3 Jan 2012

Newcastle: Andy Carroll loan story is a complete LIE

Certain dubious sites with no journalistic integrity have been having a field day today making up stories about Andy Carroll going back to Newcastle on loan. However, according to the City's main newspaper - the Chronicle - talk of Carroll returning is a lie.

Earlier today, the Evening Chronicle insisted that Newcastle would NOT be making a loan move for Andy Carroll. It stated:

"NEWCASTLE UNITED will not be making a move for Andy Carroll on loan - despite reports today linking him with a loan move back to St James' Park.

"Sources at United have dismissed talk of any possible move for Carroll during the January window.

"United have already made it clear they are not in the market for a striker and will focus on defensive talks".

I would rather believe a journalist for a local Newcastle newspaper (someone who probably DOES have sources at the club) over the lying, cynically opportunist websites that constantly post fake transfer rumours.

The idea that Liverpool would let Andy Carroll go right now is totally moronic anyway, especially given Luis Suarez's impending ban, and how much money the club paid for him.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The journo who wrote for the chronicle is Lee Ryder, chief football writer (I think), who knows the guys at the mighty toon. Plus, I wouldn't want Carroll back - he's frankly rubbish now, because Liverpool aren't built around him like we were last year. 

  2. The story was thought up in the one celled brain of a Talksport hacker trying to cause mischief

  3. This article is as much bullshit as the others quite frankly. 

  4. I agree it's nonsense. As you say, given the Suarez situation any idea of Carroll returning to us is illogical. It's one of the phenomena of blogworld that someone can start a totally untrue rumour, and within an hour or two it's being reported on numerous other sites.

    Oh well....... LOL!

  5. Lee Ryder knows nothing anyway so if this is all you have to cling to he may end up at Newcastle, Not that we desperately need him but on a loan why not.

  6. Agree with NUFC1, Lee Rider is the worst football reporter ever. He rely's on Chinese whispers and is always putting his articles up hours after national papers have it on there websites/blogs