22 Jan 2012

KEEGAN: "Some of them may not play for a LONG TIME after that..."

Anfield legend Kevin Keegan has delivered a withering assessment of Liverpool's wretched performance against Bolton yesterday, and he believes that some of the club's players will find themselves dumped on the sidelines for a long time to come.

Summarising the game for ESPN, Keegan was typically blunt with his assessment of Liverpool's performance:

"He [Dalglish] is livid; he's very disappointed, and he's learned a lot about his players today, all of it bad. He's not a ranter or a raver, but that's as mad as you'll see him in front of a TV camera, and about as open as he'll be about his own players

Keegan was renowned for his work rate when he played for Liverpool, and he was clearly exasperated by the lack of effort on display:

"Anyone can miscontrol a football; we've all done it, but at least go and try and get it back. Don't just throw your hands up as if to say 'it's not my day' - that's not the Liverpool way".

After the game, Kenny Dalglish warned that some of his players may face the axe, and Keegan also believes that some of them may be dead men walking:

"It's on days like these that, as a manager, you make decisions in the back of your mind. He'll be thinking 'That player is not a Liverpool player'. Some of them who were out there today may not play for a long time after that".

Keegan would not be drawn on which players deserved the chop, but it will be the easy targets that get it in the neck from fans, i.e players like Maxi, Kuyt and Adam, none of whom were the worst players on the pitch (IMO)

The thing to remember is that players like Maxi and Adam have actually made a significant CONTRIBUTION this season. Maxi has scored crucial goals, and then been rewarded with being dropped, and Adam has 2 goals and 8 assists.

Yes, they didn't have the best of games today, but at least they've actually made a consistent impact on Liverpool's season.

The players that SHOULD be under threat are, IMO, the following:

Stewart Downing

No goals or assists in almost 18 hours of league football. He's clearly mentally weak, and is never going to cut it at Liverpool. A waste of 20m

Jordan Henderson

Pathologically unwilling (or incapable) of taking risks or taking responsibility. He always takes the safe, easy option and hands off responsibility to someone else. Granted, he was played out of position on the right again, but with only 1 goal all season, it's just not good enough. Henderson may come good in 2-3 years, but he needs to be delivering NOW, and he hasn't. Another waste of 20m.

Andy Carroll

What else can be said that hasn't already been said? A total waste of 35m, and has contributed next to nothing to the cause.

Glen Johnson

He will have patches of good form but he will *always* be a defensive liability, and that showed against Bolton.

Skrtel and Agger had a bad day at the office, but they've been solid for most of the season. Having said that, Agger does seem to get caught out quite frequently these days, especially when he has to cover 5-10 yards quickly.

Enrique has been a good signing but his distribution in the final third of the pitch is often diabolical, and that needs to improve.

Gerrard also had a bad game, but given his impact recently - and the fact that he's returning from injury - I think he's entitled to an off-day. In any event, other players need step up and take the pressure off him, and as usual, that didn't happen. Again.

Kenny Dalglish was very quick to lay the blame for the Bolton debacle on his players, but he is the one who spent over 110m on the likes of Downing and Carroll, and the buck ultimately stops with him.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. AlexandarStakic939:36 am, January 22, 2012

    Shame there is no time to change and replace those flops! KENNY OUT!

  2. I dont think anyone is a waste of money but i do think Johnson, Skrtl, Adam and Henderson needs a break. Aside from this every attacking liverpool player needs to work on their crossing so it will clear the first defender of the opposition and provide Andy with some decent service. My team for Wednesday would be:
    Kelly, Carragher, Agger, Enrique
    Maxi, Shelvey, Gerrard, Downing
    Kuyt and Caroll.

  3. What about Charli Adam ? I think he is the biggest culprit for yesterday's defeat. Didn't stop any Bolton runs in the middle


  5. Skrtl is having is best season so far in a reds shirt, as is agger.  johnson a clown, enrique doing ok.  Entire midfield a joke, there isn't a single player there now who would get in a top 6 side (gerrard included) only Bellamy worthy of a place up front

  6. The article starts off well but then descends to complete dribble. On yesterdays performance how can anyone point the finger at Glen Johnson (one of the few to perform) or Stuart Downing (who came on as a sub). That's just daft an pathetic.

