24 Nov 2011

DALGLISH: "They never spoke to me. I don't know anything about it..."

Lille President Michael Seydoux made clear earlier in week that the Ligue 1 club is interested in signing Joe Cole on a permanent basis. The former Chelsea midfielder has been in great form of late and a move would definitely make sense, but according to Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, nothing is happening re a potential transfer at the moment.

Seydoux described Cole as an 'important member of our team' adding:

"Even though he is currently Liverpool's player, it is not a certainty that he will leave us again at the end his (loan) contract. If he has a certain good feeling with Lille and we can make him an interesting offer, this is something that we will look into".

When asked about this in his press conference earlier today, Dalglish responded:

"They never spoke to me. I don't know anything about it. I know they won 2-0, and the wee man played well, but I think he's been playing well most of the time, so it's great for Joe that he's doing so well, but beyond that, I don't know about anything that's happened".

Dalglish claimed earlier in the season that he is regular contact with his loan players, but in Joe Cole's case, that doesn't seem to be true, as he revealed in an interview a few days ago:

"The last time I spoke to Kenny was just before I spoke to Lille; he wished me luck. He's a good man, and I only wish him success".

Cole joined Lille almost 3 months ago, so the lack of contact would seem to suggest that Dalglish is not overly interested in his progress. If he was, surely he would've been in contact at some stage, even if it was only to congratulate him on scoring a few goals?

This suggests to me that Dalglish would not stand in the way of Cole leaving, and that would seem to be the best option for everyone.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Why are all of your headline so misleading? Your grammar is terrible and your opinions are terrible too.