15 Jan 2012

LFC LEGEND admits: "Johnson’s tackle was WORSE than Kompany's..."

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson is often reviled by fans for his outspoken views on the club, and when asked about Glen Johnson's recent tackle against Man City, the European Cup winning defender was in typically blunt form.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lawrenson, who put in a few crunching tackles during his time at Anfield (!), argued:

"Most people agree that Glen Johnson’s tackle was worse [than Kompany's] and yet he didn’t get sent off by Lee Mason.

"The frustration is that there is so much inconsistency. Two referees and two different decisions, and that is why it is hard to take".


FIFA’s law on the issue: states:

Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play. A player who is guilty of serious foul play should be sent off.

Lawro gave his view on the application of the law:

"When you take the FIFA law apart, referees will say Kompany had to go. Players and managers will say it was harsh. Well, Sir Alex Ferguson, apart.

"Manchester City fans were screaming blue murder after Johnson escaped. And I can understand that because they felt aggrieved after Kompany.

"The problem is that the rules are not specific enough. Let’s introduce “studs up” into the equation. They are also not practical enough.

Lawro then called for an overhaul of the current system:

"Let’s make them practical by a regular panel of ex-player, ex-manager and ex-referee sitting, discussing and deciding on guidance on key issues.

"At the moment, referees appear to be refereeing to please the assessor in the stand rather than for the game".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. While Johnson's clearance was by far more dangerous, I can see why he
    wasn't sent off. His challenge was neither from the front, from the
    side, nor from behind, i.e. his lunge was not at an opponent. It may be
    more dangerous than Kompany's, but according to the rule in question,
    there is technically no foul.

  2. There was no contact most importantly. I really dont know why Johnsons tackle is even being mentioned.

  3. mark lawrenson will say anything money can buy.

  4. the fa should get all the idiots with a whistle, put them in front of a screen show contentious tackes, last man etc (unknown ones) and let them press a button - booking - sending off - no action. then tell them the answer and judge them in future on it - no excuses.

  5. I think its fair to say his tackle was from the side, as Lescott was attempting to play the ball.  Unfortunately, it was a textbook infringement of the law in my opinion.

  6. watched most of the newcastle QPR game today and there was a leg breaking tackle which was not 2 footed.
    needless to say it was a red. bad tackles have been part and parcel of the game, some deliberate and some from people who just cant tackle but mostly misstimed.
    shall we just turn it into a none contact sport?? dont think so.
    a less than 10 second video replay of a so called tackle etc should be reviewed like in rubgy etc. will reduce diving as well.
    wat else can be done??

  7. Am I missing something here? It was not a tackle, it was an interception. He prevented the ball from reaching Lescott, just.
    When the so called experts can get it so badly wrong then what chance do we have.
    I notice that Cabaye was injured today. He was unlucky because he should not have been on the pitch, since he should have been serving a 3 match ban for his horrendous so called tackle on Jay Spearing. He clearly stamped on his victim and was absolutely nowhere near the ball.
    I know which tackle I would rather be on the wrong end of. It is time that tackles are judged by the damage they cause and not by the potential for damage. Football should not be governed by ifs, buts and maybes.

  8. because the press and pundits have to have something to chirp on about. and obviously the bad decision of kompany red red has highlighted it more so.  reffs get off scott free as usual

  9. dalglish liverpool will finished 10th in the league

  10. What the hell has your comment got anything to do with this article? Idiot!

  11. I am amazed!!! It stuns me that there is no credit for Liverpool beating man city. Just article after article about Johnson's tackle!!
    Even a video on loop!!!!It is ok to criticise but it seems that is all this website does!!We won. Be happy!! Write an article about that!! Stop giving people bullets to fire at us!!I am sorry to say, because I like this site, but Jamie seems to be the main instigator. I waited to see what would be said about the city game. I was hoping to be proved wrong. But I was proved right. I doubt this will even get posted because it criticises the author. 
    As long as it is read before deleted I know I got my point across. 

  12. Look at the replay again. Lescott was coming in at Johnson from his side. Johnson went across the path of Lescott, not at him. Kompany's lunge was at Nani, like Jay's tackle was also at the player.

    If you held a finger up and made a V fork on the other hand, whether or not you jabbed it at the upright finger from the front, side or back, the V will always catch it, but in this case, the fork will be jabbing across, not at it, and therefore missing it completely. Lescott then ran into Johnson's back. Likewise, your upright finger will hit the outside of the fork coming at it.

  13. The penalty given to Swansea against Arsenal, Dyer did a leg breaker on Ramsey's leg and won a penalty!

  14. ok sanjay, hows geeta?? lol

  15. I thought Johnson was trying to intercept rather than tackle

  16. Christianstevenson11:44 pm, January 15, 2012

    no chance, hes no better than Hodgson

  17. Christianstevenson11:47 pm, January 15, 2012

    Totally agree, its not so much about the tackle or weather johnson should of been sent off, its about the refs and how inconsistant they are becoming.....And that was Mancini point !

  18. That's a clean tackle my friend.

  19. If Lescott is coming at Johnson from his side as you say, is the same not true vice versa, ie. Johnson is coming at Lescott from his side?
    It's clear that Johnson didn't make contact with his feet, but thats irrelevant. He wasn't favourite to get the ball, so he made a reckless lunge towards the it, missing Lescott's leg by millimetres. Had he made the challenge a fraction of a second later he could've done serious damage.  Therefore it was serious foul play as per FIFA's rules.

  20. But it is, so it should have been a red card, like it or lump it!

  21. Wow, pool fans are a classy lot. don't worry sanjay, ill be wearing sanjay T-Shirts tomorrow at work. 

  22. Ok Barry, Hows Janine?? lol


  24. Desperate attempt to protect Jonhson from pastor but his tackle was dangerous and far more so than Kompanys. Johnson has absolutely no control over his body once he throws himself in the air where as Kompany's tackle was technically brilliant.

    To be honest although I am only young, I am old fashioned in respect to this. I didn't want to see Johnson get sent off for it, I am a little bit no harm no foul and when no contact has been made I think a caution should be enough as a warning to prevent the player doing it again.

    The only reason Johnson should have gone for me would be the consistency thing, but oh well makes the game what it is at times, a bit of controversy never does any harm.

  25. You are correct, that is a clean tackle, if you are a Liverpool fan.
    If, however, you are a football fan, you will clearly see that that challenge was two footed with the studs raised and was only millimetres away from potentially breaking someones foot/ankle/leg.
    Johnson shouldn't even have been on the pitch, as he should have put in a transfer request to get away from a racist club who fully support a racist player.
    Love the Sanjay dig, you lot are so classy.

  26. haha classic. some people are just soft as sh#t with obviously no sense of humour its pathetic.
    masteryates go do wat you do best, and dont forget your tissues lol

  27. Cabaye's challenge on Spearing was worse than either of them yet I'm not seeing any outrage over his lucky escape...