14 Dec 2011

GUARDIOLA blasts: David Villa to Liverpool rumours are a complete 'LIE'

Transfer-fabrication websites like Sportsvibe and GiveMeFootball are having a field day today over speculation (i.e. LIES that they generated in the first place), that Liverpool plan to sign David Villa. Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has now publicly blasted the ongoing lies over Villa's future.

Spanish newspaper MARCA 'reported' today that Villa had been put on the transfer list. Cue a whole host of fake transfer rumour specialists drooling over the fake headlines they could generate. My personal favourite was this one from Sportsvibe:

Liverpool Favourites to Land €40m Barcelona Striker

Favourites? According to whom? The 'story' contains no quotes, sources or anything credible suggesting that Liverpool are favourites for Villa's signature. As usual, Sportsvibe made it up.

Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola is so fed-up with sites like Sportsvibe and newspapers like MARCA lying about transfers that he felt moved to address the issue in his press conference ahead of Barcelona's FIFA Club World Cup opener against Al-Sadd:

"Marca lie. I have not spoken to David after the last match in Madrid, but all of the players are in my plans.

"I am the one who comes up with 25 different line-ups during the season because I feel that is the best thing to do.

"Most of the players that are here now will continue for the rest of this season and the next."

Who should I believe: the manager of Barcelona, or a websites like Sportsvibe and GiveMeFootball that make up fake transfer 'stories' on a daily basis?

Tough decision...

NB. This site only ever posts transfer rumours when there is a quote from the player, manager, agent, club owner etc referencing the interest.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Marca newspaper is a Real Madrid supporting paper so they are just stirring it up for Barcelona just like how The S*# do it for Man U!

  2. David Villa wil lnever sign for dalglish,same as torres and Mascherrano couldnt wait to get out the door fast enough when rafa was sacked by Purslow,also reina wanted out as soon as rafa went.World class players who came to Liverpool only vame because Rafa was here,end of.

  3. May be he will come to Liverpool because he always wanted to play with Charlie Adam..its been his dream to partner Andy Carroll.

  4. Or he might sign because he will see the amount of chances being wasted and think he would have scored them and the football we play would suit him as well.

  5. Villa has broken his leg now at the World Club Championships so he's definitely not joining us now!

  6. lol...dream to partner with andy carrol?? when hes playing alongside messi, iniesta, xavi, febregas. haha what a joke..