28 Dec 2011

6 reasons why Luis Suarez's ban could be GREAT for Liverpool's season...

Liverpool fans are understandably miserable over the prospect of losing Luis Suarez for 8 games in the new year, but I actually think the Uruguayan's ban could be positive for the club, and could conceivably transform Liverpool's season.

Hear me out! I know it sounds like madness to suggest that losing the club's best player could be a good thing, but you only have to look at how the team has performed without Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher to see that Liverpool can play well without their star players.

Here are six reasons why Suarez's ban could be a blessing in disguise:

A Chance to Recharge and Come Back Stronger

Suarez has been playing almost non-stop football for the last year, and didn't get a proper rest in the summer due to the Copa America. The ban will force him to rest and recharge, which can only benefit Liverpool for the rest of the season.

Do or Die for Andy Carroll

Suarez's absence will mean Andy Carroll will get a run of games, and he will have to deliver. If he does, great - every Liverpool fan wants to see him scoring goals. However, if Carroll continues to fail then it will further underline the necessity to sell him in the summer, the point being that the decision will (hopefully) be made sooner rather than later.

If Suarez wasn't facing a ban, Carroll would probably continue to play a bit-part this season, and he'd probably still be here at the start of next season. Suarez's ban means the pressure will be on for him to prove he's worth keeping.

A Season-Changing Striker?

With Suarez out and Carroll unreliable at best, it looks like Liverpool will be forced to sign another striker.

Everyone can see that Liverpool need a finisher; a prolific goalscorer to put away the huge number of chances being created, and if Kenny Dalglish signs the right player, he could transform the club's season.

If Suarez wasn't facing a ban, I don't think the club would prioritise a striker; they'd continue to labour under the false belief that Suarez and Carroll are all that's needed.

Thankfully, the club's hand has been forced, which means Liverpool might end up with a striker who actually scores regularly, and the extra goals could see the club shoot up the table.

Much-needed Competition for Suarez

If Liverpool signs a new striker and he comes in and scores goals, the pressure will be on Suarez to consistently score when he returns. At present, the Uruguayan has no real competition, and that's something that needs to change (IMO)

To be brutally honest, it's not as if Liverpool will miss Suarez's league goals when he's banned; he scored only 2 in the last 12 league games, which is not good enough for a top class striker.

The problem is that there are no consequences for Suarez if he doesn't score; he'll still play every game for which he's available. If, however, a new striker is banging in goals left, right and centre, then Suarez will have to work harder to be more accurate in front of goal.

Tailored Training Plan

Whilst Suarez is out, the club could (and should) come up with a dedicated training plan designed to improve the Uruguayan's finishing. It's not like he'll have much else to do, so the club might as well use the time effectively.

Developing a Plan B

Liverpool play quick, free-flowing pass and move football with Suarez in the team, but outside of that, there's no real plan B. With Suarez out and Carroll in, it will give the team a chance to develop a different style of football.

I'm not suggesting that the target man approach is something that should be encouraged at Liverpool, but if the club doesn't sign a new striker, then the team should play to Andy Carroll's strengths.

A positive by-product of this will be that team becomes comfortable with a different style of play, which can only be a good thing.


So, far from being the worst thing that could happen, Suarez's ban could actually turn out to be the best thing for Liverpool's season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agree with almost everything except for this bit: A much needed competition. Yes, competition is all good, and we do need one more striker. But Jaimie, you are basically questioning Suarez's commitment to deliver a goal. One look at his reaction when he shoots and misses can tell you more than a thousand words though. Suarez is a natural winner and fighter. He does not need any side motivation. He is his own best motivator. What he needs is people (fans, teammates, coach, manager) who believe in him, that's all.
    We really should sighn that Uruguayan kid, Gaston Ramirez: a) because he is young and promising, b) he knows how to play with Suarez, c) He is in the Uruguayan national team, and I think el Maestro Oscar Tabarez did not include him to the team for nothing, so that alone is the best reference.