    Secondly its all well and good Kenny basically saying he will drop players from what Comolli considers to be a (ahem) "complete squad" (can't even type that without laughing) buy who do you drop....

    The easy one even though he was far from at fault yesterday is Johnson for Kelly... but that's a weak scapegoat change that addresses absolutely nothing. Lets not forget Johnson has been part of a solid back four and is the best attacking outlet from defence that LFC have (as we saw against Chelsea)

    Of the rest of the back line... would anyone drop Skrtel and Agger for Carragher and Coates... thats like going from bad to worse. And then Enrique (who was let down by those around him against Bolton), would you drop him for Robinson? Thats dumb.

    Ok midfield. Gerrard, Adam and Henderson... who we can replace for Lucas (hang on he's injured), Spearing (hang on he's injured too) and Shelvey... woohoo... one out of three :)

    Into attack now with the author pouring scorn on Downing (a player that was a sub yesterday) this article was barely worth the response... but hey hoe.

    So lets drop the sub because he's got one goal and no assists to his name. It matters not that he's put chances on a plate for others just for them to miss of the opposing keeper pull off a blinder, or that together with Bellamy he provides true wing play with pace (something we haven't seen since the days of Barnes) lets drop him for... Kuyt shall we. Hmmm perhaps not

    Drop Maxi??? He's constantly dropped anyway. Drop Bellamy... why?

    That leaves £35m Andy "He'll Come Good, Yeah Right" Carroll. Just a shame Comolli pulled off a "master-stroke" and sold Babel for £5.5m... great business that :(

  7. If you ask me Charlie Adam is a bloody liability, he's psychotic and constantly giving away stupid fouls. His free kicks are awful, his corners are awful and the assists he's got are all against the lower teams of which should be the teams he plays for. Downing has stopped taking people on and johnson looked like he couldn't give a toss yesterday. I think the critics of henderson are wrong, the guy works hard and needs a chance in the middle. Gerrard should be rollicking these muppets but instead keeps quiet. That performance was bloody appalling we don't even deserve to get into CL. Kenny for gods sake buy a right winger and give some of the youth players a chance, get Adam out the team

  8. absolute rubbish, how do you get the chance to air views like that
    Johnson is by far the best attacking right back in the country
    downing has provided more crosses this season than anyone else in a red shirt, with 25% of them finding a red shirt, compared to Kuyt 13% and maxi 0%
    we have had more shots, corners and chances than any other team, and one man has had as many shots as the leagues leading goalscorer, RVP and currently sits on the massive total of 5 goals
    Eventually you will see the light

  9. You are a clown, Kenny out? Get a grip of yourself.

  10. Looks like you didn't watch the game mate.. Agger was nowhere world class yesterday.. He was S _ _ T!!! Apart from a couple of foraging he contributed to nothing... When Enrique lost the ball to Eagles he didn't cover he was running as if he doesn't mind as its not his doing!!!Well these mentalities are going to get liverpool nowhere!!! Skrtel was among the ones who performed!! Henderson did whatever he was able to do.. Gerrard too.. And Bellamy well he should be rewarded with a "career-ending" contract!! Maxi - nill Carroll - nill , adam - nill , For johnson i'm getting the impression that, as he has been saying to the media since kenny took over that they are allowed to play their game, he does whatever he wants on the pitch!!! In manu games this season you will find him in the middle of the park!!! Against Stoke what the Fcuk was he doing in the middle when his job was to get to bi-line to cross!!! Thats where we are missing RAFA!! He was a disciplined person and everyone had a role to play in the team!! Look at the team playing now!!! It seems that they don't know what they should be doing!!! I think there should be a distribution of work among the players, they are too free to do whatever they want!!

  11. He has a pont, downing useless! Paul burton, your talking out of your backside! Johnson can't defend, has proved that over several seasons! Kennys tactics are pathetic! Look at stoke! Now smashed by bolton! Anyone else would have been sacked by now, he is only surviving on past glory! Get him out! He has spent over £100m on mediocre players! The king is no more! And hasn't been for two decades!

