3 Dec 2011

DALGLISH: "We're never going to be happy with that..."

Liverpool are in the midst of a brilliant 10-game unbeaten run, which for most managers would be a reason to celebrate, but for Kenny Dalglish, it's not good enough. Liverpool have drawn five home games this season, dropping 10 valuable points in the process, and despite the high level of performance, Dalglish is (rightfully) not satisfied.

One of the key components of Liverpool's success in the past was never settling for second best. As the famous Bill Shankly quotes goes, 'First is everything, second is nothing', and Dalglish is clearly keen to re-establish that philosophy at Anfield, as he revealed in a press conference recently:

"We're never going to be happy with a draw against anybody.

"We're only happy with wins. We set our standards a little bit higher than drawing against people.

"I think we deserve better than that. We are better than that, and it's up to us to stand up and be counted, and start winning games.

"We've played fantastically well at home, and we should've come away with three points in all of them"

It's great to see that Dalglish is not allowing the club to rest on its laurels. Liverpool never be happy with draws, especially at home, and hopefully the draw curse will be lifted over the next couple of months.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Amen, it's not for a lack of effort which is reassuring, maybe a little more composure and confidence in front of goal and we'll be sound.

  2. Sorry...as a fan of Liverpool, I'm really not very happy about the home draws with Sunderland, Norwich & Swansea. I rather Liverpool be a 'normal' top team, losing occasionally to other top teams but finish off lesser teams on a regular basis, especially at home. Teams like Norwich will never have a chance with teams like Man Utd and Man City, they'll get overrun almost all the time. Maybe given the present position of Liverpool, it's not quite possible to get quality strikers in the mold of Sergio Aguero. But still, the quality and depth of the present Liverpool squad should still be streets ahead of those mid-bottom table teams. So what's the problem here, layman like myself will never know. Just an update, Norwich just got slaughtered by Man City 5-1...

  3. The tide is finally turning. Kenny is producing the performances, that has never been in doubt. Hopefully the players who haven't hit their full level can step up and help us get the wins that we deserve. I think it's fair to suggest that the draws could point to the idea that a good pre-season is actually very important, and that our one wasn't particularly great.
    But it's obvious that kenny and the staff have got them all reading from the same hymn sheet now at last, and any reservations any of us might previously have had should be overlooked for now. Kenny has ben ace!

  4. I have to say I find your response quite amazing really and have to ask did you go these games? As you said you are a layman as am I, however the change in Liverpool compared to this time last season is unbeleivable. Liverpool sold and bought an incredible number of players in the summer.They are playing a completely different style of football under a whole new management team.

    Man City have been building for over 2 years in a way that we can only dream of and have spent an incredible amount (and before I get the Liverpool have spent £100m - look at the net spend). United have a significant number of £20m plus players in their squad with a management team that has been in place for how long?

    Indeed, you are a sorry fan of Liverpool. I'm sure all of LFC are in fits of laughter about drawing those games as opposed to being "not very happy". I realise there is signifcant expectations but you canot transform a club that has under invested for many a years overnight. Barring a second half against Sunderland and a really bad day at the office against Spurs, performances have been so much better than the past two seasons. Joe Hart saved City last week, Vorm saved Swansea etc etc. More clincal finishing is required - but try and focus on the positives as it is always easy to jump on the negative bandwagon!      

  5. Kenny might have the right attitude - that LFC should aspire to be the very best at all times - but our fans, by and large, certainly don't anymore.