9 Dec 2011

Liverpool battling Arsenal for £15m German international striker...?

Liverpool are apparently one of a number of European clubs interested in signing FC Cologne and Germany striker Lukas Podolski.

According to CalcioMercato, the former Bayern Munich striker is a January target for Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus and Lazio.

Schalke are also allegedly interested, and according to CalcioMercato, the German club is willing to pay up to £15m for the 26 year old.

The striker, whose contract ends in 2013, scored both goals as Cologne drew 2-2 at Stuttgart earlier in the week.

After the game, Podolski told ZDF:

"I have so many offers, but first I want to talk to Cologne.

"I also expect other offers in the future, but what I want to do is to clarify the my position with my club before dealing with others"

Podolski at Anfield? To be honest, I wouldn't mind, but with an average of one goal every four games, I'm not sure he's prolific enough for Liverpool. Plus, would he be able to play effectively with Suarez?


  1. I have been saying we should have signed him 5 years ago.  He's a brilliant player.  I think he is plays like R.Van Persie.

    BUT, I do not see him playing well, together with Suarez. They would not compliment each other.  Unless they were both part of a 3 man forward trident (4-3-3)  but we would still need a poacher in the box.  This is the priority - then you could play 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 with a poacher +Suarez/Poldoski.

  2. He 'll not join LFC, for that mater, I doubt any quality non British 'll ever under this management, after the realizing treatment Acqualini, Mirales, Kyut & Maxi is getting from the current regime.

    LFC is not a healthy place, unless you speak in English.

  3. I don't agree. If you say they can't play well together, look at Perdo,Villa,Cuenca,Messi,are they all able to compliment each other?I doubt so,but with the right system played,one may outshine others, but in the end, it will generate goals from everywhere,everyone. Spread out the goalscoring burden that's what most team trying to do and I think both of them playing in Liverpool's team, surely it's only gonna benefit our team.

  4. Yeah that's right. LFC isn't a healthy place for foreign players unless you're Enrique, Agger, Reina, Skrtel, Lucas or Suarez. We bought Coates for the long term instead of Dann or Cahill.

    To be honest, I'm sick of hearing about how LFC and Kenny only like British players. I've just mentioned 6 foreign players that play week in and week out. 6 out of 11 isn't bad for a British team and that's still more foreign players than most sides in Spain would have.

    @LFC_Fan......what's wrong with you, you moron? Aquilani didn't want to stay, neither did Meireles and what's he done at Chelsea? Kuyt and Maxi are getting on a bit and we can't build a team around them. Also, if Kuyt and Maxi played and didnt score for 3 games you'd want them dropped. All this talk as if they're of the same quality as Ronaldo or Messi. Get a grip! They are good players but no world beaters ffs!

    If LFC are so pro-British, then why has our vice captain been dropped for 2 foreigners?

    Too many LFC fans like the idea and sound of foreign players because that's what we've been used to under Benitez and Houllier. That didn't get us anywhere though and I don't see a shift in policy from KD. I think he'll buy foreign players if they're good enough but he's put a British spine to the team which was much needed. How long did the foreign spine that Benitez put in last for. 2 seasons? Alonso, Torres, masch all buggered off and left us languishing in the bottom half if the table.

    Our first XI is mainly foreign so stop this nonsense and as Benitez would have said, that is a FACT.

  5. LCF FAN I agree 

  6. I tend to agree with that sentiment.
    I cant for the life of me understand why LFC would be attractive to any foreign player at the moment.

    Since Kenny has come in, our British bias is quite obvious.
    If it was based on merit then it wouldn't be a problem.
    However he's created the perception of a closed shop, with foreign players being frozen/shipped out for the sake of lesser English talent, (apart from Suarez).
    Its not a good look to prospective transfer targets or our worldwide fanbase.

    So the questions is, why would Lukas or any other foreign talent looking to further their career come here in light of our great British experiment and a manager who shows a bias toward it?
    I'm struggling to answer that...

  7. @043bc1a6b607060fdf900dd731feed90 K it's called Xenophobia.

  8. You can rant all you want the simple truth is some players are not being pick on merit.
    They are being picked to justify their pricetags and a stubbornness by management to play them into form at the expense of results.

    Your rewritten history regarding Aquilani and Miereles is amusing if not scary.
    And I don't recall Maxi being heralded as Ronaldo or Messi... ever, but I do think he's our best option at the moment if form is any criteria.

    As for the British spine, I think you've hit an own goal there.
    Even after the massive English investment, the spine of the the team is still only Reina, Agger, Lucas, Gerrard and Suarez.
    I think there's a message in there for you...

    But lets not bicker, Lets all go out and boo Lucas Leiva together, and then demand Andy Carroll and Co be given as much time as needed to adapt, the poor dears...

    Irrespective of what you might think, there is a very real perception amongst foreign LFC fans that double standards are being applied, and its hurting our club.

  9. thank you for speaking some sense!

  10. Agreed! Also Man City started their new project by buying mainly British players, now they are in the market for the best players British or foreign. They don't seem to be in a bad position now do they?

  11. Yep, I agree its a great strategy... for Man City.
    They have a bottomless pit of money that allows them to do that, and if one group of players don't work out, they can just buy another.

    FSG however don't strike me as the sugar daddy types.
    We have to make sure our limited funds are used wisely.

  12. if we were just buying foreign players then people would probably slate management for the being too many foreign players in BPL..