  12. i personally think the players yesterday were just a shame. Liverpool started the season rather well (not great) but there were signs the season will be a decent season. From what i can see, liverpools season will go down the drain in the next few weeks. The Carling and FA Cup will be loss if they keep playing like how they did at bolton. Whos to blame? everyone if u ask me. Players have not played to their potential and KD did make some mistake with his player selections. As usual liver depends on individual players and lost of lucas and suarez is there to be seen. The squad is no better then what it has been for decades. A winning team has a good squad and if you observe teams like MU, Barca or even MC they have a good squad players to come in and do the job... its just frustrating to see we have decent owners but we dont have a squad to compete. Maybe KD needs to re look at his buys and some of the current squad..Liverpool should consider luck if they qualify for europa next season..

  13. Sorry being club legand doesnt mean your a good manager ?
    Kenny bought these players plain simple his system of english players
    only is bullshit only suarez enrique non english player good.
    hes doing it same as shankley with english player sorry english player
    havent been world class last ten years.
    We have great owners that gave him 100Mil give jose mourinho or Rafa benitez that money not onewould have signed carroll adamdowning .
    And not one club would keep spearing kuyt johnson we can all live in the past we won big trophies now itsgreat winning a little one ?
    american owner changed boston red soux to win world series buy going out buying the best scout and coaching staff You like it or not JOSE and rafa are it kenny dalglish will be the greats liverpool player ever that will never change and if his passion for liverpool is high which it is he would tell owners that hes not the man 

  14. Before everyone crucifies Kenny. Lets look at the facts. The Americans wanted young English talent with a resaleable value.. Commolli has been given the job of finding them. Kenny gives the final decision, or does he ??
    When a player is brought to attention by Commolli he should be 80% at least a Liverpool player. If Kenny has got to go and view these players 10 / 15 times whats the point in Commolli. Kenny has got to have full confidence in Commolli and part accept his findings. I`ve watched Kenny as a player from the day he arrived, watched 5 years as a manager and no one will convince me Kenny bought Carrol, he`s a plan B player, bring him off the bench to try and change things. Not 35 mil, who sanctioned that buy ??? At the time of looking for a wide English player as the Americans want, what choice did we have but Downing. Yes he`s overated, over priced average player. Henderson why did we buy him ??.
    I`m more convinced the Liverpool new Gerrard was going to out for sometime, thats why they bought Adam, on the cheap, temp till Gerrard gets back . If we dont finish in the top 4 i think there will be a bust up between Kenny and Commolli and Commolli will go . Give Kenny time I have full confidence he will sort this mess out.

  15. Kuyt and Maxi are the ones most likely to face the drop and also most likely to be sold whereas players like Adam, Downing, Carroll would stay even though they have consistently under performed. 
    Adam has done well in few games and has chipped in few goals and assists but in most games he has been very poor and looked like a liability. If i had to offload one player it would be Adam, simply because he can't keep the ball, is very wasteful with the possession, he is very slow and makes needless fouls as he can't tackle and he is supposed to be a set-piece specialist but so far he has been rubbish in that area. Now watching Liverpool play this season it is clearly evident that it was a bad decision to replace Meireles with Adam. 
    Hopefully Kenny has now realised that buying British for the sake of it is not going to work, he needs to buy players who are good enough and their nationality shouldn't matter.

  16. I can also see Aldridge, Gillespie, and some of our own fans being sucked in by this shift of emphasis to lack of effort from players - KK has strongly defended the progress and effort of his squad all season and now after a 90 minute display decided that some maybe not good enough to play for the red shirt? The limited scrutiny that Kenny gets as a manager is sickening and regressive. Hansen and Lawro did not analyse the game properly on MOTD and how the set up of our midfield was surpassed over and over again.
    I am still surprised he openly criticised his players in public - Daniel Agger did the same a few months back and it was not considered the Liverpool way so why is this different for what Kenny said? 
    Analyse the words KK used "our approach was not correct ... the way we went about our work was not correct.. I dont think they were ready to play the game..." - who has the job to manage the players and get them to focus prior to the game and then to analyse whilst the match is being played and adjust it accordingly? It is as if he is standing there and saying well I did my bit, not my fault if they didnt perform and if they carry on like that bye bye.
    The line that has lowered my opinion of Kenny is "If that is the level they expect this football club to play at, they wont be here long". It is a cheap swing at his own players, and whilst I acknowledge it can also be motivational I do believe that Kenny is beggining to realise that he may not make 4th this year, I just never thought he would distance himself from the responsibility.
    As per usual some of our own fans will applaud Kenny for his post match comments and refuse to scutinise him as a manager and instead prefer to view him as a Legend. "Time to gel", "Rome wasnt built in a day", "If you want instant success support City", "Back the team" - sentiments that were not on display when Hodgson was in charge which shows the hypocrisy of the fanbase.

