9 Dec 2011

Liverpool's PEPE REINA reveals 'Clasico' excitement...

Real Madrid play Barcelona in this Saturday's La Liga 'Clasico', and like many other football fans, Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina is excited about watching the game.

Speaking to LFC Magazine, Reina - who started his career in the Barcelona B team - gave his views about one of football's most prestigious fixtures:

"Real Madrid are closing the gap. This year, they look stronger than Barca to me.

"They are in a good situation now to take the title from Barca, but this game will be important because it will say a lot about how things stand.

"If Madrid can win, they will have a six point difference. The team that plays at home is always the favourite in the Clasico".

Reina has a lot of friends at both clubs, including several former Liverpool stars, and after the club's win against QPR on Saturday (postive thinking!), he'll be tuning in to watch the game:

"Of course, with both clubs, there are players I know really well: Casilla, Xabi, Arbeloa, Villa, Xavi, Puyol, and Mascherano at Barca, so I have plenty of friends on both sides.

"We play QPR at three o' Clock, and then they play an nine o clock English time, so I will be watching!"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. jamie why do u put your headlines like you do for a minute i was thinking that he wanted to leave the club useless ur

  2. Coz its the only way people will read his trolling columns.

  3. Seriously at this stage your attention grabbing headlines are a pain in the hole. Big headline, no story.