5 Jan 2012

VIDEO: The Suarez-Evra TV 'skit' that's set to cause even more controversy...

Anti-racism groups have hit out at a comedy 'skit' on Uruguayan TV that makes fun of Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez race-row situation.

The two-minute sketch, which was broadcast on the Uruguayan television channel Sonrie, slams the FA’s tough approach to racism in football whilst Man United and Liverpool pair trade insults in Spanish.

The Suarez character tells 'Evra' that he could hide a ball in his Afro haircut, and Evra tells Suarez that he could plough a field with his teeth.

Here is the video of the 'sketch':

A spokesman for anti-racism charity Show Racism The Red Card, blasted:

"Blacking up is not something we would support anyone doing and belongs to the last century".

A spokesman for Hope Not Hate added:

"Luis Suarez’s racist comments may be a laughing matter in Urug-uay but fortunately it’s not a laughing matter here in Britain. Thankfully the days when we laughed at blacked-up comics making jokes about Afro haircuts are a thing of the past".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. LOL... not that i understood it all, but if people can not laugh at things (even bad things), our life becomes way too serious... i hope someone can put subtitles to this... 

    As for all of those sitting on their high chairs, they really need to start living in the real world... 
    i couldnt be more supportive of Suarez and LFC for the stance they have taken... YNWA

  2. This reminds me of the Black and White Minstrel Show.
    You not gonna get many people commenting on this one Jaime, people are still seething.
    As I have said before is anyone thinks this is ok or that comments made previously are OK in the UK.
    Tell you what  go down to Brixton ...Mosside ....Toxeth....Hackney and say what's been said or black up as this video shows.
    If you make it back unscathed I'd be impressed.

  3. Wow che what decade of the real world do u live in? Because your obviously not in same as me! Ynwa

  4. You obviously have a sense of humour as do I .... try Blacking up and go to a heavily Black populated area in the  UK  and see what response you get record the response so we can have a laugh as well.

  5. The Sun Doesn't Set On The British Isles Because God Doesn't Trust The Brits In The Dark, And thant includes the FA too.

  6. What can i say... i like black humour...  hahaha... 

    As for my world, well some of my best mates a black, and they know the difference between being and saying something racist, and a bit of banter on the sporting field.  i guess they are more intelligent than Evra...

    people need to grow some balls and say what they feel more often... 
    i wanna see more skits... 

  7. Mundo Afro aims to foster the acceptance and integration of Afro-Uruguayan culture. The organisation fights against violence and discrimination, works to raise self-esteem in the Afro-Uruguayan population and facilitates exchange between African cultures and organisations worldwide.

    We do accept Suarez is from an Afro-Uruguayan back ground. 

    Jaimie you asked a racism group in Uruguay how they see the Evra Suarez incident?
    Has our stand against Suarez having a negative effect on THEIR WAR on racism in Uruguay and South America.
    We keep saying he ain't in Uruguay do understand their problems ,even though I have read a lot of positive talk on Uruguay and how black people have a good if not better standing in Uruguay then this country for a lot longer time then in Europe.

  8. You like your history Septimus my be we should all read this book including the FA and Anti-Racism groups
    Blackness in the White Nation: A History of Afro-Uruguay [Paperback]
    George Reid Andrews (Author)

  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2082325/Patrice-Evra-N-word-video-youtube.html

  10. Suarez is represented by a woman are they questioning Suarez's masculinity or hadn't you noticed that isn't the joke on both Evra and Suarez?

  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2082524/Patrice-Evra-video-using-n-word-YoutTube.html
    Who's the racist now?!

  12. am with che, everybody chill out, evra was the agressive party and suarez was just joking around, have you seen evra shouting m****** F****** N******rs on youtube, how can he then call the racist card

  13. Am with u che and i live 1/2 mile from toxteth, evra has no right to call anyone a racist with his actions on youtube, disgraceful but if anyone white man was to do this, well he'd be hung drawn and quarted, LUIS LEGEND YNWA

  14. 35mins in!!!Evra. The Commission asked Mr Evra why, then, did he not tell the referee that he had been called nigger, as opposed to black. Mr Evra's answer was that even when he pronounced the word "niggers", it was not a word he liked to use.
    Evra's words from the FA REPORT!!!!!!!!

  15. There's no such thing as God.

  16. Liverpool and Saurez have accepted the ruling of the kangaroo court. Saurez has 'apologised'. Can we now get on with life and ditch all this futile bickering and bitching ? 

  17. just how dumb are you fecking idiots Black People sometimes call each other N*****R.
    However is is NOT OK for white people to do so it's fecking simple like it or lump it 

  18. why not knobhead we are all the same arnt we??? you prick!! 

  19. Why cannot I say this word, it is because I is white??? Whos racially motivated now Septimus breath

  20. I have sent it to the KICK IT OUT CAMPAPAIGN pointing out how Evra lied to the FA when he said he didn't like using the N word!

  21. I guess the point is that if Suarez is from an Afro-Uruguayan background, why can't he use the word or a version of it? The reason it is offensive in the first place, was because it is how white people referred derogatorily to African slaves. Africans came to Uruguay as slaves also. Do we not hear people of mixed race use these words to each other and other black people? I even hear people from the Asian continent use the N-word to each other. Can white people use it to each other too? Of course not - we were the en-slavers and it might offend someone listening, even another white person.
    Evra was on video as part of a documentary and I found what he was saying just makes him look stupid and ignorant, but if he wants to use and promote the word, he shouldn't take offense if someone uses the word back at him. There is no clear line unless we say that it is never acceptable by anyone. This is not the case, which makes the Suarez case so sensitive and difficult to judge clearly.In the end it is all just name calling, and people should just get on with their lives, but the fear is that if it ever becomes acceptable then discrimination and hatred are just around the corner.I think the FA could have handle this a lot better bearing in mind the cultural differences. I think they have done more to set back the campaign against racism, because their actions were divisive and not constructive.

  22. OK Big Lad as I said try using it on Black people in a a heavily populated Black area in yje and see what happens seening as your so tough....LOL
    Also your Allie G impression is pathetic.
    You just don't like it so shut up or start using with Black people and you'll soon find out why you can't use the word.

  23. any subtitle? anyway the host is hot :)

  24. You "Found" wrong... Do you understand what they said? It was a shetch between Suarez and Evra. It should be benned to do a funny scetch regardis this circus episode (at least for uruguayan culture? Do you think Evra should look arian or chinese? Don be so ridiculous. Don´t judge anymore other cultures. To be a tolerant culture means to be multicultural and not monoticalcultural.