, we should of cashed him in during summer, one of the Milans were willing to pay £15 mil. 
    DOWNING - 1 Goal, 1 Assist - You serious, what a waste.
    We those 2 on the wings bye bye Champions League.
    ADAM - Against good teams his shite.
    We would of had Mata or Silva or BOTH on the wings with Torres up front Think we would of won the a Prem Title by now. I'll put my 10 bag on it.