    I recall in the summer a number of fans, pundits, ex players arguing KD did a great job shifting "Deadwood" and over hauling a squad that looked like the best we had in years that would challenge for the title - Where is the criticism of him now? How can everyone just sit back and allow him to blame the players? Like I said if Hodgson did this there would be an outcry.

    If we dont make 4th, I did believe KD should have another year but now after his disgraceful post match comments I am not sure. Despite spending a large amount he will get rid of more players and ask for more transfer kitty in the summer. If FSG agree to give another 50 million and he fails next year, the next manager that walks in will be working with a squad that is not his own and with an owner that will probably sanction less transfers due to what has been given - for the good of the club and its future the sooner we identify a more grounded manager in the MODERN game the better. We often talk about LFC and its reputation and what is deemed good enough, this player is not good enough to wear a red shirt, why is the same not applicable to the manager? KD was succesful 25 years back but the game has evolved and the circumstances in which he worked at the club are not the same.  

  17. I agree with your point that most of the players don't know their roles in the team and are always moving around in the pitch like headless chickens. Problem right now is too many players are not doing their job well, Adam is rubbish in middle, Downing at wings and Carroll upfront though Carroll did a decent job against Bolton but he could do nothing more because their was no service at all for him. 
    Eventhough team isn't performing as per expectations but getting rid of Kenny would be a stupid decision and would undone the progress made so far. But one thing is certain Kenny needs to be less stubborn and give chances to players who are performing instead of carrying players who are not performing and also sign a quality winger ,a striker and a creative midfielder or bring Aquilani back.

  18. You should of kept N'Gog! He had a great game yesterday, whereas your 35m striker couldn't control it, pass it, shoot, he even missed the ball when he had a great opportunity to finally score! Kenny, is no king, he isn't right for the modern game, and thinks buying english players for huge sums means they will be good.

    Henderson is no better than that eagles, and he cost bolton 1.5m !

    (No longer king) Kenny out? 

  19. It was a bad performance, the worst of the season by far. Perhaps it has something to do with the city game next week, Perhaps it got something to do with KK keep changing the team and formation every week, perhaps it's got something to do with the media & fans getting on their backs and increasing pressure on them...who knows, maybe it is a little bit of everything.

    Keep the same formation, play players in their favoured roles, grow thier confidence and NEVER play Gerrard and Adam in the middle together as both players are lazy in getting back!!!

    3 new signings is all we need to turn things around and start challenging again.

    For me, it's two wingers and one striker.....Hoilett, Sinclair and Poldoski

  20. Henderson in particular was bloody clueless..no guts or commitment !
    Talk about brave/courageous english players. the guy is a p^ssy

  21. spot on mate
    4th is definitely gone, and the realisation hit him after the game and is now trying to shift the responsibility to his players. i didn;t expect that

  22. Forget signings - SELL SELL SELL

  23. need a break from what?
    how can they be tired?
    no european football this year as an excuse.
    i'd love a break from my job but my boss would tell me to piss off.these are millionaires who are in a priviliged position.

  24. If we put Adam up for sale ...would any of the top 6 teams come in for him...??

    I bet none...even Harry Redcrapp who buys British wouldn't consider him because he is crapp and yet we play him as our play maker...what's going on?????

  25. I think johnson should be dropped-utterly clueless,yes he's good attack wise but what's the point when he can't defend? i'd rather have carra at right full at the moment and concentrate on defending.
    charlie adam showed yesterday why spurs and utd passed up the chance to buy him,stupid fowls,no positional sense.doesn't have the mentality to play for a big side.
    henderson can't play on the right so why persist with him there?

