28 Nov 2011

IAN RUSH: "I believe in Andy Carroll, and so does Kenny..."

Legendary Liverpool manager Bob Paisley once said of Ian Rush: "He couldn't score a goal to save his life and what little self confidence he had started to seep away". It seems hard to imagine now, but Rushie had trouble settling in at Anfield, and it took him 8 games to score his first goal for he club. Paisley's quote could easily be applied to Andy Carroll at the moment, but Ian Rush is having none of it, and he is confident that the former Newcastle striker will come good.

Speaking in Dubai, where Rush is promoting Liverpool Football Clinics, Rush offered his emphatic support for the beleaguered striker, who had a great header saved in the final minutes of Sunday's draw with Man City:

"I believe in him. The manager believes in him. There will be a time probably this season when he will be needed. I’m sure he will come good for Liverpool.

“He is a young lad. He just moved. Everyone thinks it’s easy [to move] from North east to North west. It’s not that easy. He just needs time to settle in. It’s not about individuals.

“I think they got the right manager to coach him along there. Yeah it is a high price [to pay] but Andy Carroll didn’t ask for that. Basically Liverpool were quite prepared to do that.

“You have to be patient because Kenny will pick teams again certain opposition. He is not scared to change a winning team. He will sit down with his assistant Steve Clark and look at the opposition and decide who is the best team to play against them. If it’s Andy Carroll he will play him because he believes in him. We all believe in him"

Paisley also said the following about Rush:

"Once he started scoring he couldn’t stop. At first, they were all walloped in with his right foot. Then he got the odd one with left foot. Soon they they were going in so frequently with either foot that we couldn’t remember which was his strong one. Before we knew he was heading in goals like they were going out of fashion too".

It will be great if Liverpool fans are saying the same about Carroll at the end of the season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Let's give him a few more months before giving a verdict on Caroll. We are patient with Robbie keane, aren't we?

  2. I can't even start to comprehend what common is there between 'moving from North East to North West' and controlling the ball on a football pitch. Although, as mentioned in my recent comments, I believe Carroll will eventually come good.

  3. am more worried about Suarez and if he will stay by the way he is treaded by the refs life as a footballer is not all that long i think he should call it the day and go to italy...

  4. Carroll will come good and it would be a h..l lot easier if people would let him come good instead of the usual criticism