16 Nov 2011

VIDEO: Liverpool's Daniel Agger scores an excellent goal against Finland...

It's been an eventful week for Liverpool defender Daniel Agger! He's publicly labelled his Anfield team-mates 'headless chickens'; questioned the commitment of hitherto unnamed members of the Liverpool squad; helped Denmark qualify for Euro 2012; been questioned by the police after going on a 'drunken riot' with Nicklas Bendtener, and to top it all off, he scored a fine goal against Finland. All's well that ends well!

Here is Agger's goal (Skip to 1:10 in the video):

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Can the same be said of Lucas. An Anfield legend said to the Kop that if Lucas scores 5 goals this season, he is worth 40 million pounds.

  2. every comment u post slates lucas. go eat a brick

  3. Did I see the Managers sitting in plastic garden furniture?