1 Feb 2012

Djibril Cisse scores on his QPR debut. Did Liverpool miss out...?

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse has a knack of scoring debut goals, and he's off to a flying start at his new club QPR with an excellent first-half goal against Aston Villa.

Cisse - aka 'Lord of the Manor of Frodsham', the title he held when he played for Liverpool - scored 24 goals in 79 appearances during his time at Anfield.

That's not the greatest record, but he did suffered an horrific broken leg at one point, and he was constantly played on the wing by Rafa Benitez.

Cisse signed for QPR yesterday in a £4million deal, and he's started repaying that fee straight away with a goal in the first half at Villa Park:

Cisse also scored on his Premier League debuts for Liverpool in 2004, and Sunderland in 2008, but he is not the only ex-Liverpool player to hit the ground running recently; Robbie Keane scored two goals on his full Aston Villa debut.

I wonder how Cisse would perform in Kenny Dalglish's team now? With 5 goals and 8 assists in his six month spell with Lazio, and 53 goals in 61 games for Panithinaikos, he's clearly still got the the ability to score goals.

Craig Bellamy is two years older than Cisse and look how well he is doing for Liverpool.

I'd say he's definitely worth a punt for £4m, and I would've been happy to see him return to the club.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Just proves you don't know what your talking about.

  2. I don't believe you. I imagine you & many other wanna be journalists would have been slating the move saying it was negative & unambitious...

  3. should never of left in the first place, same with bellamy. bad man management at the time as well as being played out of position. a class player

  4. You would have to be joking, i have never read so much tripe anywhere ever as i have on this website. Get a job!!

  5. With Carroll and Kuyt scoring it's like having 2 new signings plus Suarez returning!   

  6. Agree with Jamie & tallpaulp on this one. I was a fan. I'll admit he wasn't the hardest grafter on the pitch, but he got his share of goals - only bettered by Torres & Gerrard since he left. He's also good for the dressing room, too - I heard he was popular within the squad.
    I can see Kuyt going on and scoring regularly again, but not Carroll. I'd bet my house that Djib has outscored both Carroll & Torres by March & unless Nando finds his scoring boots soon, Djib will finish the season with a total that eclipses Torres, Carroll & Kuyt combined.

  7. You're kidding right. Extremely limited player. Yes, he has a shot on him and he's quick but that's about it. I can't remember the number of times I shouted "look up Cisse!" or "you know you can fake a shot and try to dribble right Djibril?"....when he used to play for us.

  8. You are having a laugh aren't you ? He's rubbish. Journeyman failure at pretty much every club he's been at

  9. I thought he was a decent player for us but, at 4 million, i don't think we should have put a bid in for him this time. But he did well enough for us when he was with us and he worked hard to come back from his broken legs, even making it back to score one of the pens in istanbul, so, if only for that, i wish the guy well and hope he remains injury free now. 

  10. he has apologised to the Lazio fans if he disappointed whilst at their club
    we were lucky to sell him last time, the sort of player Hodgson might have signed
    Nice bloke, but not good enough for the reds

    nev the Red

  11. 24 goals in 79 games or 1 goal in every 3 games is not at all impressive! Folks, satistics don't lie.

  12. Houlier bought him for 14 mil.....the then Liverpool record!!!

  13. We shd hv signed him no question..

  14. Ha Ha ha ha. Love it!!!!!! Cisse back at Anfield, do me a favour.

    You slate the ass off some our new signings and now propose Cisse back at Anfield, I am so happy with this comment, starting to find out what players you rate now JK!!!! No where near good enough for LFC!!!!!!!

  15. I know this is a foreign concept to you, but it's called having an opinion. Why is Cisse 'nowhere near good enough for LFC'. Jusy saying it means nothing; why is he not good enough?

    His goals/assist record suggests that he is good enough; he scored on his debut last night; he has more goals over the last 3 years than Andy Carroll. Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson combined; he is still in the international set-up.

    So, why is he not good enough as a back-up for Suarez and Bellamy?

  16. Not a foreign concept whatsoever, everyone entitled to their opinion.
    I enjoy agreeing to disagree and accept anyone's point but hear you taking pleasure in knocking current players and how there stats don't match the mighty Cisse amuses me.
    i have my own mind and think for myself and if that sometimes goes along with most fans then so be it, I do not take pleasure in being different and attacking the 'Blind faith Brigade' as your love to call them.

