5 Dec 2011

PARDEW: "I had an issue with Jose Enrique..."

Since his summer transfer from Newcastle, Jose Enrique has put in some exceptional performances for Liverpool, but his former Manager Alan Pardew has suggested that the Spaniard may be partly to blame for Andy Carroll's struggled at Anfield.

Pardew, whose Newcastle team is three points head of Liverpool in the table, told The Mirror:

"I had an issue with Enrique putting the ball into the box for him [Carroll]. He wants to feel his way in, find a route in there.

"Don’t get me wrong he’s a fantastic player – but he wasn’t the type of full-back who wants to get the ball out of his feet and put it in the box"

There may be a grain of truth to this, but I don't believe that Enrique is the problem here. As we've seen, even when Carroll is on the end of great deliveries into the box, he still can't score.

Pardew added:

"The modern era that we’re in there’s less crosses and there is more movement and there is more trickier play and Andy perhaps needs to adapt his game to fit in there"

Here, Pardew is absolutely correct, and his views echo the thoughts of former Liverpool players like Gary Gillespie, John Aldridge and Ray Houghton, all of whom have argued that Carroll needs to adapt to Liverpool's style of play.

He hasn't done that yet, and as Robbie Earle suggested over the weekend: "At the moment, it's not looking like money well spent..."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. A touch of mind games in this one?

  2. Enrique puts the ball into the box more than anybody else in the team. I don't know whether the 'stats' back that statement up (and don't really care either tbh!), but as far as I'm concerned Enrique has been the most effective wideman at our club this season

    (btw that's looking at Downing, Henderson and Kuyt; not including Kelly, Johnson, Bellamy & Maxi who between them have probably barely played the same amount of games as Enrique)

  3. Jaimie

    What do you then have to say about Torres? Has he adapted to Chelsea?

    Fact is that if you are not going to play to the strenghts of Torres then he won't score. Give him the ball and he will put it away which has not been happening for him at Chelsea.

    Carroll is only 22 mate and once he starts scoring goals which I have no doubt he will then everybody will have to change their tune.

    Carroll was not bought over one season, why can nobody see this?

  4. This site should be called CarrollKop because you talk about him more than anything else.lol

  5. It's because I'm such a big fan.

  6. Just worry about your own team! I can assure you, you will not be in the top 6 by the end of the season... In fact i am predicting the Magpies to be in the 10th - 7th... That is only if they play well...
    Get ready for your losing streak Pardew...

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ive heard it all Now, Robbie Earle passing on his judgement and a quality player he was, means he must be right.
    Why judge him on his price tag, that tag alone reflects his age and potential and the fact we had 50m banked from Torres!
    There is nothing wrong with Enrique, surely he has justified his 6m price tag!!!Has been so consistent and finally added quality down our left hand side, remember he is spanish so was probably not coached to cross the ball but to just pass and move!!!!

  8. I appreciate your view Red4Life but I feel there are just some players you can just tell are not going to make it at Liverpool, and for me, Carroll is one of those players. He's 22 but he doesn't have the rudimentary skills to be effective in a pass and move side. If he hasn't learnt by now, he's never going to learn.

    Liverpool has never been a team built around 'whack it up to the big man' style play, and when we have had that kind of player (i.e. Heskey, Meijer etc) the style of play has always been horrible.

    You keep saying that he's 'only 22'. When he's 23, you'll be saying 'but he's only 23' (!) Look at what Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler were doing when they were 22.

    Even Carroll's old manager recently described him as 'a decent player but not top level'.

    I would love to be proven wrong but sometimes you see the writing on the wall very early.

  9. Jaimie Kanwar, u piss me off with ur constant bullshit stories and u take up half of news now with ur bollocks, do me a favour and fucking do one u fucking loser. would like to go on newsnow and click on a story not written by u. which i find it difficult to do as u write every fucking one

  10. I appreciate the efforts you go to in order to bring Liverpool news and views, but do you actually enjoy being a Liverpool fan? Nearly every article is either outright critical or has a negative slant to it, just look at the 'you may also like section' headlines never mind reading these miserable things. We have come a long, long way you know, and you are actually allowed to look on the bright side and be optimistic!

  11. Like most of us with Roy Hodgson

  12. Nearly every article is either outright critical or has a negative slant to it

    Nonsense. There are lots of positive articles posted; just because they drop off the page doesn't mean they cease to exist.

    You are mistaking 'negative slant' with being critical and realistic. After almost 5 years online, I would've thought visitors would finally get that this site is about critical realism, i.e. taking a critical, analytical view of Liverpool. You should expect that, yet people regularly turn up and moan because the site is being...critical.

