15 Nov 2011

LFC's Daniel Agger accused of 'drunken riot' with Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner...

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger and Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner were interviewed by Police over the weekend after allegedly being involved in what Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet described as 'a drunken riot'.

After last Friday's victory against Sweden, Denmark coach Morten Olsen gave his players the night off to celebrate, and gave them permission to have a few drinks.

Clearly, this was a big mistake. The next morning a fellow guest at the Hotel Marienlyst in Elsinore alleged that he was assaulted by drunken members of the Denmark team, and allegedly named Bendtner and Agger as the culprits.

Aftonbladet reported:

"One of the Hotel's guests was seen on Saturday outside the police station in Elsinore with his arm in a sling. He wanted to accuse the players of assault, and over the weekend police took up the case and interviewed the suspects.

"Yesterday, however, the case was dropped because of conflicting information and lack of evidence, no Denmark players are suspected of any crimes at this time".

The Danish FA has confirmed that no disciplinary action will be taken against any of its players.

Hmmm. Not the greatest way to prepare for Liverpool's upcoming games against Chelsea and Man City.

What was Olsen thinking anyway, allowing his players to drink only a couple of days before their next international game? Hardly professional management IMO.

On the plus side, initial reports indicate that Agger emerged from the whole situation without any new injuries.

Every cloud has a silver lining :-)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i read this article on the mirror and they said that there was not enough evidence to convict agger or bendtner but whatever athletes can do whatever they want whenever they want and get away with it. 

  2. oh FFS come now. One dubious rag comes out with a fabricated headline......

  3. 'What was Olsen thinking anyway, allowing his players to drink only a couple of days before their next international game? Hardly professional management IMO.'Well, the lads recently earned qualification for the EUROs ahead of much fancied Portugal and have gathered for internationals for the last time this year. So I don't see any issue with the players enjoying themselves during their few days off.
    Furthermore, the players were allowed booze within hotel grounds, and following the altercation with the man, who went on to call the police, no one knows exactly why the man were upset in the first place. Only that a few of the players tried to calm him down.

  4. It is not a fabricated headline. The Danish FA confirmed that something took place. I know because before posting this story I contacted their press office for confirmation.

  5. The Swedish man was still piffed off at Sweden losing to 2 nil and was trying to get the Danish team into trouble!

  6. Year Agger was terrible tonight against Finland!! Scored Denmarks first goal and was really strong, for 90 minuts!! Must have hangovers!

  7. DBU Communications Lars Berendt has revealed all the details about the situation at the Hotel Marienlyst where a male hotel guest went on to report several national team players to violence.
    Friday's victory over Sweden got an unpleasant aftermath, when a guest at Hotel Marienlyst after a tumultuous episode chose to declare multiple named to the police.
    The visitor had according to Helsingør Dagblad alleged breach of the bones in the collision.
    Police questioned several national team players on Saturday, but then chose to drop the matter.
    DBU states now that players have not done anything wrong. Although they had been given the green light to drink alcohol to celebrate the victory, they were in no way intoxicated.
    DBU Communications Lars Berendt has released a written statement of the incident, such as DBU has witnessed the incident and police sequel:
    - Coach Morten Olsen gave after returning to the Hotel Marienlyst late Friday night players to relax and rejoice in the victory over Sweden in the social context of each other in the familiar surroundings of the hotel's public bar and café area.
    - Including the players had permission to also enjoy alcohol naturally considering that they were in training camp prior to the match against Finland. None of the players were intoxicated or leaving the hotel, and thus lived up to the guidelines of national coach Morten Olsen.
    So according to DBU none of the players were drunk, but still some of them got in scuffle with a male hotel guest later. It happened on one of the hotel pathways tells Lars Berendt:
    - Some of the players was at a time then the night of Saturday 12 Nov. involved in an incident with a contemporary male hotel guest room in one of the corridors, as the guest next morning decided to notify the police.
    The local police have in consequence DBU examined the matter and questioned both the injured guest and the international players involved. And it ended up that they chose to remain a wasteland case, says Berendt in the statement:
    - North Zealand Police have in light of the notification, which after the submission can not be withdrawn, conducted a formal investigation of the relationship, including interrogations of some of the players as well as the guest, who continued his stay at the hotel as scheduled until Sunday.
    - Police investigations and interrogations were conducted Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. The players that the police wanted to interrogate, contributed all of the uncovering of the episode. Against this background, set in North Zealand Police already on Monday 14 November investigation. Subsequently, the results of investigations were assessed by police lawyers who joined the case under the Code § 749 paragraph.
    DBU think that the police's rejection of the case is a proof that the team has behaved as one would expect from players in their position. And DBU Communications denies that it will comment further on the incident:
    - The rejection confirms DBU in that environment and discipline in the national team squad is in line with expectations, the Danish Football Association has for its employees and players in the A-team squad.
    - DBU - including national team players - finds, due to police investigation and assessment of the notification as being unfounded, and some form of declaration, not a reason to comment on the course and the incident further than this statement.According to: http://www.sporten.dk/fodbold/dbu-saadan-endte-landsholdet-i-tumult

  8. And the local newspaper was reported to have overheard the reporting to the police:

    Helsingør Dagblad reporter overheard parts of the highly excited hotelguests interview with police on Saturday.

    Here, both Nicklas Bendtner and Daniel Agger's names were mentioned, and after what the notifier said, so he demanded an apology from one or more of the players if he should withdraw the notification.

  9. last time something similar to this happened we ended up beating barca at camp nou. 

  10. who cares if he goes out and gets pissed, if it does not effect his performances then i am not arsed. work hard , play harder!!

  11. No, alcohol does affect your body's performance, otherwise every player would be getting pissed before and after the game.

    I am saddened to see that with all the technology and info to help tune their bodies to be professional athletes, some players still can't resist going OTT.

    Don't they realise that to play at their best, they have to be at their best....especially with such a short career lifespan.

  12. I'm with Knud W. Skov on this one

  13. Don't you realise that it was deemed to be a time for celebration not for match preparation?

    Are you one of those guys that will go to a pub and spend the whole time talking everybody's ears off about work?? Boooo!!!

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  16. wow a moderator actually edited my comment You cant even state your own honest opinion on the internet nowadays

  17. Agger, skrtel= biggest freakshows in football