18 Jan 2012

DENMARK star admits: Stopping Liverpool at Anfield was so EASY...

Liverpool's recent 0-0 draw with Stoke was a definite lowlight of the season so far, and Danish stopper Tomas Sorenson admits that getting the result was a lot easier than he expected it to be.

Sorenson - who hopes to to be Denmark's number 1 in this summer's European Championship, told The Sentinel:

"Compared to the first year where it was the Alamo, this was a lot more comfortable.

"I know they were missing a couple of players, and Luis Suarez would have made a big difference, but credit to us that we can be that solid.

"I definitely thought we were comfortable and it suited us that they played three at back.

"Maybe in the first 20 minutes we struggled a bit, but then we closed the space in front of our back four and so they had to try to knock crosses in or shoot from 30 or 40 yards."

This assessment is another major indictment of Liverpool's tactical approach that day. It's difficult to understand why Kenny persisted with three at the back for the *whole game* when Stoke switched to one up front very early in the match.

When opposition players think coming to Anfield is a 'comfortable' experience then it's clear you have a problem.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. probably is easy if your teammates have their arms around an opponents shirt all the time to stop them actually being able to move anywhere near the ball. Think I'd be able to keep a clean sheet!

  2. Dalglish is tactically inept - that is now clear for all to see - he should be in charge of picking the team or making tactical decisions - we need an astute tactician for this, something he clearly is NOT.
    We didnt he drag the lumbering and slow Carra off immediately and replace him with the much more attacking and potentially goal scoring Bellamy or even Shelvey ? At least at the start of the 2nd half FFS!!! No .. so stubborn and sticks to his WRONG team selections and tactics for the whole match costing us 2 points - 
    Same as the game against Tottenham  - plays big, strong and SLOW Strtel and right back against their best and fastest player iN BALE!! Like a lamb to the slaughter!! NO wonder we were hammered - with Bale making run after run against the lumbering Centreback being played out of position. Why not play Flanno? Johno and Kelly both injured - but at least FLanno has PACE .. AND would have done much better at keeping up with Bale... 
    Srtel was sent off after getting frustrated at getting beated again and again by Bali - do you blame him? I dont ..BLAME DALGLISH!!!


  3. please fuck off! you really are barking up the wrong tree. was Dalglish tactially inept beating Chelsea (twice), Arsenal, Man City all away from home.

    We were down to 9 men when we got "hammered" at Spurs. We were well in the game 11 vs 11.

    Was he simply not good enough the last time he managed us? remember we were at the tipping point about 14 months ago and the playing side was nothing compared to the fact that we almost went bust.

    Reality check is needed by all. Just enjoy the fact that we ARE playing some good football. Yes we have been poor in some games, but EVERYONE bad maybe City have been inconsistant.

    You must be on a wind-up because I for one am happy that we have our club back and yes we CAN enjoy the football rather than worry if we are going to exist or not.

    I dont usually post but i had to say something to your shitty, uneducated and quite frankly wrong statement. do you get all your info and ideas from Skysports?

  4. He didn't think it would be comfortable before the match began only once we didn't have quality pressure on their goal.

  5. Yes it is easy when your tactics are to have eleven men behind the ball, with no intention of attacking your opponent for 90 minutes. It didn't help that Kenny got his tactics and team selection wrong, which you can't afford to do when playing against a team managed by the 'anti christ' of football. 

  6. but it was clearly never the aim to create an "alamo" style attack on Stoke - we were set out to stop Stoke, and Crouch et al barely got a sniff, so job done!

  7. People like you make me laugh. What are your credentials to criticise the tactics in a professional game of football? Bet you've won the treble on football manager eh. No one is saying that the performance against stoke was good, it certainly wasn't. No one can say that kk hasn't made anyone takes, coz he certainly has. But give the man some credit, you do not have a career in football like kk has without understanding the game surely? Or was he lucky? Don't forget he has one of the top first team coaches around in Clarke, someone the fabled mourinho said was better than most prem manages. Kk showed how shrewd he was bringing hon

  8. Wat team do you manage dicko

  9. "THIS IS ANFIELD" IS NO LONGER INTIMIDATING. Teams coming here dont fear us anymore.

