8 Nov 2011

PEPE REINA: "They are the clear favourites..."

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina believes that Manchester City are are on course to win the Premier League title this season.

Reina, who had a shaky game against Swansea at the weekend, observed:

"I think we are already seeing a very strong side, which is City; the rest of us will just try to be as high as possible. I think it's going to be a tight competition, but for me, the clear favourite is Man City right now"

Reina is happy with the way things are going at Anfield at the moment, but he warned that Liverpool need to sharpen up if the club is to finish in the top 4 this season:

"It's been positive; we've improved since last season definitely. I think we are more into the game with a mentality of winning. Of course, if we are going to be up there we need to stop making individual...and collective mistakes".

Fans will be pleased to hear the atmosphere in the dressing room is positive, and Reina is happy with the support the team is getting from the Anfield crowd:

"I think the mood in the dressing room, and the atmosphere of the suporters in the stadium is much more established. We have the patience of everybody to get the results back and be up there with the bog boys".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Up there with the big boys ?

    Coz we are only an itsy bitsy mid table Club eh Renia ?

    Its about time we sold him , I'm sick of his gutless comments .

  2. At least he speaks the truth, unlike you!

  3.  What truth is he speaking ?

    He is paid to do a job for the fans & here he is in public kissin the ass of the club we have to play in two games time .

    The only truth he is speaking is

    "We arent even going to try , we dont care what our stupid fans think , we are all millionaires , City are the Bookies Favorites , why should we bother , lets take it easy "

    In any other walk of life he would be arrested for fraud .

  4. He says we are better than last year, but are we better than the year before?

    With Pepe and a younger Carra, fit Stevie G, Alonso, Mascherano, Fit Fernando we were a couple of players and just a few points short of a serious challenge to win the league.

    Now we have Pepe, Luis an older Carra, very unfit Stevie G, Downing, Carroll, Hendo and an inconsistent Adams!

    In my estimation that is 6 class players at their peak down to 2 class players at their peak!

    You do the maths.  Going forward I dont think so. The best part of £80M wasted.

  5. I know lets definitley sell Reina because he is not really that good anyway and clearly doesnt speak logic - I would prefer a Goal Keeper who will say something like the below and then qualify to captain the club of course

    Q: What do you think of Liverpools title chances

    " The title is wide open, we are only 11 games in and no one is favourites, in fact Liverpool look as good as anyone because we are one of the biggest clubs in the world and Kenny Dalglish is back so .... yeah"

    Q: But Liverpool are 12 pts behind Man City

    "Yeah and there are plenty of games to go, didnt I tell you this is LFC?"

    Q: Do you think you can break back into the top 4 this year, or in other words get back amongst the big boys?

    "With the football we have been playing of course, in fact I think we can win it, didnt I tell you we are LFC, duh ! "

    Q:  Who is better Barcelona or Liverpool?

    "Is that a serious question? Its Liverpool"

    Brehon Law - Before you boast about your postcode or have a pop regarding the validity of some "fans" just bear in mind Pepe is not being negative but probably only responding by underplaying the questions he is being asked - if he answered the way you want him to answer then he would come across like an idiot.

  6. William -You are right, Never does this first 11 look as good as it did a couple of years back, you dont even need to go into fine details, just neeed to bear in mind Torres , Gerrard, Riera, Kuyt, Mascherano , Alonso where all first team automatic choices for their national teams (and yes we could boast Spain, Argentina and Holland back then) who all played at the highest level so were proven amongst the best in the world and europe, European Championship, World Cup, and the Champions League experience is what we had in attack.

    You look at us now and the squad is larger than few years back, but no one is ever going to convince me that the quality of the first eleven is better. Never.

    But the past is gone now and we need to (slowly) make the best of what we have, IMO it should have been spent more wiseley but we give KD time and if he cant deliver then he is as dispensable as any other manager.

  7. Doh!  People like William just make me so sick.  Ready to judge Kenny's project 11 games in.  What a travesty.  Change takes time.  Kenny's project will take a little time too.  Yes we know, some performances haven't been great, but the emphasis on attack rather than defence (ie the start of last season, when we leaked more goals than ever, with a defensive, lower table side mentality) is astonishing.

