4 Nov 2011

PEPE REINA: "It was a pretty tough moment for everyone, not just me..."

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has revealed some more details about how bleak things became in the final days of the club's previous owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Reina, who recently admitted he could've left Anfield three times since he arrive at the club, remembered:

“All the stuff about the club being threatened with administration – those were the most difficult bits. It was a pretty tough moment for everyone, not just me.

“Everyone at Melwood, Anfield and around Liverpool were not very happy with the club, team and the performances.

“They were tough moments but once again I knew a club like Liverpool was not going to be sitting waiting for it to go into administration and fortunately we found good owners and the stability came back.”

In his recently released autobiogrpahy, Reina argued that Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher should've 'said something' to put Hicks and Gillett 'under real pressure'

Steven Gerrard refuted that suggestion, arguing it wasn't his or Carra's responsibility to step in:

“When a situation like that happens I don’t think it’s the players’ responsibility to step in. If me and Jamie had a go at them, I don’t think the owners’ were going to say ‘OK, we’ll sell the club £100 million cheaper.”

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Jamie Kumwar - Seriously.....you are the most boring man alive!!!.......just stop posting this drivel!!!

  2. Pepe Reina- it's getting boring now.

  3. He should at least have the good grace to win something before writing a book that is if he cant muster the good grace not to write a book until he has retired .

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    You do get the odd excellent one from Ireland , Scotland & Wales as well but all in all English goal keepers are the best all around goal keepers money can buy .

    Their command of their area & ball handling skills are TRADITIONALLY second to none .

    English Centre Backs are up there with the very best in the world too .

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    But when it comes to Goalkeepers ?

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    Hart looks like the real deal at City & Foster is starting to prove his value at West Brom .

    Its a shame Carson had to leave us so early , if he had developed with us he would be one of the very best in the world today .

    Casillas is the very best in the world & thats probably why Pepe has developed into such a good keeper also .

    But as a rule , being racist or whatever crime it is , if I were spending my own money ?

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