10 Nov 2011

DANIEL AGGER: "I am sad and frustrated about it..."

Over the last 5 years, Daniel Agger has (unfortunately) been one of Liverpool's most injured players, spending over 21 months on the sidelines. It's a shame because when he's fit and on form, Agger is arguably the club's most accomplished defender. Liverpool fans are understandably frustrated by his persistent injury problems, but not as frustrated at the man himself.

Agger recently labelled his teammates 'headless chickens' after the poor home performance against Swansea, and he was equally honest about his injury problems:

"I am the first to admit that I am sad and frustrated about it [the injuries]. It's a fight every time I have to get back [from injury], but it is always a good feeling to get back, and unfortunately I've had to try it a few times.

"I don't know how many games I've played but it's definitely not enough compared to the years I've been here. Hopefully I can get to the next 100 much quicker.

Despite the constant setbacks, Agger is positive about the future, and also believes that he has much more to offer Liverpool:

"I feel good now, and I felt good before I broke my ribs. I'm more happy now playing football than I've ever been, so the fight back to fitness has taken me to a good place.

"If I can get a year without injuries, I feel that I have a level that I haven't reached yet".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. And besides being really good player (in fact one of the few title-winning calibre players we have), he's been extremely loyal. Potential suitors might have been put off by his injuries, but his personal attitude (I remember his quote "I'm no quitter" during one of our several bad spells) is notable too.

  2. What a fantastic player!!!!!

  3. The injuries are a real shame BUT we cannot go on waiting for him to be available for every game.  A new pairing of CB's is required to forge a relationship and provide stability.  It's like the Ledley King scenario.  A great player, but may not be available for every game.  

    It pains me to say it, but i think it may be time to plan a back 4 without Agger....

  4. Why is there a spam ad on this page for joining Man Utd fan club? FFS.

  5. Dont be sad Agger. 21 months of injury to contend with. If Lucas can get games, you will always walk back into the first team with ease.

  6.  Your site has become a sad sad one... all you can do is pick up news bits from elsewhere n make em into an issue! How abt you genuinly providing insight or analysis into something which requires a great deal of effort into writing and reading as well!
    P.S.: I wish I could read some articles at Tomkins times... but they are paid.. :-(

  7. Lucas again! Dont understand how on every unrelated article every day you manage to sneak a jibe at Lucas Leiva... its a personal quest against a decent (would not say great) player who has shown a lot of guts to break into the first team.

    Just a thought, if you met Stevie G and asked who has been Liverpools best player - and he said last season it was Lucas (which he did say) , what would your response be to him?

  8. Class act, hope he can finally find an injury free run

    Who do you think Agger is referring to with the "headless chickens" comment?

  9. His defensive ability appears to have deteriorated imho and he gets turned a lot easier than previously. Hopefully an injury free run does seem him return to his previous levels and better...