    I'm also astonished that Kenny gets all the flack.  What about our director of football.  He is the one who did the research on these players - should some of your premature venom be directed to him too.

    I always felt this season would be a process of bedding in new players rather than us winning the league.  Hopefully we can end up 4th, if not, then we just have to live with it.  But the end of the season is the time to judge how things are going so far, NOT a quarter way into the season.

    I think once again, the playstation and unrealistic brigade are out to spew their views to everyone else.  I'm guessing they also read the daily mail too.

  8. Harry tell me we have a better team now? 

    I havent even mentioned Acquilani and Meireles as they didnt play many games but shown the door after a promising start. Why?

    Under Kenny we had a promising end to the season but the players doing well such as Maxi and Spearing are now sat on the bench and been replaced by the new players. Why not build on what we had rather than bench players who were doing well?

    You dont 'bed in' players who cost £35M, £20M, £15M & £9M. 

    Please tell us how we have improved?

  9. Besides us already having gone further in the League Cup under Kenny than in Benitez last 3 attempts we finished higher in the League under Kennys Caretaker Management than we did under Benitez full management with players he had bought & put through a pre season the season previous .

     If you need it even more simple ?

     Dalglish is 11 games into his 1'st season .

    Compare our stats to Rafa's first 11 games .

    As for not bedding in players because of their reported fees ?

    Maybe not in computer management games but in the real world ...

    These things take time grasshopper & I suggest you quit panicking like a biatch !

  10. Facts are facts. We HAD a better team then than now.

    Choose from Carroll, Downing,Adams & Henderson

    against Acquilani, Meireles, Alonso, Mascherano, Maxi, Spearing, Bellamy.

    We are going backwards. Unfortunately age has caught up with Carra and Stevie G is stuck in a spiral of injuries and illness.

    Do you seriously think this team can finish above Arse & Spurs?, never mind Chelsea, City & Utd?

    Our best players wont hang around without European football. Do you think the top teams arent looking at Pepe & Suarez, ready to offer them Champions league football?

    Wake up, smell coffee.

  11.  Yea & we had a better team again under Evans , wat ya want a time machine so ya can go live in the past in yer own wee perfect time & space ?

    You read like yer on drugs .

    What are you panicking about ?

    We have already beaten Arsenal & drew with Utd .

    Seriously man , calm down before some strong man takes you under his wing & slaps yer face old school style , brings ya to yer senses & then makes you his wife .

    Our Squad is too small , we need more players before we start talking about replacing anyone .

  12. I am panicking because we have spent a fortune on cack!

    We have got rid of better players than we have brought in. We are playing players with better players on the bench.

    Our best 2 experienced players are past their best. Our best current players will want to play in the best competitions.

    We are not one of the big-4 anymore, we have lost ground on Utd, Arse and Chelsea and been overtaken by City & Spurs.

    Have I given you enough reasons?

  13.  The only one coming aross like an idiot is you with your ignorant prejudicial assumptions .

    Whats wrong with saying that if we take it one game at a time & play to our potential we will give anyone a tough game ?

    Whats wrong with saying that City are in a situation new to them with Champions League pressures & a relatively new squad & we wont know who is clear favourite until the end of April ?

    Thats Leadership , that what you want from a captain , not the wishy washy weaklin bullshit Renia is coming out with AGAIN !

    He should be fined for hose comments & transfer listed .

    No wonder no youth players are breaking through if that the losers attitude among the senior players !

    Paul Robinson at Blackburn is a much better goalkeeper & a much better character for our club .

    You are obviously happy to listen to our players spout weak defeatist bullshit before we play the team he is praising but I am not , so do us both a favor & dont bother posting up yer delusions of what I want to hear because you haven’t got a clue about he Game of Football or about me .

  14.  You are panicking & that is disgraceful , you have rendered yer comments worthless .

    get a grip of yerself womin !

  15. Can you not get it into your head it is TOO early to make snap judgements like this.  You give plenty of opinions but little evidence.  Look at Mancini's first 11 games for example, or Rafa's.  Get off your playstation and smell the reality.