  2. half full definitely...that was exactly what Kenny brings to the club. positivity!

  3. Put Suarez to play in his real position and find somebody with good pie (foot) like David Silva and Luis Suarez will be the top scorer in the EPL, Suarez is trying to do everything, even defend, 

  4. Great points, RedChica. I agree with you that Suarez is a natural winner, and he's clearly a perfectionist when it comes to his game.   I don't question his commitment but the fact is he has no one challenging him upfront; he has no real competition, and that ideally needs to change.  

    There's no doubting Suarez's ability but his finishing is not good enough; a conversion rate of less than 8% proves that. In my view, he needs competition; he needs to fear for his place because that might spur him on to work harder on improving his finishing.  Maybe he does that already, but maybe not.  

    To be honest, I would rather have someone with half Suarez's ability that scored twice as many goals.  Being a striker is, after all, about scoring goals.

  5. know just what you mean. We need a player who has good control of the ball and can pick out a pass and support Suarez. Carroll doesn't have that hold up play, and composed vision. 

     Suarez is trying to do everything. He drops in midfield to help the flow of passing, puts pressure on midfielders to get possession back as well as playing on the wings to supply other players. Its not that hes not good at doing that, hes got the all round ability that Gerrard possesses minus the sliding tackles. But he is wasting his efforts for the team because the other players are not doing the right things. Now that the ban kicks in, other players have to be relied upon, and the instant effect Suarez has every-time he gets the ball won't be there for them. They are gonna have to step up the game now, if they can that is. Good thing Gerrard is back now, its God's sense of humor that is keeping him and Suarez apart. 

  6. Alvaro, Gary, totally spot on.
    BTW, Torres does not score at Chelsea for more or less the similar reason = he has to do all the "dirty work", because no teammates ever play at him. Instead, he is the one to provide them with goal passes. And being less of a dribler and fighter than Suarez, he looks useless as a result. Which we cannot say about Suarez whether he scores or not. He shows some moment of magic in every game.

  7. suerez is are best player 8 games is a joke and probably will cost us 4th spurs and chelsea have better squads even with suerez in the team take him out and it weakens us even more. we need suerez and  and also another striker carrol is not the answer hate these articles i understand your trying to be upbeat but i don't agree f**K OFF F.A YOU BUNCH OF MANC B*******S............

  8. First time I am agree with you :)

  9. Kuyt scored goals-a-plenty in Holland before eventually being turned into a more of a good hard working donkey in midfield. Suarez goals-a-plenty in Holland and so far, he has the creative burden on his shoulders and the goals are drying up...for now anyway.

  10. bit harsh about suarez needs practice with shooting, think he has just needed a bit of luck and is probably trying to hard. his country record is not bad at all. agree with everything else though jk.
    still thing we need a decent tricky right winger over a forward though.
    kuyte bellamy and yes carroll need game time, as a new striker would (apart from suarez didnt!)  more goals obviously should be coming from downing and adams. maxi chips in, gerrard coming back.
    shelvy looks good going forward.
    a good result against newcastle is much needed.could be a good stepping stone till suarez gets back in the fold, then well be even stronger

  11. Carroll playing with Bellamy or Kuyt could be what Carroll needs at the moment a player who has played in the Premier League and English football.
    Suarez could do with a rest the spark that was there when he first arrived is slowly being eroded away with all the trouble on and off the pitch with chances missed and the bloody FA.

  12. Spurs does not have a better squad. They have a superior starting 11, but like our squad in 08-09, they don't have much quality beyond that 11. I personally feel Chelsea's squad is not better either, very much on par.

  13. The key problems behind liverpool's lack of goals under Dalglish is:

    1. Suarez played out of position.  Suarez is a 6 yrd box player and he will score a lot of goals if he gets himself into this area.   Currently he's dropping deep and picking up the balls and acting as a playmaker, he's not good enough for that and that is evident as high percentage of the time when his passes and dribbles are unsuccessful.