    As I say to everyone who doesn't like this site: if you want nice, fluffy articles that reinforce your expectations about LFC then I'd advise you to go and visit RAWK; or TIA; or the Official site message boards.

  13. Carroll is a target man like Crouch?

    Robbie and Owen natural goal scorers?

    I think it is a bit unfair to compare?

  14. Yes, but the difference here is I am not personally and professionally denigrating Carroll at every opportunity; I'm not insulting him; I haven't called for him to be sold. There is a massive difference.

  15. I'm not comparing them per se, just in terms of their goalscoring exploits at the same age. Fowler and Owen were ball-playing, technically proficient players who fitted into the Liverpool style of play. Carroll does not fit; he doesn't have the skill, football intelligence or technique.

    Liverpool should most definitely NOT change the style of play just to accommodate Carroll as that would mean a slow, lethargic hoofball style of play, which is not what anyone wants.

    Like almost every ex-player has said (including Hansen, Souness, Aldo, Gillespie, Barnes, Houghton and Rush), Carroll has to adapt to Liverpool, and I don't think he'll be able to do that.

  16. Only because selling him now would mean a massive financial loss.  You're the only one here capable "professionally" denigrating anybody.

  17. Would love to see Sunderland try and solve their striking problems with Carroll. (Of course both he and Sunderland fans might detest this idea.) 

    Honestly think it would be a good fit for club and player. For Andy I feel for him getting limited opportunities at Anfield.I don't think anything will sway my opinion that Carroll is a square peg in a round hole at a club like Liverpool that is based on pass and move.Ironically, he might have done well under Hodgson who loves his teams to hoof the ball up field.Barring injuries I think Dalglish and Clarke will continue with a 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1. 

  18. It's not unfair. If you're talking about age, aside from a goalkeeper its fair to compare age with any positions.

  19. I'm not quite sure what the second sentence means but even if Carroll cost only 10m, I wouldn't be calling for him to be sold. I have no problem with him being a squad player; the problem is, someone who cost 35m is never going to be a squad player.

  20. There is a really good Tomkins article where he looks at just this. He shows that pacy strikers (as Owen and Fowler, in his youth, were) peak much more quickly and enjoy their best years at a younger age. Target men peak a good few years later. Carroll is not good enough at the moment and he doesn't look a good fit with pass and move but his passing isn't actually that bad, I'd argue it is good for a striker, so his movement is the real problem. Fortunately movement is something that can be taught unlike his rocket of a left foot and superb heading ability. If Carroll starts rampaging about the pitch like he did at Newcastle, he wont have to play too many fancy passing triangles, he create space naturally. Defenders wont know whether to drop off him, giving him room to shoot, or get tight and potentially get beaten in the air.

    The big problem for him is confidence. His attitude could be a problem but I don't want to speculate on what I don't know. I don't think he'll fail for lack of talent. Right now it doesn't look good but I think he is one with whom we'll have to very much wait and see.

    I think Downing is a good player who Jaimie has criticised a bit unfairly BUT Downing is 27 and doesn't really have any excuses so I can understand where it is coming from. That isn't to say Carroll should be beyond reproach, he hasn't been great by any stretch of the imagination, but I just think he is very much a long term project.

  21. jamie kanwar ex hicks gillett employee is just a fisher of clicks, who knows nothing about football and less about lfc.

  22. I have to disagree with you.

    Carroll just needs to be given a boot up the backside. He needs to get rid of his ponytail too. Fact is that he is only 22 and he will be at our club for many years to come.

    I look at his situation very much the way Crouch started of his career at LFC. Crouch was much older and experienced but how many matches did it take for him to score a goal?

    Give Carroll a chance, after 3 seasons after this one if he has not produced the goods when he is 25 then lets start calling for him to be moved on.

    That is just the way I see it, have the feeling that he will come good. Lets just wait and see.

    To judge him when he has not even been at LFC much bigger than Newcastle for a full season at his age is being very premature.

  23. not approved i assume, typical right wing attitude.

  24. So it is fair to compare Lucas as a youngster at LFC to Alonso while he was in his prime at LFC?

  25. I don't think that has been suggested. It would be fair to compare Alonso with Lucas at the same age (if both were at Liverpool at the same age, that is).

  26. It's great you have a feeling that he'll come good, but I feel the opposite.

    Crouch was a different situation - he played well for Liverpool without scoring; he offered a creative threat; he brought others into play; he created a few goals; everyone could see his skill and technique. That's not the case with Carroll; the only think he offers the team (when not scoring) is the odd defensive header.

    I'm not judging him with finality; I'm just stating that I don't believe he has the skills to succeed at Liverpool. If he comes good, great.

    But he won't, so be prepared to be disappointed.

    If Carroll comes good, it means that Liverpool have changed their style of play, and that will ultimately be a bad thing. I'd rather the team succeed rather than one player.

