8 Dec 2011

SPEARING: Dalglish reveals unconvincing reason why LFC didn't appeal...

In a rather surprising turn of events, Liverpool have decided not to appeal against Jay Spearing's straight red card against Fulham. In his press conference earlier today, Kenny Dalglish outlined the reasons why the club decided not to appeal, despite the harshness of the decision.

Dalglish defended Spearing after the Fulham game, and he did so again today:

"The only intent in Jay's mind was to win the ball, and it wasn't as if he went through anybody to win it. He won it cleanly; his follow through caught Demebele, but if you're going to be consistent, then be consistent for the whole game".

It seems clear that Dalglish feels the decision was wrong, so why was there no appeal? Dalglish explained:

"We accepted it. There was no point appealing because if you appeal, you're not allowed representation from the club, and there's certainly no representation from the referees".

To be perfectly honest, this sounds like a lame excuse for not appealing to me. Does this mean that every time a Liverpool player is sent off unfairly in the future the club won't appeal because 'you're not allowed representation'?

Since the Fulham game, Dalglish has made it clear that thinks the decision was wrong on several occasions, so why not appeal? Perhaps privately, he actually thinks Spearing deserved to be sent off...?

Everton successfully appealed Jack Rodwell's sending off, and there was definitely a case to be made for rescinding Spearing's red card, and I personally believe Liverpool should have appealed.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. everton did appeal and won it, bolton too and one other team as well dont remember it now, dont understand why we didnt it everybody saw that was a fair tackle and the ref. made a mistake we could have won it but maybe kenny doesnt trust FA much following our charges from them for suarez and lfc.

  2. I thought the reason was because of the delay in processing an appeal and possible extra match suspension, that we couldn't risk Spearing missing the big games against Newcastle and Man City and would rather take the hit on him missing games against QPR, Villa and Wigan.

  3. I agree with you Jaimie.  You can't go bleating about the unfairness of a red card straight after the game and then when you have an opportunity to do something about it, you decline.  What does that say to the player and what does it say to everyone else?  Possibly that the manager privately feels it was indeed a red card?  Just makes LFC look a bit foolish really.  Also doesn't help giving the FA the idea that we're just going to roll over every time.

  4. Dalglish has not said any of that since the game. We can only go on what he says, surely?

  5. The tackle reminded me a lot of Gerrard's red from earlier in the year: http://youtu.be/0XFaCJLkOn4?t=1m5s

    If anything, Spearing's looked a lot worse. You're essentially looking at two players going for the same ball, one goes in with two feet. He might not have meant it, but Spearing actually caught Dembele with both of his feet: http://www.footytube.com/video/fulham-liverpool-dec05-98116?ref=tchan_ov_vidgrid (0.58 in - sorry for the Fox Sports link, but it's the one with the most angles on footytube)

    It might not have looked that bad in real-time, but the replays show how easily it could have been a terrible fracture. Similarly, the "handbags" by Dempsey on Bellamy didn't look like too much in real-time, but on replay he should have definitely been sent off. That's violent conduct! 

  6. Standards of referee this season are very poor across whole of Premier league. So many bad decision has cost many points to so many different clubs. 

    FA needs to look into it and make referees accountable for their bad decisions. Pay them according to their performances on the pitch. At the moment referees are the shame to the most famous league in the world.

  7. it is not as clear cut as the rodwell incident , would' ve thought it was worth the appeal tho , shame for jay spearing a run of games for him and who knows , henderson should now get his chance in his favourered position , time to really pick it up reds , so far not good enough by a long way

  8. Ok he won the ball, even the ref saw that who was just a few yards away but rightly deemed it reckless. The difference with the Rodwell tackle is upon review of the contact (Rodwells trailing knee following into Suarez from momentum) Everton deemed Suarez made a meal of it (which he did) and the FA took it into account and reversed the ban.

    I am certain KD will have seen the Spearing tackle and realised / been advised the decision is correct (in accordance with modern day footballing rules) as the contact was high on the leg and studs showing regardless of the ball being won /and intent, therfore any appeal would run the risk of being lost so was not valid.

    There is no reason KD should not appeal based on "representation from the club", he knows it was a red and we would lose any appeal launched so to me he is hiding behind the fact that the grounds for the appeal are weak. (unless he feels so strongly about the rules of appealing and will stand by his assertion in the future and not appeal any decisions because LFC are not allowed any representation, a rule which also stands for every other club including Everton and Bolton who both won their cases on the grounds of validity)

  9. The ref was strange blowing constantly for petty fouls(smirk on his face at times!) for each side then doesn't send Dempsy off for squaring upto Bellamy,Suarez gets elbowed in the face but no penalty,Senderos pulled back Carroll but no second yellow.
    I thought Spearing was unlucky but he was off the ground when he tackled which is always going to be running the risk of a card and when he made contact with the player the ref was always going to send Spearing off.
    Liverpool have n't appealed because the FA will say he was off the ground 2 footed when he tackled.

  10. It's perfectly reasonable to not bother with appeal when there is no representation available even for the referees.  

    You can't argue your corner and the ref can't be made to explain his thought process, which if incorrect would give grounds for repeal.

    the board will see '2 feet in the air' regardless of being after the tackle and confirm the 'loss of control', 'reckless' play.

    Totally understandable.

  11. Very good post.  I can't remember a game where the outcome was so determined by the officials.  

    From Senderos' numerous potential yellow cards, to the challenge on Adam continuing into the area (as Masch did vs Valencia), to Suarez' onside goal.

    Unfortunately for us with Spearing and Adam in the middle, the intelligent Murphy and the excellent Dembele roamed free all night, so allowing Fulham (Dempsey) plenty of chance (shooting)  creation/attempts.

    Carroll was not quite sharp enough with the service he got (too little - partly from a disciplined packed defence) and hopefully he will have a few games to get that sharpness (unless he's got a bigger fitness problem in which case off to the training ground with him).  

    Hendo could have moved out a bit to cover murphy cutting right for his spilled shot (he wasn't doing much where he was, once again waiting for the game to come to him, young lad) but Reina could also have caught the corner where his excellent punch still led to the ball coming straight back and a goal, as an annoying pundit pointed out.

  12. Would that pundit be Ray Wilkins who said he only obstructed Suarez in the box and it isn't a foul for the penalty that was n't given!!!
    How can Sky let him commentate no wonder Chelsea sacked him!!!!!!!

  13. no wonder Fulham sacked him!!!

  14. :) throw in Watford as well and Chelsea again!