  26. somebody should deforst carrolls boots before he goes out on the pitch because he spends most of the match like he's a giraffe skating on ice.

  27. sinclair is another 'english talent'.wouldn't touch him,hoilett looks a good prospect.podolski wouldn't suit us.

  28. Saying Steven Gerrard is entitled to a day off is ludacris, he is the captain, he's the engine in midfield, he should be making the example for others. He was at fault for two of the goals, you cant just give the player you're supposed to be tracking a free fun at our two slow centre halves. They were disapointing today, our home performances haven't been good enough now our away form is dying off. Without Suarez we are not good enough for top 4, its as simple as that. We need work-horses that are gonna run there socks off and fight for wins. Nothing comes easy in football, you have to fight for everything... Dalglish has set his targets for the season, 4th place and a run in both cups, now he's realising that they wont get anything with players simply not working for the team, I've been behind Carroll giving him all the support and look at his response on the pitch, lazy and bad attitude. I feel right now we need a right winger (definitely not Krasic) and a striker with proven ability to score goals, without them, we wont get Champions League football.

  29. In my opinion Kenny dosn´t have a clue what to do when his gameplan dosn´t work. He can´t change the game and never ever makes player changes before 60 min have gone.

  30. Becoming a joke now, i never like to slag the team or manager on these site, but people need to look at the big picture! Dalglish looks after friends, always has done, his judgment as a manager is totally biased, From his first spell as manager getting rid of Aldo for Rush when it was Aldo on form, to taking captaincy of Neal for Hansen, to Newcastle giving contracts to friends Sons in law (Orr) his son Paul, and others! Same at Celtic.
    Now back at Liverpool he puts one of the poorest players from the youth team into the first team squad, by-passing the reserves (Flannagan), but wait for it, his 2 uncles are business partners with Kenny and Carra! Surely a conflict of interests? And now a new big contract for Carra (does the club really need to offer this money?) And Stevie G (who already had a good bit to go on his)
    And Flanno just been given one, surely we need to spend money else where, but, can we trust kenny with it? He done well with Bobs team, but did he ever re-build one? The answer is no, just like now, he couldn't handle it!

  31. Johnson yesterday was nothing

  32. I'd like to see Coady and Shelvey/Suso given a chance in the midfield over Adam and Henderson. Kelly over Johnson and Sterling over Downing. Morgan over Carroll. (obviously not all at once but over the course of the next month or so) Couldn't do any worse then today and its obvious that 4th is not going to happen so may as well give our top youngsters some well deserved time on the pitch.

  33. This Site On Wrong Way ! Too Much Talking ....

  34. take your king kenny rose tinted glasses off his signings av been a disgrace  and he picks the team and tacticts and yesterday it was all wrong stop living in the past its time for a big change at liverpool and liverpool fans attitudes aswell.....slate me all you like im a die hard liverpool fan that is a realist!!!

  35. We need to hire the spurs scout they are far much better at spotting talent thN we already have at liverpool

  36. Just a quick note on Enrique. Good defensively because of his strength in holding players off and his pace, but I think there are some questions to be asked. Take a look at any game he has played for us and you'll see that the majority of the time he appears very slow and in decisive with his decision making when on the ball. In fact, thinking about it, this is true for the majority of the squad! Is this down to how they are being asked to play? Maybe they are all waiting for movement from players around them, a la pass and move, which is not happening in the last 5 or 6 games.


  38. I've also notice Liverpool have lacked pace and strength for a long time!!
    Sometimes it's a very good thing to sign a foreign big name the last time we did that we did well! Yes I'm talking about Torres! He was a big name and he did the business for us even though he bailed on us but nobody can complain about what he did to Man Utd etc!! So for £35mil for Carroll was just not a big name signing I would have used the money for eg jermaine Defoe or even Peter crouch at least they know where the goal is!!
    Let's be realistic Carroll will not get any better!! KD has to back him after spending so much on him he's not gonna say he's crap is he??

