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23 Dec 2011

Daniel AGGER: "I probably learned the most from him in my career..."

Daniel Agger is in a rich vein of form for Liverpool at the moment, and he's been integral to helping the club achieve the best defensive record in the league. It's hardly surprising that Agger has developed into such a great defender; he's has had great role models at Anfield, and the Dane credits one player in particular with having a massive impact on his career.

Speaking to LFC TV recently, Agger revealed his admiration for Liverpool legend Sami Hyypia:

"I only have positive things to say about Sami.

"He's definitely one of the best players I've ever played with, not only on the pitch but off as well.

"He always helped the younger players, and at the same time, he was a really good footballer.

"He was such a character; such a great person, and a true professional. I probably learned the most from him in my career".

For me, Hyypia was the living embodiment of everything Liverpool FC represents (or should represent). The club is (arguably) missing his brand of quiet dignity and professionalism, especially now, with the Luis Suarez circus turning Liverpool into a laughing stock.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I thought you were a Liverpool supporter and your going on about the suarez case turning our club into a circus. We stay loyal to our club and our players, especially when they need us the most.

  2. Club should move mountains to get him back as a coach

  3. Well deserved tribute to Sammi ... great character and player.

    In regards to the laughing stock comment, in hindsight we have gone about this scenario in the wrong way. An appeal will not change the verdict but only possibly reduce the ban, so the statement and shirt wearing protest is not doing anything positive.

    PR at our club needs to be better

  4. Hyppia is a club legend, no doubt. But the Fa is rotten to the core.

  5. Suarez cirus????? do you suggest LFC intiated this circus?
    may be it was Man United ?
    well do u have any genious idea for LFC  how to stop the circus?
    may b just let the Suarez deal with it on his own? if this will stay like that u know the guy will not get any sponsorship for long time
    i must admit that ur nagetive thought is not pleasant

  6. I am an LFC supporter but that doesn't mean I should just be a sheep and follow the crown.  I didn't say Suarez had turned the club into a circus, I said the Suarez CIRCUS, i.e everything swirling around it (T-Shirts; Twitter comments etc).  

    The club does not come out of this looking good at all. From the moment the LFC statement was released, the reaction has IMO been an embarrassment.

  7. I'd be careful of criticising the great one with the misspelt surname. Your post may be deleted.

  8. if you don't like different opinions, go to another site.  It doesn't matter who initiated the circus; each individual is capable of controlling their response, as is the club, and the response in this situation has been (IMO) less than dignified.

  9. What your saying is true Jamie, the Suarez thing has become a circus. The lad is an exceptionally talented footballer but he needs to learn how to 'act' on the pitch. The lad goes down far too easy, whatever he said to Evra was obviously intended to wind him up, it shouldn't have been said. As for the sticking his fingers up at the Fulham fans? We'll leave that for another day. When we signed him he was serving a 7 game ban for biting an opponent. I'm beginning to wonder whether he's the type of player who is going to miss a large portion of games every season through suspensions if I'm honest. He does need the support of the club, no doubts. I do feel, however, that the Suarez t-shirts were ill-judged. It would have been a better idea to wear anti-racism t-shirts if they felt the need to visualise their support.

  10. Jaimie, maybe I have missed on some earlier posts explaining why you think it is a circus.

    From what I have read on the net -- the club (officials, players, fans) responded passionately to an unfair ruling.  It is expected that not only cool reason but emotions will be involved in such a sensitive matter, especially with no reasons coming with the FA clown verdict.  It is the FA which mismanaged the whole process: you were the first to point out the controversial appointment of a certain panel member... as well as the leaking of info and turning it into a media, anti-Blater case.

    I sincerely love the way how not only the L'pool players (with different skin color) and management but aslo a lot of (independent) people from Uruguay (who understand their own culture!) came out to defend Luis.  I really hope he understands and values all the support he gets and stays with us for years, vene beyond SAF's retirement.

  11. It seems to me that having said that a certain person should not be on the panel then except the judgement they made is a bit of a U turn and i think you should be prepared for people to let people voice their opinion on this site

  12. I have been reading your stuff for a while now, [via 'newsnow' ] I have seen the amount of negative material that has consistently come from this source about my/ our? club. I have watched Liverpool since 1972,

    I saw Kenny's first game for Liverpool in 77, the very first European Cup triumph in Rome and countless others. I have seen Kenny restore our credibility , and stabilize what was a bad situation for us. The impression I get from you is that you haven't got over Benitez' departure, now I think Benitez was a brilliant tactician, but there is much more to being a successful manager of a top club , especially Liverpool. It took Ferguson 6 or 7 years to get things working at united, he almost got the sack at in the  early stages. I believe there is definitely a press bias against us after 20 years of united success , and I also think there is,  and always has been, manipulation from Ferguson and his numerous cronies. The minute Kenny returned, it was written all over ferguson's blotchy face. Soon after we signed Suarez obviously one of the top players in the world, the press very quickly found an angle in labelling him a diver, and now they have this issue, and even more people are jumping on the band wagon ,...including yourself! However f you had had the opportunity like myself to stand amongst  real LFC fans then you would understand the offence you have caused with this and other articles, which pick and chip away at the clubs attempts to return to greatness . As irritating as it may sound to you I have total belief and faith we will return , with or without skeptics like yourself.

  13. Sammi is a legend!!! YNWA!!

  14. So LFC cannot stand for Suarez Justice as it did with JFT96 ?

  15. Fully agree with you Alex ... I also wonder exactly where Jamie's loyalties lie .... seems to forget YNWA !!!

  16. I cannot believe you just posted that. That is quite frankly one of, if not the worst, analogies I've ever had the displeasure of reading. 

  17. There's no contradiction; I argued that there was potential for bias on the panel, and I still believe that to be the case. However, looking at the FA's ruling, there's no real room for bias to play a part as the ruling is based on Suarez's self-confessed use of an insulting word.

    There's no room for bias there: Suarez said it, and ADMITTED in public that he said it.