16 Jan 2012

CONFIRMED: £10m striker starlet IS being tracked by Liverpool...

Rumours are rife about Liverpool's alleged interest in 19-year old Crystal Palace striker Wilfred Zaha, but is the interest real, or is it just another made-up rumour?

According to Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman, both Liverpool and Manchester United are interested in signing the England U19 International. He told The Mirror:

"I’ve had chit-chats with Kenny Dalglish­ and Alex Ferguson, but he is not going anywhere"

So, even if Liverpool are interested, the door seems to be closed on a January deal.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. saw this kid play the other day.. very very good.. think Joe Cole when everyone said he could be the next Gazza - but Zaha would run all not necessarily as skillful as Gasgoine. He could come straight into the first team I reckon

  2. just saw this which is interesting..


    “He is the type of lad people just bounce off when they try to tackle
    him - just like Maradona and Messi. He has the sort of talent you can't
    teach and which no one else has." Former Crystal Palace boss, George Burley

  3. AAnother one we'll have to wait 5 years to do something because he needs time to settle and develop because he's only 19..we've plenty of them here already


    and some not good enough to be in our reserves...Adam

    We don't need a team which will perfom in 5 years..we need players for here and now...

  4. Errr...and Manchester united want him! We have no chance...
    Can't compete with man city because of money and can't compete wit man united because of sheer size of club, aura and champions league football!

  5. its is a transitonal period ffs. Some players are sh ite at the moment, but if we are in the same sh it this time next year then we can all winge !! Until then lets just shut up and give the king a chance YNWA

  6. I am not too enthusiastic about Zaha. If any of our academy players like Steerling, Ngoo, Silva, Suso, Morgan etc were with a Championship team, they would be playing in their first team. 

    No point buying young players if we were never going to try them when they are young.  Some of the best players in the world started playing for their first team when they were teenager. I am not sure we are really giving those kind of chances to our young players OR manager doesn't think any of them is a top class player.

  7. he's a sloth, forget it

  8. Pace and skill, Liverpool desperately need that in attack. The sooner Sterling and Suso are ready the better.

  9. Shoot! now I'm gonna have to round up ten mates and give them each a T-shirt to wear with the name Hawkeye no.tosser on it.

  10. Why oh why can't they give Raheem a go in the first team???? He can't be any worse than any of our so called first team strikers! At least he knows where the net is

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of6FFtpvUFI

    this voronin lad is who we need. hes amazing.

  12. footballisasimplegame6:05 pm, January 16, 2012

    Go to Swansea and LEARN HOW TO PLAY - they do great things like playing Henderson in his proper centre midfield position - WOW What a thought Kenny - where will you play him next - in goal ????????

  13. Think Zaha would be great. We are not going to be able to afford players who are ready now so, just like Tottenham, we are going to have to take a chance on players and let City and Man Utd buy the established stars. People were saying 'we need players who can perform now' when Tottenham bought Gareth Bale, look at him now. Zaha has shown enough against decent opposition to suggest he can play. Just wonder what Suarez would say to him if Zaha did not pass to him when he was in a good position!

  14. Totally agree with you, Gary. I think that Sterling is possibly the most exciting English youngster in the country at the moment. Reckon he would have had a run out in the carling cup with any of the other top sides by now.

  15. Another British player? With that price we are paying peanuts and we can get only monkeys.

  16. Well, not sure about your finances, Ashfah, but the fees for Carroll, Downing and Henderson were not exactly peanuts. So, if we can get Zaha for 10 million that is not bad business if we paid 16 million for Henderson.