  39. RA12858,




  40. Us Geordies know how bad Dogleash is as a manager, he's
    done more for us since he left !

  41. Some really interesting comments here but it appears that some are shutting the gate after the horse as bolted.
    It should have been evident from the summer signings, along with the good will of media hyping them that they were not good enough.
    The problems were clear from October when you like me could see these new players were not able replacements.
    For instance, I said that Aquilani was a better player than Henderson.
    Mereles a better player than Adam.
    The mistake and responsibility for where we are is the same as it was when Hicks and Gillett.
    The New owners took the decision to give Kenny Dalglish a contract in March? 
    On reflection when Purslow did the dumbest thing to sack Rafa Benetiz it was done on results and based on the fact that Rafa wasn't prepared to work with the no budget after they assured him previously that he would have money.
    Purslow sacked Rafa and brought in a YES MAN in Hodgson DESPITE the fact that Dalglish was recruited to assist them to a Manager/Coach he offered HIMSELF.
    Purslow resisted this for a reason and now we know why!
    How can any person in any CAREER take a 12 year break and then expect to get straight back in at the highest level?
    This is what Kenny Dalglish has done by recommended himself over the BEST INTEREST OF LFC.
    Personally i thought it was stupid to get rid of Rafa whose deficiencies are man management and a unwillingness to accept second best for LFC.
    What we as fans now need to do is accept we will NOT FINISH IN THE TOP 4 BASED ON THIS FORM.
    We need accept that these SIGNINGS ARE SANCTIONED BY DALGLISH as I have keep telling everyone.
    When we reach the end of the season Dalglish should do the decent thing, which is unlikely considering how he left the club previously.
    FSG will have to remove him.
    Kenny Dalglish ,Kenny's Media Allies, The Ken Kenny Fan Club, cannot try and blame Comolli, the light touch media scrutiny cannot suddenly defend him.
    Kenny Dalglish cannot have any excuses not even not having Saurez.
    So I'm going to wait and prepare myself for the FIGHT to get this Club back to where it was not more than 4 years ago.
    Kenny Dalglish is on borrowed time if FSG in John Henry who expected a top 4 finish for his investment is short changed.
    Kenny Dalglish should go at the end of the season if as is likely we do not finish in the Top 4.
    My fear is the ability to get a Top Quality Manager to replace him, FSG need to start looking NOW with a view to acting quickly at the end of the  SEASON.
    Many fans ASSUME that Rafa Benetz would come back, I'm not one of them.
    We need to look beyond Rafa if he doesn't want to come back.
    We are depended on FSG to again come to our rescue and IAN AYRE and TOM WERNER we are watching you closely and expect you to put the Clubs Interest BEFORE NOSTALGIA AND PERSONAL PREFERENCES.

  42. Yes he rebuilt Bobs team massively. Beardsley, Barnes, Aldridge, Houghton. After one season and improved the team no end. Lost Rushie to juve.

  43. Who are you kidding, Keegan? KD will doubtless reshuffle for the cup game against City but the same lot who failed against Bolton will be playing in next weeks EPL game.

  44. is that why spurs wanted to sign him? lol
    he is crap though

  45. Bring back Pako instead!!!

  46. Your funny Madness moan when Kenny praises the players when they haven't played well then criticize Kenny when he says the players didn't perform or show the right attitude! 
    Why do you keep bringing Roy into it? He was a pawn in Purslow's game against the Yanks and was a third choice at the best and should never have been made manager or are you to blind to see that! You need to go and read some of Roy's old quotes when he was manager!   

  47. So you believe paper talk...just look how many players kk try to sign every day...harry would have paid more if the player were worth it...just like when we hear that he couldn't afford Carroll and that's why he pulled out but yet he bid 35million for Aguero ....fact is he knew Carroll and Adam ain't good enough.

    Some even say oh Ferguson was interested in Adam because he said that his corners alone were worth 10million ..Ferguson would never sign a talentless Adam million.

  48. kenny out.he is the clown.carol may be better tham kenny becoz he didnt buy himself,he didnt waste 100m on useless players like kenny did.its time to fire dalgldih ang get rikard in.keny is a kegend,thank u for killing yo team and go pliz if u love this team

  49. You're welcome to comment on the site but please refrain from personally insulting players/managers etc. Calling KD a 'clown' is not a credible argument.

