26 Jan 2012

"Beating Liverpool is a MASSIVE part of my life. You never forget it..."

It's the 60th minute at Wembley. Glorious sunshine streams down on the immaculate pitch. Kenny Dalglish watches on from the sidelines as the ever-reliable John Aldridge steps up take a crucial penalty...I don't even need to finish the sentence because all Liverpool fans know exactly what game I'm talking about.

Yes, it's the 1988 FA Cup Final against Wimbledon, and you would've bet your life on two things that day: Aldridge would bury that penalty, and Liverpool would win the game.

Much to the shock of fans everywhere, it didn't happen; 'The Crazy Gang' went on to win the cup, and Liverpool missed out on the double (as they would the following year too).

Vinnie Jones was part of the Wimbledon side that day shock, and in a recent interview with The FA magazine, he revealed how much that improbable victory still means to him:

"It’s a massive part of my life, in 1988 when we beat Liverpool. It's something you never forget, something nobody forgets – we’re quite a few years on now and it seems like yesterday.

“It probably ranks, in football terms, as number one. I played in the third round at Wealdstone as a non-league player, and it was massive for us then. And a couple of years later, there I was beating the mighty Liverpool."

"It was a sea of red for Liverpool, and there was this blue section, I'm sure our fans were [outnumbered] four, five to one in the stadium that day, but they never stopped singing all the way through, from start to finish.

"If we were losing it wouldn't have changed, it was their day, maybe never to be repeated again. They really did enjoy it as much as the players.

Not that anyone wants to see this again, but what the hell:

Jaimie Kanwar

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  1. thanks jaimie, lets hope kenny shows the boys the night before wembley!