    Change takes time.  Players regardless of price tag still need time to settle - into a team with basically SIX new faces.  Things take time.

    And we have bought for the future too.  Too many people like you expect miracles from day one.  We have more depth now in our squad than last year and some promising young players.  We are creating chances 0 I'd be more worried if we weren't.  We just need to start burying more of them.

    I refuse to subscribe to your knee-jerk reaction after such a small number of games (of which we have lost only two).

  16.  I disagree that we have depth , I'd say we have balance for the 1'st time in years but we dont have genuine depth , we need at least 6 more quality senior players & then we will have depth .

  17. Reina is right. Man City is light years ahead of us and dunnot know how we can catch up. Further more with players like Lucas, so much handicapped, we are not getting anywhere.

  18. Maybe becos he knows we have an overated manager who likes to pay inflated prices for donkeys and wimps.

    Oh our rivals would be very happy if your silly suggestion becomes a reality. But i doubt that even your lover is that stupid. 

  19. We compete with City and win the league. This from a team packed with overated players such as Carroll, Henderson, Downing and an overated manager who paid infalted prices for those overated players who last manage a proper team some 10 years ago. This from a manager who keeps on playing Henderson at the expence of Kuyt who is playing well.

    This from a team that fails to beat teams such as Swansea and Norwich and have a habit of snatching draws from the jaws of victory.

    We are supposed to compete when our overated manager sold a very good player (Meireles) to our rivals for 500k profit and paid 35 mill for a donkey to a team that made at least 33 mill profit from that deal and are now sitting 3rd in the table without losing a game yet.

    Yes Brehon, i can surely see your point, what an idiot this Reina.

  20. William spot on. Absolutey right. I can't recall any other team that spends 100 mill just to bed in players.

  21. KD is supposed to know this club well and have zero learning curve. Rafa have to learn verything about LFc in his first season with us. Oh did you notice he won us the CL in his maiden season. Not bad for a first timer

  22. Oh William just as add ons, Spurs trash us 4 to nothing with KD looking oh so clueless ala Hodgson and he played Skrtel as RB. Don't know which playstation game he got that idea from.

    Oh and Arsenal are now level on points with us now. Yes that same team that is supposed to be doom.

  23. Brehon can you just answer William with some semblance of intelligence? William has a point. What gives you the idea that Henderson is better than Kuyt who contantly warms the bench for example.

    From what i see so far, if you can't answer points raise intelligently you just spew out rubbish to cover your tracks.

  24. Ha ha ha....well put

  25. I give up with your crusade against Lucas - he does play for the Brazilian national team but quick question Ashfah - If we sold him (and believe me a lot of clubs would line up to buy him) who would you replace him with in his position (if in fact you are able to work out what his position is?)

    On your other point Man City are years ahead of us but that is due to the hundreds of millions spent on players and the ability to attract with the wages they can offer - its not just LFC that look on in awe but the rest of the league will need something special to break that. Thats just the harsh reality and the table reflects it

  26. Clearly a football idiot.  Showing firstly a clear lack of respect (are you 12?) when we had all 3 right backs injured.  Plus we played for MOST of the match against Spurs with 10 and then 9 men - so I don't think you can count that match other than for the first 25 mins when we had 11 men.  Only a fool would count a match where it was 9/10 vs 11, away from home as a poor performance.

    Do please factor these important issues into any knee-jerk reaction in future.

  27. Chan is clearly a football idiot.  Showing firstly a clear lack of respect (are
    you 12?) when we had all 3 right backs injured.  Plus we played for MOST
    of the match against Spurs with 10 and then 9 men - so I don't think
    you can count that match other than for the first 25 mins when we had 11
    men.  Only a fool would count a match where it was 9/10 vs 11, away
    from home as a poor performance.

    Do please factor these important issues into any knee-jerk reaction in future.

  28. For real?  Nor did I.

    I mean come on.  The 'bedding-in' is just part of the process.  We are not just bedding in players - that is complete, childish, impatient, utter nonsense.