  10. WRONG MATE - we were hammered BEFORE being down to 9 men against spurs - your must have had your dark sunnys on for that one if your could nt see that..
    I have supported LFC since i could walk and i ALWAYS will - THE CLUB is bigger than ANY MANAGER or player - I dont care who it is !!
    I want us to be THE BEST and I will call it how i see it.
    Yes we have had some good results I am very glad about that, but to be the best and to finish in top 2 you need consistently good results and performances, which sadly we are not yet seeing.
    This is where astute tactical skills and correct team selections play a vital role..
    ANYONE could have done better after ROY!! COme on thats not much to go on!!  Is that all you want - an improvement on 14 months ago? 
    I WANT and Expect Kenny to Deliver and get us to the top - thats why im hard on him and anyone else that under-performes at the club.
    He gets paid the big bucks for this very reason TO PERFORM HIS JOB AS MANAGER OF LFC,, not because hes KD !! 
    I thing Kenny has learnt a lesson after Stoke - I hope he has for the clubs sake and i hope he can put that one behind him and get us close to the top ..

  11. Yes. Perhaps it is time we played at a venue not called Anfield!

  12. I agree with vapourdub, you don't sound like a 'supporter'. You didn't answer vapourdubs questions, was Kenny tactically inept years ago? Has he been inept away at Arsenal, City and Chelsea? Has he been inept playing most teams off the park? Steve Clarke is regarded as being an excellent tactician, do you think he's tactically inept? I've said this a few times this week, but after spending over 100 mil (and recuperating not too far off that) why do we suddenly seem to think we have a divine right to be above the years of spending power or Chelsea, Man United and Recently Man City? And te consistent management of arsenal and tottenham?
    Arsenal and Chelsea are struggling to be in that top 4, why do we have a divine right to stroll it there? It's a very competitive league and tales more then two transfer windows of spending, and more then a year of sound management to get in that top 4 again. It was arsenal, man united and Chelsea an us, it's not now let's face it an support the team.

  13. Tactics wrong? We had total possession- just lacked that bit of creativity and technique. I would blame the players for that not Dalglish. Downing, Henderson, Gerrard, Kuyt, Johnson etc. They could have done better, just not sharp enough. The game didn't go our way, but I think some people tend to overreact. We have drawn far more often than we should have and that is something that will need addressing for next season, but we have only lost 4 times so far. We are hardly in a crisis. Give Dalglish time I say and get behind the team.

  14. Why did he not use similar tactics against Stoke then-scared of Crouch maybe? He won't be in charge next season!

  15. Why did he then,set the team out so defensively against Stoke! Plonker!
    As to your referral to when he was manager years ago---the true facts are that he was left with a top squad,and recalled Paisley to oversee him.Paisley sat in the managers office for the next 3 years telling him what to do!
    When he won the league with Blackburn he had Ray Harford doing the same thing for him! FACT! HE FAILED AT NEWCASTLE AND CELTIC -- FACT! Don't be supprise if he does'n't get another year in charge!
    I,along with many other fans loved him as a player but he is not a good manager!

  16. More like we stopped them

  17. Guys, wait till you see how gerrard and suarez link up...he is going to bang them in! And then we get Lucas back next year...gerrard and lucas in the middle and groom shelvey to take over for gerrard in the attacking midfield role. Then in the summer he will address the issue of pace...guaranteed. Carrol is so awful its heartbreaking but all managers make mistakes...henderson will come good...(took lucas 3 years) and aside form that we just need a couple of nippy wingers and a couple of strikers who can play every week (bellamy cant). We're on the verge of turning the boat around...unfortunately adam and carrol arent really good enough for liverpool but the rest will flourish...

  18. Message to JAMIE; in regard to the owners talking of using the 2003 design for a new stadium(60,000 capacity) in Stanley Park! I have to say that I agree with remarks made by some fans that it is not pleasant to the eye,with the four toothpicks etc; my personal opinion is that it could never be developed to look any better in the future! I think it's a bit of an eyesore! Although it would be more expensive,the 2008 revised plans(72,000 capacity),are far more attractive to the eye,although would  cost considerably more! In my opinion it would be more advisable to go for the 2008 design as the extra revenue would come in to affect immediately rather than later.Why upgrade in the future and have the disruptions all over again!The 2008 design looks far better and would immediately have a 'KOP' that holds 18,500 fans!
    I mention this to you Jamie because you have the means to create the kind of fans discussion that 'may' influence the owners to plan for something better 'now' rather than later!
    regards yogibearone,(DaveWestAus).

