16 Nov 2011

KENNY DALGLISH blasts: "It's a major concern and it's very unfair..."

Kenny Dalglish recently criticised the Football League for the 'disgraceful' scheduling of Liverpool's Carling Cup game against Chelsea, and this week, Dalglish has taken another (well-deserved) swipe at the football authorities, arguing that the Premier League is ignoring vital rest-periods required by players after international breaks.

Dalglish, who has had to deal with the majority of his squad being away on International duty over the last week, observed:

"My major concern about the internationals is when countries play on a Tuesday, it's very unfair to then ask players to play for their clubs in an early kick-off on Saturday. That doesn't make sense to me.

"They should be allowed as much time as possible to rest. If you don't provide it, you are putting them at risk.

"Whenever they go away with their countries there is always a risk of coming back with an injury. Charlie Adam was ruled out even before he played for Scotland because he had a few knocks.

"For him, the timing of the internationals was probably perfect because it allowed him time to recuperate. It's the same for Carra"

Luckily, the Tuesday-Saturday scenario is not something Liverpool have to worry about this week as the club's game against Chelsea is on Sunday.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. But there is a Tuesday game coming up, no!

  2. What to do, the English FA has vever been in favour of Liverpool. But look at the other side, MU getting all the draws they needed.

  3.  I agree with hotmail

  4. yeah thats how it always is sir alex has definitly bribed his way to man u glory

  5. Since when has the England FA listem to Liverpool's pleas.

  6. Shock horror, what a story! Manure and whisky nose fergie get their own way yet again!
    Spineless FA just roll over to them and two fingers up at everyone else.