4 Nov 2011

DALGLISH: "We lost out on the Champions League because of them..."

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has reiterated his frustration over the club's poor form last season against newly-promoted teams, arguing that bad results against the likes of Blackpool and West Brom cost Liverpool a coveted place in the Champions League.

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Speaking to LFC TV, Dalglish noted:

"Last year, I think we lost 4 and won 2 against the promoted teams; if that has been reversed, we would've made the Champions League".

The defeats against Blackpool (twice), Newcastle and West Brom were definitely low points in the season, but Dalglish is confident Liverpool won't be taking newly-promoted teams for granted any longer:

"Sometimes, because it's a newly promoted team, some people might take it for granted that we're going to get the three points. It's very important for us to get results against anybody; It doesn't matter if they've just come up or not".

Dalglish also urged fans to be patient during the game:

"We know it's going to be a difficult game. We need to be patient, and the supporters need to be patient and accept that there might be times in the game when they [Swansea] have possession".

I don't doubt it will be a difficult game, but after spending over £100m on players, Liverpool have to beat Swansea, and anything other than a win would be very disappointing.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. It was dissapointing to miss out last year, but equally understandable given a change in management and ownership, players etc. More importantly we need to finish in the top four this year by all means... Considering we have Man City and Chelsea twice after Saturdays fixture, we not only need the win but I think for confidence and momentum going into those games a convincing win against Swansea

  2. Hope we win tomorrow, Swansea have a dreadful away record this season.  That said, they play some neat pass and move football, expect a tough game for the reds.

  3. No point crying over split milk. We need to colect point from now on.

  4. I reckon Swansea will win and quite easily.

  5. press them strongly and we won't have to be too patient!