4 Dec 2011

MACCA: After what happened to Paul Ince, you can forget it...

Lots of former Liverpool players have entered the stressful world of football management over the years, but Steve McManaman is not one of them, and judging by his latest comments, it doesn't look like he'll be following the likes of Robbie Fowler and Dietmar Hamann into the dugout any time soon.

McManaman, who won two Champions League trophies with Real Madrid after leaving Anfield, told The Daily Star:

"I have considered going into management but it’s getting less appealing because there is little patience in football.

“Look at what has happened to guys like Paul Ince – you don’t get long to prove yourself.

“If you’re doing well, the players get praised. If you’re doing badly, you’re the worst manager in the world.

“There isn’t time to develop and you can easily find yourself on the bottom of the pile.”

It doesn't sound to me like Mcmanaman has the stomach for football management, but I would love to see him back at Liverpool in some kind of coaching capacity.

McManaman was a joy to watch in the 1990s, and the club has never replaced him on the right of midfield.

Just imagine if we had him on the right for Liverpool now...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Maybe was a good player but he was never truly a Red; he was and still remains an Evertonian - each to his own.
    Not like Carra and switched.
    I must say, I never really took to him - wasn't he one of the '
    spice Boys'?

  2. macmannaman is a judas..

  3. If he was on the right.... LOL, he would have done a fernanado torres... gone to some so called 'big club'.  He was never a Red.

  4. Football management is a different ball game guys. Just look at Steve Bruce.

  5. macca did good for liverpool regardless if he was a blue or red in his heart, yes he was one of the spice boys.BUT he could change a match with one of his runs, we again need someone like that. try signing A Johnston we still need some one like him,

  6. Adam Johnson is'n't good enough for LFC ! He is another Diouf/Babel,runs around and achieves nothing/a greedy loner constantly trying to prove himself !

  7. Cynical for a reason!12:58 pm, December 05, 2011

    McManaman was a fantastic servant to this club and deserves more respect. He was the fulcrum of the team and all the play came through him, he score over 10 goals a season and ran himself into the ground in EVERY game. If he’s a bluenose then so is Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen. Also he didn’t play on the right, he had a free role in the centre of midfield to roam and dictate play.

  8. Spot on Cynical.

    This guy had immense stamina and was the heartbeat of our attacking play. He ran from end to end continously setting up our attacks for practically the full 90 mins of a game solid. The way in which weve struggled to break down teams over the pat 10 years highlights only now how immensley hard his job was to do. He did this EVERY game.
    How the hell can you so called Liverpool fans forget this?

    Its beyond me.

  9. Great points, and I totally agree. McManaman was absolutely superb for Liverpool, and IMO is one of the club's greatest ever attacking players. It's ridiculous how his impact for the club is dismissed just because of the manner in which he left.

    Macca did everything he possibly could for Liverpool; it wasn't his fault the team just wasn't good enough to make that final step-up during his tenure.

    I would take McManaman over any player currently playing at Liverpool (bar Gerrard).

  10. dont always agree we mr kanwar but good points sir!! yardscouse