  27. Point is that Alonso was not at the same age as Lucas when he joined LFC and Arebee has said that it is not unfair to compare age?

  28. Still, Carroll is only 22 which I have been on about for I do not know how long. Carroll is at a bigger club, one which demands instant success. How many youngsters make it nowadays? Failure is something nobody wants to see.

    It is a case of Carroll still having to wear nappies. Once Kenny has removed those nappies then he will be more mature.

    I know it sound ridiculous but that is exactly how Kenny is handeling the situation. Kenny is playing his cards right with Carroll. Carroll can and will score goals. We need to look beyond the 35mil price tag for a change as that is what we are judging the youngster on? Isn't it?

  29. Carroll is nothing like Crouch. Crouch can control the ball and hold onto possession. To keep going on about the differences between these two players is going to be unfair criticism to Carroll.

  30. Carroll has abilities, just not ones that fit with the kind of striker we need. Reading play is something that can't be taught. Especially at 22. You can try and teach a player to run into channels and drop off when needed, but the ability to read play you just can't drum that into someone.

    He doesn't have the ability to link up play, that is painfully obvious. When he gets the ball, he is laboured as to what he is supposed to do with it. when Suarez flicks it of to him unsuspectingly, he looks like he is thinking wtf did you do that for, i wasn't ready for that. Its like you need a big neon sign telling him what your about to do so he can prepare himself.

    That said, in the air he is great, when he gets the ball at his feet, and he has enough time to look for a shot, you always think he's going to put a whole in the net. But is that enough? Sure put him on for 10 - 15 mins towards the end of the match just change the stature of a game, but to run around for 75 minutes like he did against Fullham, that was painful to watch. It was like we were already playing with ten men throughout the game. And it is like that everytime he starts. We only start moving the ball around once Kenny pulls him off.

    I would like to say that he will be a hit, give him time, but i've been watching football for long enough to have an educated guess that he will not make it at LFC. And i would not want us to change the way we play when he is not on the field, just to accomodate a 35m  striker that doesn't fit our system. Which is what we are doing, at our own peril.

    I wish him luck, and hope succeeds, i just don't see it happening.

    The other problem is Kenny Dalglish who insists on playing Andy Carroll, when it's obvious to all that he's not good enough.
    Ryan Babel was value for money compared to Carroll.
    Remember Carroll was a £35 million gamble which frankly is stupid even if we had the cash of Man City.
    My fear is that Suarez will leave, I can see him playing for Barcelona he would fit in that team.

  32. @ red4life-Can't u see what's happening dude,A long term or future means you start  and learn from the bench but now we are in need of a prolific scorer to get us into CL and EPL top flight, And can you tell when will he start scoring,a month,6 month or a year,he's been here for almost a year and still can't adopt to the liverpool style, after all the player kenny bought for to built around him and pls don't compare him with lucas cos he is from another country and league and was 20 aswell but carroll was a british and should settle in much much sooner.Pay a 35 mil and still need lots of times to settle what a big joke

  33. @Arebee-we were trying to point out the fact not criticising,why r u getting so personal,try used your brain in social communication or discussion more.

  34. I have to agree with you Jaimie. I could be completely wrong but it just seems to me Carroll is not very mobile, he's lumbering and lacks pace and he always seems to be a step behind where he should be, always a touch late to receive crosses etc.  This is in his build and his makeup and I can't see it changing, especially when LFC are trying to up the pace and tempo of their games. Sad to say, but I think he's holding us back.

  35. @Red4life-excuse me,i believed you're the one who start comparing dude,everyone is just discussing the fact,not criticize or against onyone.

  36. Jaimie,you have a good point there and after all carroll is not a liverpool fan either just another pro earning from LFC,he's a baggies.
    All the way behind you dude,ynwa

  37. @Red4life-Wakeup dude,first of all what do you see in him and you're starting to compare again,this time is crouch,well i can tell you crouchie start scoring after 10 or 11 games and cost how much compare to carroll also crouchie can do scissor kick and play upfront alone and if we give carroll 3 season dude i suggest you settle down and think good where will liverpool stand on the EPL table and does it worth for someone who isin't a LFC fan at all just merely plying his trade at LFC. I have no idea whats your link with carroll but to put our LFC faith in someone's hand(a baggies fan),I call it suicide.

  38. @Red4life-Y are you kept on arguing about carroll case,let it go dude. Are you gay or something???

  39. Pardew is a sour grape. Remember this is the same person that scored for Crystal Palace in the 4-3 encounter and denied us another Wembley FA Cup appearance in I989/1990 season? Alas they were eventually beaten by the scums and Pardew had a taste of his own medicine.

  40. The donkey is full of Sh*t