31 Dec 2011

Houghton: Steven Gerrard should 'have a word' with some of his team-mates

Steven Gerrard was fantastic when he came on against Newcastle last night, and his quality shone through and he inspired Liverpool to a well-deserved victory at Anfield. Liverpool legend Ray Houghton was delighted to see Gerrard back, and he urged the rest of the squad to learn from the captain's composure and influence on the ball.

Houghton, who was co-commentating on the game for LFC TV, outlined how Gerrard made the difference when he came on:

"The players in the first half weren't making the right decisions. Steven comes on and it's 'right - this is how it's done'. He knows instinctively the right place to put the ball in.

"It's not always about the perfect ball, it's about giving the attacking payer the chance to get ahead of his marker and get the opportunity to score.

"Gerrard's first movement isn't always to play the ball forward, it's always to make the right pass for the team, and that's what he does more often than any other player out there".

Gerrard out in several superb crosses for Andy Carroll, and if the striker was a little bit more clinical, the score could've been 4 or 5-1. Houghton believes the likes of Henderson and Downing can learn a lot from Gerrard:

"A lot of them should learn from that; they should be watching him. I'm sure he does it in training, and he does it in matches. It's something you can observe and ask 'why does he do that so often; What am I doing differently to him'?

"As captain of the group, Steven should have a word with a few of them as well, and tell them to get their heads up and pass to the best available player and give them the ball.

"Learn from the best. Football is a game of confidence, and I don't think the players had as much confidence before Gerrard came on. When he entered the field of play, all of a sudden you could see the lift".

Let's hope Stevie stays fit for the rest of the season...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Somebody should have a word with you for writing poor articles. Lazy top and tailing quotes about Liverpool by somebody else. Where is your insight? How do you think Liverpool played last night? What about the tackle on Spearing? etc 

  2. Obviously Gerrards contribution was immense but it is easier to come on as a sub 30 minutes from the end especially if he has been sitting there watching the game and taking note of who's doing what and where. I was pleased it was to replace Adam, who I hope Kenny has now realised is a handy option to have on the bench but does not possess the quality to be a starter in LFC's engine room.
    I though Skrtel was great again last night what a commanding season he is having, another bargain signing from one of our greatest managers Rafa Benitez.

  3. i agree with houghton.
    thought we were aimlessly hitting balls into the box without actually looking for a man,this has been going on for awhile.gerrard showed just how world class he is by changing the game.even at his age he is pivotal to how we play.i thought he improved how carroll played too,he supplied him with some decent passes.

  4. Agree. This has been the case for years now - without someone like Gerrard our attacking players often choose to pass the ball safely, sacrificing attacking efficiency and the need to put pressure on defences.

  5. Ray is spot on...I was at the game last night and when Gerrard came on the ground erupted and was buzzing till the end.  Quite embarrassing that it still takes one man to change our game and attitude.  Adam is so greeding and plays the wrong ball too many times and again last night his distribution was poor with his left foot, however did contribute towards Bellamy's 1st goal. Skrtel was outstanding and Enrique should play as a left wing and we should look for someone else at left back.  Henderson was poor and Downing made some good runs on the wing, but that was about it from him.  Carroll, a bit unlucky but has to try harder and not just wait for the ball to come to him.  As soon as Gerrard came on it lifted the team and certain players...really worried as Gerrard is not always going to be there.  You cannot teach class, we just need to buy better players as we have too many averages ones in the side.  The team of 2008 would have battered this side, scary thought. 

  6. spot on, exactly wat i was thinking! simple balls and a bit of vision makes the difference. good night all round, good result and roy of the rovers  is back. jan and feb are going to be most difficult.

  7. Gerrard was brilliant but Bellamy should of been Man Of The Match or has everyone over looked his performance?

  8. i agree with you there, but i think our midfield was to negative so to speak, thats why when gerrard came on it made a big difference.
    but bellamy was brilliant again, shame he cant play every game, his desire is fantastic and hes a bloody good footballer.
    both his goals were class, cool as you like.
    silly idea maybe, gerrard playing down the right drifting in, johnson was very good, can cover a lot of grass. carroll would benefit from it

  9. did you expect anything else from gerrard?? i have heared some say we dont need him but in 20 minutes he made carroll look a bit of a player. i think over the next coule of games surez will have a good break, which i think was needed and carroll can hopefully find some confidence and raise his game, its a big time for carroll and who better to give him confidence and service other than his captain!

  10. Steven Gerrard on the field makes every Liverpool player look and play better. 

    Three goals without Suarez missing his normal 6 chances and 8 wild shots a game.  He needs to be better.  Gerrard will make that happen.

  11. Caught_pants_down1:14 am, January 01, 2012

    The most important thing we're missing from our new English signings is composure. Composure is the platform upon which they could improve their games or at least do the things they did with their previous clubs for us. Indeed Gerrard's style suits theirs as much as Suarez suits our senior forwards, but as to whether these boys will find that composure and subsequently, some game intelligence, remains to be seen.