15 Dec 2011

JOHN ALDRIDGE: "He's in the best form of his career..."

Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger have proved to be a superb defensive partnership for Liverpool over the last month, and their excellent performances have helped the club achieve the best defensive record in the league.

Liverpool legend John Aldridge recently described Skrtel as an 'accident waiting to happen', but in his weekly column for the Liverpool Echo, the former striker seemed to have changed his tune:

"At the moment Martin Skrtel is in the best form of his Liverpool FC career. No-one in the Premier League has conceded less. We’ve only let in 13 in 15 league games and four of them were at Tottenham.

"Daniel Agger is doing well and staying fit, and with Jamie Carragher waiting in the wings and Sebastian Coates showing his potential, we have real depth in that department".

Aldo also had some sympathy for Jamie Carragher, who has been warming the bench whilst Skrtel and Agger do the business on the pitch:

"Being out of the side will be difficult for Carra. He’ll be itching to get back in but he knows the score.

"He has to be patient and when the next opportunity arises I’m sure he will take it".

With Agger's injury problems and Skrtel's tendency to make the odd mistake, it seems inevitable that Carra will get his opportunity sooner rather than later.

Despite the plaudits for Skrtel and Agger, Stan Collymore recently argued that the duo are 'a level below' other top defenders in the league:

"When you look at Vincent Kompany at Manchester City, [Rio] Ferdinand and people like Phil Jones who has come into Manchester United, I don’t think Dan Agger or Martin Skrtel compare. They are a level below".

The fact that Liverpool have the better defensive record than both United and Man city would seem to suggest otherwise.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Stan Collymore is very wrong saying that Agger and Skrtel are 'level below'. City have had almost no games with clean sheets this season. Neither have Utd. That means they are a bit exposed in defence. Our defence is currently one of the best in the league, and the reason why we are not top of the league now is because we did not convert goalscoring chances that we had aplenty.

  2. collymore talking crap

  3. Not interested in what a wife beater has to say.