    2. The supply of balls into the box are currently coming from our left and right backs respectively.  That is Enrique and Johnson.  Both are not providing quality balls into the box, especially Enrique who needs to improve the standard of balls he crosses into the box.

    3. Downing's clearly not creating enough.  Nothing new there!

    4. Liverpool need to attack more through the middle.  Too many crosses from the left and right into the box make us fairly predictable.

    5. Andy Carroll goal drought will no doubt be resolved once Gerrard finds his feet.  Gerrard has a great track record with supplying quality balls to strikers and no doubt he'll supply pin point chances for Carroll.  If Carroll fails to score from Gerrard's supply then there's no hope for him.

    6. Liverpool need to be more direct, some of the attacks have too many unecessary touches, be direct, this is the premiership afterall!

  14. I wouldn't say Kuyt, but Downing, Henderson, Shelvey and Gerrard! With Maxi, Suarez and Kuyt, we have the tendency to barricade our opponents within their 18 yard box, making it very easy for their keepers to deliver MOTM performances - most of whom don't usually perform that well but for Joe Hart. With Shelvey and Gerrard, the dangerous passes come from deeper which gives the likes of Henderson, Downing and Carroll the space to charge at defenders - something they thrive on but never get to utilise with the intricate forward play from Suarez/Maxi/Kuyt/Enrique. Bellamy is an interesting forward in that he can play both styles comfortably.

    In the absence of Suarez and Lucas with Gerrard back, it may just be best to shift Henderson back to the right wing with Gerrard, Adam and either of Shelvey/Spearing in midfield depending on our purpose and opponents. Spearing would allow Adam or Gerrard to bomb forward where Shelvey would provide the creativity we'd be missing with Suarez out.

  15. 1. Suarez has been our best player, his displays are exhilirating

    2. We need fast wingers, played on their correct wing, our problem is that defences are able to get settled in their default defensive positions before we get crosses in

    3. Downing has been disappointing, however playing him on the right means that he often slows down and squares up  the defender so he can go back in on his left foot. Defence have already regained their composure by the time the ball comes in

    4. We need to expose teams out wide, like Spurs, Man Utd and Arsenal, we haven't got the pace / quality so far

    5. Andy Carroll is a victim of the slow build up play, imagine him at Spurs now with Bale, Lennon delivering quick, incisive crosses for him. He would be banging them in. Gerrard not going to help this, unless we play him out wide or as a support striker

    6. We need to be direct and use pace. Like Spurs and Man Utd

  16. A blessing in disguise? We'll see to that.

  17. 1. Suarez has been good to watch, however, your being too generous to him.  Suarez pass completion is poor and so are his dribbles.  Our best players has been Lucas & Bellamy.
    2. There is some truth to your point, however, I think the pace we have down the flanks is above average, Johnson, Enrique, Bellamy and Downing are not slow by any stretch of the imagination.  We have more pace in the team than the current Man City side and they have scored 30 more goals than us.  Therefore I don't feel this is a major contributor to our lack of goals.  In fact we have broken down every opposition defence this season.  3. Agree, Downing has been poor and I find with Downing once pressured and surrounded by defenders, rather than use skills to get himself out of the situation, he doesn't and gives the ball away by having a shot.  I hope I'm wrong but this was a poor signing.  Not good enough.4. Do Arsenal use wide players? doesn't arshavin and walcott cut in? Take Van Persie out of Arsenal side would they be in 5th spot???5. Andy Carroll isn't timing his runs correctly at the moment. That is one major contributor to his problems thus far.  He finds himself in goal scoring positions too early, therefore he is unable to measure the height of the cross and subsequently unable to connect with the ball at the right time.  A good striker should be able to time his run, so he arrives in goal scoring positions at the precise time.  We are in a catch 22 situation at the moment, do we loan him out or stick with him.  6. Agree with the first part.