  19. Oh Yogi was you there pal? Is that why they are TRUE facts as opposed to Faldo facts? So our wins against Chelsea, Arsenal and City and all of last seasons run, was that Steve Clarke? And the losses are all Kenny? Or is it Mrs Paisley working flexi-time????? Who's the plonker? If Ray Harford was so good, then why did he do so badly after Kenny left? Or did Mrs Paisley leave with Kenny? Do you remember the saying 'it's gone horribly Ray Harford?' please reply to this, I'm not even commenting on the rest ofte rubbish you've wrote. Of Dalglish was so inept then why have we only lost 4 times all season? Why have we outplayed nearly every team we have played? Some level of ineptness that pal. I think people's expectations are unbelievable, or are you flying on Fifa 12 as Liverpool with Sow and Remy up front?

  20. WHAT? Kenny wont be in charge next season? Are you mad? The only manager who I would accept after Kenny would be Pep, but that aint going to happen and it wont be next season anyway.

    I dont think Bob was sat in the managers seat when we won the double with Kenny as manager. Playing the best football I have seen from a Liverpool team.

    Also Kenny is one of the very few managers to win the league title with 2 different clubs.

    I trust his knowledge of the game over your opinion. ask all the players, directors what they think of Kenny and how he turned things round at our club. Yes he isnt right all the time but who is? NO ONE wins every game!

    Being 'the best' doesn't happen overnight, its a long process with ups and downs and franky we have had more ups than downs on the pitch. I dont need stats to tell me what my eyes see.

    why is everyone getting their knickers in a twist? we are still in with a very very good chance of the top 4, one game away from a trip to the new Wembley (which we haven't been to yet). Progress? considering where we have been over the last 2/3 years.

  21. It's took me a few days but I realised I went the Liverpool v Stoke game at home last season, and I remember we played the same formation as we did away at Chelsea, maybe this explains Kennys lineup? And last season we got three points, tactically inept????

     Starting Line-ups
    25  Reina
    16  Kyrgiakos
    6  Aurelio
    37  Skrtel
    5  Agger
    2  Johnson
    34  Kelly
    18  Kuyt
    8  Gerrard
    21  Leiva
    4  Meireles
    24  Ngog
    33  Shelvey
    28  Poulsen
    42  Gulacsi
    23  Carragher
    7  Suárez Díaz
    17  Rodríguez

  22. its was 1-0 before we went down to 9 men, hardly being hammered, away from home against a team that a doing really well.

    the last couple of paragraphs really concern me, you mention that Kenny hasd to learn for the clubs sake? why? whats going to happen if he doesnt? will we stop functioning? I think of all the people to understand what it means to be manager of LFC then surely its Kenny?

  23. thanks man, i dont usually post comments on any site, but sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in. Too many fans have no patience and it was never that case with liverpool fans but its definately crept into our fanbase which is a huge shame.

  24. Definitely mate. People slating Kenny and saying he was never good as a manager, I wonder if they watch the games. The KOP wanted Dalglish an sang for him, we have him and now people complain. I like this site an While I don't agree with Jaimie all the time at least he sparks debate, but far too many people are negative. I've seen every game live or on tv this season and bar te finishing I'm content we're going in the right direction. It's like I'm commenting on peoples opinions who have the patience of QPR's board an have never kicked a ball in their life.

  25. Carroll needs a run of games, I think it is wrong for us to write him off so soon. Kenny is a decent manager, but he has made mistakes. And playing the formation that beat Chelsea is not going to work at home to STOKE! We often play better against teams who fancy their chances against us but we need to learn how to put away the lesser lights. This has been our problem for years and our coaching staff should have been aware of that. Man Utd have made a living out of putting away the average teams for years. We need to learn this. 3 games against the promoted sides, 2 goals scored, one conceded, 2 draws and a win. Not good enough. Those results, plus the Stoke and Blackburn draws, have kept us out of the top 4. If we go for it more and lose one of those games, and win the others, we are still about 5 points better off and in 4th place. We are just too negative.

  26. Chuckyred and Vapourdup - well done lads! i didnt have to comment cos you 2 said it for me! The negativety i read about Liverpool FC from Reds fans is astounding! Fight the fight boys! YNWA