  29. Brehon Law - You live under the assumption that only your opinion counts and it is the be all and end all of every article on this site. You are full of it and everyone knows it

    Get out of your little delusional bubble - you are ignorant - you dont even know what questions pepe was asked - why would he start randomley talk about Man City unless he was led / prompted by questions regarding them or the title or Liverpools title chances?

    And IMO he has said nothing wrong - City have dropped two points all season - all of us would rather have honest players than ones that are clouded in denial.  

    And ahem fined and transfer listed? I think we are all glad to hear you dont work for the club - MR I AM THE ONLY ONE AND ONLY WHO KNOWS ABOUT LFC PRINCIPLES AND KNOW WHATS BEST FOR THE CLUB

    Paul Robinson to replace Pepe Reina ??????????? You clearly maybe in cahoots with the club actually - Carroll did replace Torres so maybe you are working for the club I dont know...

    Just read what you have written again, buy a dictionary and look up idiot. It will help you in your life I promise.

  30.  There ya go again trying to act like my ex wife .

    What the hell would you know about anything I may or may not assume ?

    The only thing thats clear from your back tracking defeatist , weaklin worshiping , comment is that you have me held up on a pedestal & are making assumptions about what I think & how I am .

    You have no idea my experience within the game of football or if I have any at all & you have no idea about my relationship with LFC or any other Premeir league club all you know is that my comments are assertive , forthright , intelligent , accurate & fair , & apparently you find that intimidating which has led you to cry out with your false accusations .

    I dont know where you are from but I can tell you that I am a typical male in this part of the world so perhaps you should turn yer attention to weaker leagues in less assertive areas of the planet & stay within your excuse making , loser loving comfort zone or perhaps support the womens game ?

    I'm sure they will treat your ignorant , inexperienced defeatist comments with all the pwecious care & attention you require .

  31.  Keep yer homosexual innuendos to yourself , pervert .

  32. What do you like about LFC Charlie Chan ?

    What club do you support ?

  33. What club do you support Charlie Chan ?


  34. Get on with polishing my boots & less of yer lip Charlie Chan .

  35. What club do you support Charlie Chan ?

  36. Brehon, this is your final warning. You know what I'm talking about.

  37.  I dont know what yer talkin about Arnie .

    If someone chooses a name just like you happen to have chosen a picture that is of a comical fictional detective then I am perfectly entitled to make fun of it .

    Seems you have singled me out & are itching to hit me like a ton of bricks with your mighty web site censorship powers .

    Charlie Chan is a detective , not an insult .

    Even if you perceive it to be an insult how do you know I am not a detective also ?

    I find your site too oppressive to post within & unless you treat me with less discrimination & prejudice then I wont be able to post here anymore .

  38. Brehon - you regularly insult fellow posters, and you also hurl personal insults at players and managers of LFC. The comment policy is very clear (and there's a link to it at the top of the page): No insults or derogatory comments. Stick to lthat, and there's no problem.

    Your 'Charlie Chan' comment has a negative racial connotation, hence it's deletion. If you find the site too oppressive to post then it's self-inflicted; if you didn't personally insult people we wouldn't have a problem.

  39.  I fail to see how a person of Oriental origin succeeding as a detective has any negative connotation let alone a racial one , unless of course you are a racist who hates Oriental Law Enforcement officers ?

    Regardless , its clear you have an axe to grind & its clear its nothing to do with my behaviour or actions & I wont tolerate unjust attacks upon my character & I most definitely wont subject myself to them needlessly  .

    We dont have a problem , we have nothing at all .

  40. You're right - I do have an axe to grind, and it's with people who can't debate in a civil manner.

  41. You have failed to make any point about the article in your last comment.

    Can you justify your comments on Pepe ? - how do you know what questions he was asked in order for him to make those comments? if he was asked outright who are favourites to win the league is he suddenly meant to mask a 12 pts difference and a goal difference of 25 between LFC and Man City? Will that give you belief or make you feel better if he just ignores it and provides a spin?

    Ask yourself do you want to honesty? Or do you want our players to respond like politicians?

    And yeah you have credibility with the lets trade in Pepe Reina for Paul Robinson comment - Genius.