5 Jan 2012

AGENT provides transfer UPDATE on €13M Dutch midfield starlet...

The Agent of promising Dutch starlet Kevin Strootman has once again reiterated that the midifielder will not be leaving PSV Eindhoven any time soon.

Like almost every other talented player in Europe, Strootman has been dubiously linked to Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United in recent months, but the player's Agent, Chiel Dekker has been forced yet again to debunk the incessant false speculation. He told Voetbal International:

"Kevin will definitely finish the season at PSV.

"There haven't been any concrete offers yet, but even if that happens, he will not leave the club.

"He has only been playing at this level for six months and it wouldn't be a wise decision to make the next step already."

Dekker's denial backs up the position of PSV chief Marcel Brands, who recently told Calciomercato the same thing:

"I honestly do not know anything,” he said.

"And in any case, I do not see how there can be rumours about a player who arrived three months ago and signed a five-year deal."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Liverpool should focus on picking up any two from Elia, Quaresma, Hoilett, Boudebouz or Sinclair to inject some pace and flair onto our flanks. As I'm seemingly always saying, we need quality in the wide areas, and even if you are going to trust Downing to improve significantly, having him as the sole specialist wideman in the squad is not enough.

    All of those mentioned above would be massive improvements over what we've already got, have potential to improve even further and would cost significantly less than was wasted on Downing. Dalglish clearly doesn't like Maxi, doesn't trust Bellamy to start more than 1 in 3, seems to have finally recognised that Kuyt is not good enough to continue starting on our wings, and must surely see that Downing is not up to par for an elite team. As such we still need desperately another two wingers.
    A pacey goalscorer like Doumbia should be another priority.
    A powerful ball winner in central midfield like Moussa Sissoko would be great if possible, as Adam and Spearing just don't cut it in that role for a team with aspirations of joining the elite as far as I'm concerned

    The sad thing is that I was saying pretty much the same things before our last massive outlay which so failed to signigicantly improve the team.

  2. Elia??? Quaresma??? Hoilett?? Sinclair???

    Thank god you arent responsible for bringing in talent!!!!

    Bellamy cant play back to back games due to his knee's

  3. Yea thank God we had the geniuses that left us with such talent as Stewart Downing and a bunch of guys that the manager doesn't want to use!You must be one of these brainwashed fools that believe work rate is the be all and end all for wingers, rather than actual talent and pace. You really need to watch more football if you think that any of those guys I mentioned would’ve produced less for us on the wings than Downing has. And irt Sinclair in particular - he played in the same league as Bellamy last season and all I need to say is check the stats. I haven’t seen Dalglish come out and confirm why Bellamy keeps getting dropped as yet, so everything being said is just conjecture. But whatever the reason, my statement of fact stands – he isn’t trusted to start on a consistent basis! 

  4. My one wish is that Kenny is forced to wheel and deal until he gets it right.  I keep hearing we need a goalscorer.  Surely £50 million was enough to ensure this.  Fenway would be crazy to encourage spending without selling which would I believe encourage Kenny to do what he does reasonably well which is to work within a tighter budget. 

    Jay I'm with you regarding the type of wide man we need, real flair combined with genuine pace and a touch of unpredictability.  The safe option has let us down for so many years.  Players like Barmby, Murphy, Downing, Kuyt or Smicer in wide areas will not win us major titles consistently.