13 Dec 2011

VIDEO: The new MISS of the season (It's worse than Torres vs. United)

In September, Liverpool fans watched in delight as former striker Fernando Torres hilariously missed an open goal against Man United. At the time, it was the miss of the season (or indeed, of any season!), but Torres's embarrassment has now been matched (if not surpassed) by Russian midfielder Edgar Prib.

Prib, who plays for Greuther Fuerth in the German second division, looked certain to score against Eintracht Frankfurt in a recent game, but ended up hitting the post when it would've been easier to bury the ball in the empty net:

After the game - which ended 0-0 - a devastated Prib said:

"I died a thousand deaths. I could have decided that game but instead the God of football did not want it that way."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. You sure Liverpool fans were delighted Torres didn't score against Man Utd?

  2. How can Liverpool fans delight Torres not scored against Man Utd ? I'm not happy

  3. I think I still prefer the Torres miss, it was a mile away :)

  4. The only delight I took from Torres' miss was the 50m Chelsea paid for a striker who could no longer hit the target.