11 Jan 2012

Craig BELLAMY admits: "I don't get much satisfaction out of it..."

Craig Bellamy has a habit of scoring against his former clubs, and Liverpool fans will be hoping the Welshman continues this trend against Manchester City tonight. However, as he revealed this week, Bellamy takes no real pleasure in scoring against his former teams.

Since returning to Liverpool, Bellamy has scored against former teams Norwich and Newcastle, and whilst it's great for Liverpool, Bellamy doesn't see it as anything special. He told LFC TV:

"I don't get too much satisfaction scoring against previous clubs. I'm very respectful, and I have to appreciate that that I owe a lot to every club I've played for.

"I was on their payroll, and I owe a lot to Newcastle. The people at that club made a big impact on me, so there's no special impact just because it was a previous club.

"Newcastle were just close to us in the league, and we desperately needed the three points. Every home game is important for us to win but it was more important on that day".

That said, Bellamy is definitely looking forward to tonight's game:

"This is the kind of game that gives you a real buzz – it is why you play for Liverpool and this is what it brings.

“This club is used to getting to semi-finals and finals and all we can do is give it our best and see where it takes us."

With Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing back on the goal trail, and defensive stalwart Vincent Kompany suspended, things are hopefully looking pretty good for Liverpool ahead of the game.

It all depends on the team selection and formation though; in my view, leaving Bellamy, Gerrard and Maxi on the bench in last week's game was a major mistake, and hopefully Kenny will start the right team this time. My preferred team:

------------------------- Reina

Johnson ------- Skrtel ------- Agger ----------- Enrique

---------------- Spearing -- Gerrard

Downing ------------------------------------- Maxi

---------------- Bellamy --- Carroll

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have either Carroll or Downing in the starting line-up, but they both scored in the last game, so they deserve to start in this game.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He is our only decent option on the wing, so I would have him there.

  2. My attacking four would be:


  3. Didn't format how i thought it would but basically Downing and Bellamy on the wings, with Gerrard in the hole behind Carroll

  4. so where is shelvey?

  5. i would have kelly in ahead of johnson and move johnson into right midfield. as great as he is going forward johnson, he's a terrible defender and for me, kelly would start ahead of him in every game.

  6. i'd be tempted to try Gerrard on the right, our best crosser of the ball and Adam and Hendo in the middle. Also i'm not really getting wingers playing on opposite sides when Carrol is in the team.

  7. Ditto, Kelly is a better right back by far. Still shocks me that we spent so much on a defender (Johnson) that can't defend (Thanks, Rafa).

  8. I would hope for the following
    --------------- Reina

    Johnson -- Skrtl -- Agger -- Enrique

    --------- Spearing -- Adam/Henderson

    Bellamy ---- Gerrard ---- Downing

    -------------- Carroll

  9. Henderson played out on the right for Sunderland in quite a few game. Had a great game against Chelsea for them. Got a great cross on him and for me, more of a wide midfielder (like a Becks) than a central midfielder. 

  10. yea where is shelvey? he scored in the last game

  11. Good line-up Jaimie, I'd concur completely. Just wondering what are your thoughts on Adam? I know you were a big supporter early on, and he was undeniably in great form just before Lucas bit the dust, but are you having second thoughts? Is this just a blip? Is this a characteristic inconsistency that has to be tolerated? Just wondering...

  12. Hey Derp. I'm not having second thoughts about Adam - I think he's been unfairly subbed off in the last couple of games, but if it's a straight choice between Adam and Gerrard in that position (which it seems to be at the moment), then you'd have to go with Gerrard.

    I don't see why we can't play both at Anfield, and do without a dedicated defensive mid.

    It's galling to see Adam taken off and the likes of Downing and Henderson staying on.

  13. From what i've seen, hendo's best position, by far, is central mid....definitely where he's played best for us.

  14. I agree Jamie, no need for two defensive mids at home, although could depend on the opposition, but for 90% of home games should be true.

  15. Sorry meant A defensive mid.

  16. I'd drop Spearing out - he isn't a holding midfielder anyway (more the Sissoko ball winner type, but without the power and pace to get around the pitch so destructively) so it's pointless in keeping him there.

    If we have to play a holding midfielder we should promote Coady from the reserves, bring in a new specialist for the position, or even play Agger there (and give Kelly a spell at centre-back rather than Carragher or Coates), but continuing to think that we're going anywhere with Spearing as our holding midfielder for the rest of the season is a waste of time as far as I'm concerned. I argued the same thing last year and haven't seen anything to change my mind as yet

  17. You've got it spot on, stevie on the right downing on the left. If they wanna play on the opposite sides then play with a fount 3 like chelsea use to do with robben and duff. Heddo, spearing and jon jo behide. Adam has been getting on my tits lately, forcing the play to much then losing it.

  18. Ive often wondered if agger could slot in there, he can read the game and is a good passer, Didi esk. Coates looks comfortable on the ball but dont think he's ready for the pace of the prem yet. Also like ur idea of promoting some of the youngsters. All this talk of getting a winger and striker. Sterling and coady?

  19. The formation is what suited us when Kenny first took over we were scoring goals and defending well ,the two playing in front of the back 4 don't have to play defensive it all
    depends how they are employed away from home they sit more but at home they can alternate in pushing forward it really suited Spearing and Shelvey no need to switch to 442 or 451, 442 has left us open to counter attacks at home to much space in between the back 4 and the midfield.
    Hopefully Carroll will give us the performance he gave us last season against City and not last Tuesdays.Bellamy has really added the end product to his game since the last time he played for us you could play him anywhere along the front line and he will give us something assist or a goal.

  20. I don't particularly rate him as a central midfielder, especially for a top 4 club but each to their own I guess

  21. I don't rate him as a winger, especially for a top club.

    I definitely agree with Jammer - Henderson should play in central midfield exclusively. If there's no space there, let him fight for a place from the bench

  22. Coady, like Spearing, started out as a central defender who got pushed up to midfield, albeit for different reasons. Perhaps you meant Sterling and Morgan?

  23. I thought you despised the Carling Cup, Jaime?