  50. Whatever happened to making quick breaks down the line,a few quick passes and then whip the ball into the box for someone to latch onto,Liverpool's quick breaks amount to running to the half way line,stop, few lazy passes then back to Reina,before you know it oppositon have 11 men behind the ball.If it wasn't for Bellamy showing some pace and guts at taking people on opposition goalies may start bringing a book with them to read.These are highly paid supposedly fit athletes,professionals who should know how to play football so any blame for their dismall performance should not just be down to KD.Time to bring in performance related pay,100% for a win,75% for draw,50% if you lose that may waken a few up and try a little harder.

  51. Hard man for the 967:28 am, January 23, 2012

    Adam isn't the problem- it's the formation and the fact that he's matched up with that sissy Mary Henderson- the boy toy with the hair gel is such a wimp it isn't funny Reo -Cocker had him so scared he should have changed his underwear at half time- why Kenny is so persistent on playing him is a world wonder - simply put he isn't mentally/ physically  tough enough to play in the middle of the park- he has to be wide on the right in the Beckham lane to show anything and even then he's prety much out of his depth. Charlie is the only one playing with any bottle no he isn't perfect but i'm sick of all the punter as having a go at the only guy willing to put a foot in while the rest sit back...Come on Steven you were a libality out there - you are the true englang Captian- World class you know you have to lead by example so get on with it and show these boys how a man takes control and bosses a midfield.Glen johnson has had one good run all season- play Kelly- local boy with heart-and Andy, my word, come on son you're a great big Gordie the future CF of ENG don't let anyone push you around what the Hell is wrong with you- time t wipe the smile off your face and get mean- paly with a bit of hate- get stuck into some of these CD's and hurt them bad- let's see yo play with a bit of passion- take a red and prove you are a red and get into it quick son. This is Liverpool- if you lose a game no worries but at least show some bottle and get your studs sharp....

  52. Its Ferguson's fault. He got Suarez punished without proper facts. If Suarez would have been on the pitch Liverpool would have created loads of chances but not scored from even one of them. Then we could have atleast taken out some positives from the match.

  53. Rebuilt the teams massively? how long were those said players 'great' for while at Liverpool? Aldo never even got 2 seasons, Barnes was great for 2 seasons, Beardsley was on the bench after 2 seasons, and Houghton wanted to leave after 3 seasons! So where do you get 'built massively' from?
    Building a team, is laying the foundations, this KD cannot do

  54. Barnes was there for over 10 years (one of LFCs greatest ever players), Aldridge had to be sold as Kenny was was asked to sell someone as the club had fewer resources due to being banned from europe. Not Kennys fault Souness sold Beardsley way too soon. He was great for everton after that and was a legend for Newcastle until the late 90s. Houghton was an under rated player. He sighned Jamie redknapp as a kid.
    Do you know how much profit Blackburn made from players like Shearer. Sutton, Batty, Lesaux. I think Kenny has history of building teams to be proud of. 

  55. How old are you? Barnes was great for 2 years! then wanted to leave, only injuries kept him at Liverpool after that! Liverpool were not in Europe for 3 years before we signed Aldridge, so where are you getting that we had to sell him because we was not in europe? Beardsley was on the bench a lot under kenny at the end of Dalglishs stay, And Houghton was never under rated, he just wanted another pay day after 2 years! Because like the reast of the squad, he was getting older. name me one good defender or striker he left in squad as back up? Dont forget, Hansen walked with him, so we was stuck with the like of Hysen an co! Kenny knew it, and got out.

  56. skrtel is liverpool besr defender this season so far 

  57. Barnes signed in 87 got his bad injury in 92 well after Kenny left. scored 22 in the league from the wing in 1990 thats a LONG 2 yrs. Its common knowledge Aldridge had to be sold as we needed the money the lack of european football I got from Kennys book "my Liverpool home". Beardsley was left on the bench when playing teams like Wimbledon as he wasnt going to help much under the high ball but still played 29 times in the 89-90 season. Kenny left Rush Barnes and Beardsley(strikers) And Staunton and Vennison(defender) and Keegan and Venables didnt think he was too bad.