7 Jan 2012

RAFA BENITEZ reveals his SIX biggest football role models...

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez recently revealed that Steven Gerrard is the best player he's ever managed, but who does Benitez himself look up to? Who is his greatest football role model?

In an interview with El Grafico, Benitez ran through the coaches and managers from whom he's learned the most over the years:

"I have always taken samples from many different sources and I have enjoyed analysing, investigating and looking for explanations in lots of people’s work.

"My main role model was Arrigo Sacchi because his Milan was spectacular. But I have tried to learn from everyone.

"For example, [Francisco] Maturana had a lot of good things and I always learnt something watching [Johann] Cruyff work, as well as [Carlos] Bianchi and [Hector] CĂșper".

"In youth football at Real Madrid, a little known coach, called Felipe Gayoso, helped me learn. He was very analytical and influenced my way of working".

An interesting array of managers and coaches there. Check out Rafa's website here:

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. as you grow up jaimie, are you starting to appreciate what a great man rafa benitez was?

    .... or are you trying to not to come across as bias and trying and make your bits of text more subjective ?

  2. *what a great man he IS

  3. Rather strange for you to call the great man "our Rafa" after constantly and unfairly criticising him.

  4. or maybe it is a typo

    misspelling a three letter word ?

    or lack on consistency with his unfair criticism  ?

    .... too hard to tell really

  5. That was a typo - it should've been 'check OUT Rafa's website'.

    R is right next to T on the keyboard.

    And I did not not 'unfairly' criticise him.  Is Benitez perfect?  I suppose to you he's some godlike figure who is beyond reproach...?

    Like every manager, Benitez had good and bad points.

    Why don't you find me something I wrote that you deem to be 'unfair' criticism, and you can explain why it was unfair.

  6. where are the good things then

  7. Check the archives - there is plenty of positive stuff about Benitez.

  8. there's only one story concerning Liverpool at the moment and that is....is it a racist football club?
    Of course it isn't...however...the latest incident show just how badly Dalglish and the club have handled the Suarez incident. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that incident, the behaviour of Dalglish and the players encouraged racists within the club (all clubs have them of course) to believe that racist abuse is ok.
    It might not be too late to put things right but Dalglish and the Liverpool players now need to come out and unequivocally admit that Suarez was wrong...that what he said WAS racism and that the club will not put up with it. Anything short of that will begin to make it look as if there really is a racist core within the club.

  9. Absolute rubbish, Dalglish is right to stand by his player. The FA are the ones who have opened the wrong can of worms.

    Dalglish and the players were wearing the shirts in support of Suarez, why would they have worn the shirts to support racism?

    Why do we need to admit that Suarez was wrong when Evra and the FA did not actually see Suarez as a racist individual?


  10. Rafa oh Rafa!

  11. He learnt zonal marking from Andy Gray, oh no that's wrong! wait...

  12. Plenty of obsessed negativity James, you pleb!