    My comment is he is not good enough is just My opinion, watched him a number of times for LFC, didnt have the best of starts due to his broken leg but even so, poor 1st touch, runs around like headless chicken at times, off side far too often, Just because I do not produce sometimes meaningless Stats to back up my Opinion, does not mean it ant less worth than yours.
    Cisse was quick and has a decent stike(At times) apart from that I am struggling!!!
    As for your stats, If I played for panathinikos I would probably score 20 goals a season(Come on if using stats atleast use a competitive league stat)
    Peter Crouch record for England much better than many a striker, doesnt mean he is a better player!!!!

    Why were the mighty Lazio so happy to let him go in the first place? Because he couldn't get a game there, the fans there thought he was shit and he admitted all this himself when he left. Just as daft as when was mouted about Ngog being missed!!!! love it!!!!IMO

  17. Oh and in the France International Set up doesnt hold much ground these days, Henry is isnt he??????

  18. I'm sorry, but you are the one with the problem, not me, as evidenced by the following:

    "taking pleasure in knocking current players"

    Utter nonsense. That is what you are projecting onto what I say, and you do that because you can't hack opinions that are different from your own. For you, if someone criticises a player you like, they must be negative; anti-LFC; taking pleasure from it etc. Conversely, if I was to criticise a player that you personally think needs to improve, you wouldn't be saying I was taking 'pleasure' in it.

    I tell it like I see it, just like every other fan out there; the problem comes when fans like you can't handle someone else having a view that conflicts with your own cosy expectations.

    Every point I've made about any of our players is valid, and it's not just me who thinks this way.

    I don't criticise your right to have your view; I argue against you but that is just debate.

    Why don't you try simply arguing your point and leave the ridiculous commentary behind? attack the argument, not the person, and if you can't do that, then I'm not going to waste my time responding to any of your comments.

    Re your reasons for slamming Cisse - the facts contradict you. There's no point saying 'I just don't like him' when the facts show he's scored or created nearly 70 goals in the last 2 complete seasons.

    You're not even factually correct. Cisse played in most games for Lazio, he was just played in the wrong position (on the wing). if Carroll played on the wing, how many goals would he score?

  19. Yes, that's a really credible argument. Thanks for that.

  20. Firstly I am not attacking you for having a different view to myself, What my point being is you are too quick to criticise some players you do not like but are never fair when they have played well. this has nothing to do with my liking of certain players, I am just happy to give them a chance and things such as Cisse scoring on his debut last night mean a great deal more to you than me!

    You are quick to label me to some group of fans who think in certain ways but I am my own person and trust me I get frustrated and aggrieved by certain players performances.You make your mind up on somebody and that's it, just feel players deserve more of a chance and be judged at the end of say 2 seasons and not 20 games!!That's where I have made my assumption you seem to take pleasure in knocking the new players who you clearly not going to accept!

    You will argue your facts as you often do and I do not look into such detail, as for Cisse agree to disagree, you are the stato but for me I wonder why he openly admitted most of the fans will be glad to see the back of him and why was he played out wide??

  21. Again, you are wrong. You seriously need to get your facts right.

    * If I am quick to criticise certain players then that's my business! If you can't handle it, tough luck.

    * It has nothing to do with 'not liking' players; fans like you are always so desperate to try and make out that criticism = personal dislike. It is purely about football; I never attack anyone personally; you just take it personally, which is, with respect, silly. Andy Carroll is not your mate; he's not a member of your family, and he doesn't care whether you are alive or dead. Perhaps you should stop treating Liverpool players like they're one of your family members...?

    * Your assumptions about me are total nonsense. The difference between us is I don't get involved in all the player worship and tribalism nonsense. I can be more more unbiased and more detached than you when analysing LFC, and you and others don't like that. You think I should be 100% pro Liverpool at all times; endlessly praising the team and players irrespective of the reality of things. When you come across fans who are not like that, you go on the attack and denigrate them.

    There are many ways to support Liverpool; we don't all have to be emotionally dependant on the club like you; we don't all have to worship at the altars of players and managers.

  22. Liverpool dont really need squad players they need top class ones to replace what we have. And he hasnt set the world on fire anywhere else in his career. But dont forget he scored his penalty in istanbul so he was worth his weight in gold for that.

  23. I don't think people will be laughing at the France set up by the end of this summer. They'll probably be sending England home early!

    I'm not sure about whether we should have bid for him, probably would have declined, but it makes me laugh when people say certain players, Defoe, Keane, Cisse, Bent all aren't good enough for us. And they've all been scoring, when they've had a chance, recently.

  24. He scored on his debut for LFC too. And for Sunderland, Lazio and probably other clubs too. The goals always dry up and his overall form dips
    He's not a bad player, but not a great one. 

  25. And he just got sent off for QPR when they were winning 1-0...now they are a man down and losing 2-1 and you see the other side of a talented but flawed player.