4 Jan 2012

ARGENTINA Star reveals: "One of the names mentioned was Liverpool..."

Newcastle defender Fabricio Coloccini has dismissed suggestions he is set to leave Newcastle in the January transfer window.

Coloccini has been linked with Liverpool club many times over the last few months, but whether Liverpool actually needs defensive cover at the moment is arguable.

The Argentinean is aware of Liverpool's alleged interest, but insists he's not thinking about a move. He told the Daily Mail:

"One of the names mentioned was Liverpool, but I haven't spoken to anybody.

"I don't think Newcastle are thinking about my exit.

"I have never wanted to pay attention to rumours about offers from other clubs.

"I have experienced this at many clubs and the best thing is to focus on your work and wait for developments".

I personally don't think that central defence is a priority for Liverpool right now; any money available should be spent on players who can score GOALS.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. That was never said, BS.

  2. I agree absolute bollocks!!

  3. Greenrevolution063:20 pm, January 04, 2012

    Agreed. Some one... anyone... who can put the ball in the back of the net, not the woodwork.

  4.    We dont want him,                                                                                                                  

  5. i think considering our defensice qualities you can dismiss any speculation that is heard this january over any defenders coming to our club. look at it realisticlly, at right back we have Glen Johnson, Martin Kelly and Flanno so we need no one there, left back we have jose enrique (arguably our best summer signing, although i personally am a big charlie adam fan) and jack robinson so we need no-one ther either and lastly at centerback we have skrtel, agger, Carra and Coates as well as young andre wisdom if we have a few injuries so noone is needed there either so listen carefully ppl, we will NOT be signing any defenders in january and infact i may push it as far to say that i doubt we will get any in the summer either.......i would point out that this is with the slight exception to any youngsters who may get brought in to go into the youth or reserve teams to be developed for the future.

    ps. i forgot to mention that for centerbacks we also have a very talented young scot called danny wilson who has just been sent to blackpool on loan, people seem to have forgotten about him but he is a very very good player

  6. Fans-against-the-fa7:25 pm, January 04, 2012

    not after he elbowed Beller's on purpose, dont need him anyway ---- show your feelings about the FA here btw, FA big wig going on about making an example of Suarez yet John Terry who is being taken to court for racial abuse is still England captain, just coz he is English so who is the real racists? --- http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fans-against-the-fa/

  7. He has had a good end to last season and been consistent this season but before that he had been an acident waiting to happen at newcastle, he reminded me a lot of titus bramble when he was there. Also mike ashley will be asking about 15 mill for him. Much prefer chris samba from blackburn who has played well for last couple of seasons in a very poor team and can also find the net and would cost about 8 mill.

  8. Need defenders like we need to be trepanned!