3 Dec 2011

JOHN BARNES tells fans: Stop wasting 'negative energy' on Torres...

In a sport where players are increasingly deified, Fernando Torres was a God-like figure at Liverpool; the fans worshipped the ground he walked on, and in the eyes of his fawning disciples, he could no wrong. That all changed when El Nino left for Chelsea - he instantly became a traitor; an Anfield Judas, worthy of nothing but contempt and ridicule. In short, many fans just can't move on, and Liverpool legend John Barnes believes this is symptomatic of how modern football fans are obsessed with the individual over the club.

Torres has struggled at Chelsea since his move, and Liverpool supporters have taken great delight in his misfortune, but Barnes told insists that it's time for the club's fanbase to move on. He told LFC TV:

"It was time to move on straight after [Torres left]. I always say to the fans: this is modern football. Support the team; love the team, but don't get too carried away with the players.

"Players will come and go; we're going to see it more often. Gone are the days when players would stay for 10 years.

"When you hold onto the idea that this player is going to stay forever then you end up disappointed.

"Accept the fact that players will go. The club is still there; support the club; focus on the club; don't waste negative energy on someone who's not there anymore".

Torres recently suggested that the real story behind his departure was yet to be revealed:

"Liverpool's fan have stuck with the story the club gave and they don't know the real story"

Torres also remains gracious towards the fans who once loved him, but now regularly denigrate him:

"I don't feel bitter towards them, they will always be special for me"

I've never really understood the animosity towards Torres; as Barnes says, you have to expect players to leave these days, and even if we don't like his reasons for doing so, they're understandable, if not condonable.

Additionally, the club got £50m for a player who was already showing a decline in performance, and given his poor form at Chelsea, it looks like the move was actually for the best.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agree fully. Yes, he left us, but he also left us with 50 mill. Let's stop being so obsessed with and instead focus on what we've got going now.

  2. I don't think that many people are obsessed anymore to be honest. If he was banging in the goals then maybe they would be but I don't see this wave of hatred right now. There may be some who mock him but even his obligatory boos at Stamford Bridge were muted. We'll see what happens when he comes back to Anfield but in all honesty I think Barnes comments might be six months late. I wish it didn't end the way it did and I can't wish him the best for obvious reasons. But I no longer hold any venom towards him and appreciate the memories. I think that most Liverpool fans feel that way and that maybe the subject of this article is a bit narrow in scope i.e. it does not reflect the mainstream LFC fan.

  3. Its an awful pity the Liverpool fans didnt chant Torres name at Stamford Bridge, sing the Torres bounce song because I actually think that would have had more of an effect on him than giving him abuse. Theres no doubt at this stage he realises he made a huge mistake leaving Liverpool, it will only come out when hes no longer at Chelsea and maybe even after that. When Chelsea come to Anfield  it would be great to hear the fans chant his name.

  4. I'm not obsessed by it etc an don't care, but his comments about moving to a bigger club etc for success is what grates. And it makes me hope Chelsea end up playing Europa League football and we hit the champions league. Also, having watched every home game he played in live last season I could see what the cameras didnt always see. We played with ten men. Apart from the Chelsea game Torres sulked, didn't hustle defenders rarely shown himself for the ball and didn't want to be there. Roy may have done better not playing him that's how bad I felt he was. He robbed a wage and that's what really got to me. And unlike some players who where just not good enough, he just wasn't trying.

  5. John Barnes always talks sense. Players will come and go. Personally, for his own well-being, I hope Torres can find a club that can play to his strengths.
      While we are at it, I hope the fans of LFC are more gracious when Suarez leaves.

  6. I think some of the fans blame torres because if he didn't leave we would not been blessed with a donkey as our next striker

  7. I absolutely agree with "Chuckyred" and his observations about Torres. The real problem was/is that Torres quit "playing" for LFC long before he actually left for Stamford Bridge. THAT is the crime of which he is and ALWAYS WILL BE GUILTY, in my eyes and in the eyes of many fans. For nearly all (with one or two notable exceptions) of the last season-and-a-half that he was at Anfield, he spent most of his time on the pitch merely "going through the motions". His typical on-pitch "personna" was typically a sulking, brooding, disinterested figure, spending too much time sniping at opponents and referees for fouls and injustices, both real and imagined. It was clear that he no longer wanted to be at Anfield, but by consistently offering only a half-hearted effort, he betrayed the club, his teammates, and supporters, alike. I saw virtually every game and my I could not feel more strongly about the aforementioned observations, which, again, are clearly consistent with those of "Chuckyred". Those are the things of which Torres is guilty...not simply the fact that he wanted to leave Anfield.

  8. Do not idolworship any player even Lucas for that matter cos Liverpool is not a one-man team.

  9. why the fuck is there a man united advert on this page

  10. Nothing wrong with leaving Liverpool. But putting club in worst possible situation in the final hour of transfer deadline by forcing transfer is a betrayal to the hands that fed him.

    And then insulting Liverpool by announcing he went to a bigger club. 

    Had he gone gracefully like Alonso. He still would have respect of fans. 

    Sorry Barnes, I don't agree with you in this case.

  11. I once saw a comment from a guy who said: " Torres is the only man who broke my heart", that may be the case for many i guess.

  12. There are so many blogs about Torres you'd think he's coming back... As for the hate, I think its rather stupid to hate a player for wanting more from his point of view, just like any normal human being... sometimes we get more, sometimes it doesnt work out... so yes I agree with barns, support the team and the club not only the people... as for loyalty... we can forget about that because money has spoken louder...