16 Dec 2011

European Cup winner raves about "fantastic option" to replace Lucas...

European Cup winning Liverpool captain Phil Thompson is a big fan of (currently suspended) midfielder Jay Spearing, and he argues that the midfielder is a 'fantastic option' to replace the injured Lucas Leiva.

There has been lots of speculation recently about whether Liverpool should buy someone in January to replace Lucas, but Thommo insists that the club should save its money and rely on Spearing.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Thommo enthused:

"To be honest, I'd be quite content with Jay Spearing. I was going to say that he's a good option, but he's actually a fantastic option for Liverpool.

"If you're going to bring someone in, you don't know whether they're going to settle.

"When you think back to games last season like Sunderland away, and Arsenal away, Jay was man of the match in both games, which tells you he has the temperament to handle games, big and small.

"He was harshly treated at Fulham, and he's definitely worth bearing with".

I'm not sure if Spearing is the best option at the club but I agree that Liverpool should not buy a replacement for Lucas.

I just don't see how that would be productive; whoever came in would have the spectre of Lucas constantly in the background, and given the Brazilian's effectiveness for Liverpool, it's foregone conclusion that he'll go straight back into the team when he's fit again.

What top quality player would be happy being a stop-gap until Lucas regains fitness?

Liverpool have other urgent positions that should be prioritised, i.e. a prolific goalscorer; proven right-winger; proven attacking midfielder, and possibly a proven centre-back, though with form of Skrtel and Agger, that seems to be less of an issue these days.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Yes, Liverpool should play Jay as much as possible. All players need games to develop. Though he does not come with a huge price tag but he is definitely good enough to be the replacement for Lucas, at least temporary. Liverpool must not spend silly money anymore.

  2. Rather have him any day than Charlie Adam

  3. As I told you guys earlier Spearing would be able to do the job, if not better. Phil Thompson is right in his evaluation.

  4. Jay is a hardworking player but he is very mediocre.He is technically inept and has no pace.He may be a good squad player for teams in the bottom half but for teams chasing CL spot he is too lightweight and he'll never dominate the middle of the park against top teams.When we are chasing games I cannot see him change the tide..

  5. Never dominate against top teams? What's Arsenal? Relegation fodder? If Mascherano was good for us, I don't see why Jay wouldn't be. They play very similarly - like terriers. Jay is also great with the short passes. I still feel Jay and Lucas are a magnificent pairing though - as a tag team, they're very mobile and they don't stop moving and pressing.

  6. That was against a much depleted Arsenal side which got whacked big time by not only Liverpool but MU etc...Midfield pairing of Jay and Lucas clearly lacks inventive and attacking edge and it will only work when we are 3-0 to the good...such a pairing is a recipe for disaster and even teams like Fulham and Swansea would fancy their chances.