6 Nov 2011

KENNY DALGLISH blasts: "That's totally disrespectful..."

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has strongly refuted the possibility that his players underestimated Swansea.

In his post-match press conference, Dalglish was asked whether there was 'any sense in your team of underestimating the opposition?'.

Dalglish kept his obvious irritation with the question under control, and responded:

"That's totally disrespectful to our players, and I think that was covered before the game anyway".

I think it's a fair question to be honest. I doubt it would've come from Dalglish or the coaching staff, but it's possible that some of the players privately under-estimated Swansea, and were thus mentally unprepared for the game.

Kenny also refused to accept that the some of the crowd were booing at the end of the game.

He was asked: "Can you understand the crowd's frustration. They booed a little bit at the end". Dalglish wasn't having any of it:

"I don't think they did that. I never heard them. How many was it? Two people? Three? I don't think so. I bet you there were less booed than never booed."

If fans were booing at the end then that's a disgrace in my view, but typical of the fickleness of fans nowadays.

It was a bad result, but it's very far from being the end of the world.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. for what is worth penarol we went on a bad spell for 6 years and now we can't lose am not saying liverpool will be the same but if the boys don't play with some desperation not as if is a friendly cl wont come any time soon. very disappointed

  2. More worried as the games pass by. Our tactics really do look outdated, and
    lacking in any kind of clear idea or philosophy. Which has nothing to do with
    442 by the way, it's the space we are continually leaving between the lines. We
    don't move as a unit, players aren't aware of where to close down to cut off
    danger. I guess we need to be doing more than playing five-a-sides in training.

    Then there is the case of Charlie Adam. Someone I didn't see as a
    central midfielder at all, and someone who i thought, when he was bought, would
    be a handy squad player. Never imagined he'd be an automatic choice, and
    certainly not in the middle of the park. It was a naive notion, at best.

    We've gone about our transfer dealings all wrong too imo. It's grand
    buying for the future, but when you are spending £35m on a player, or £16 on a
    player, that player has to be for the here and now also. But so far, Carroll and
    Henderson have looked miles away from that.
    Even Downing, a 27 year old who
    cost £20m, looks decidedly average.

    All very kneejerk I know. But taking
    the 11 league games as a whole, we haven't got much of a chance of fourth.  Iike dalglish but i think in the main his signings especially in the summer have been dire. For the financial outlay i am disgusted with the return so far. All 3 midfielders who were brought in, downing,adam and henderson for 43M combined lack technical and offensive quality. I would be interested to hear your views Jaimie.

  3. Simple - £75m of English trash was a waste of money. Should have spent a third on Adam Johnson and the rest on two classy foreigners. But no... this ONLY happens at liverpool

  4. harsh but true im afraid

  5. Frankdunn your assertion that we lack technical ability is so true... this may be kneejerk but looking at the position Aresenal and Tottenham are now in... fans need to understand the consequences of not getting CL for the third year in a row... it is regression and the major worry in these situations is player retention / acquisition when we cannot provide top flight football. Fans mention the likes of Eden Hazard as if he would jump at the chance to play for Liverpool, but why would he? and equally do not acknowledge that Luis Suarez is not going to give us a number of years - I hate to say this but he is too good to be part of our team in the sense that he could easily walk into R. Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, etc if he wanted to.... no CL football will encourage this.

    We need 4th this year to attract better players to move forwards... Dalglish knows if he does make it to Europe he cannot play this team - never ever would we come away with a 0 - 0 playing like we did yesterday in the Champions League. 4th is a must

  6. What is up with you man...give the donkeys time to settle so that they become muuules

  7. What a complete shower of Cunts you are, not a genuine Red amongst you.

  8. The typical lot of doom mongers on here as usual FCKN Pathetic

  9. I dont often disagree with Kenny but I think its patently obvious that both our players & fans did take Swansea lightly .

    Its nothing new , we have been swanning around like a buncha fairys under the delusion we are still some kinda great team for years now , its not Kennys fault & I know he is aware of the problem & I know he has been addressing it behind the scenes .

    Fair question or not Kenny defended his players again , its what good leaders do & I cant imagine having stronger leadership .

    The Liverpool way is not to turn on yer own , wash yer dirty linen in public & sh!t on your own door step .

    The Liverpool way is to take care of business in a quiet , understated dignified & fair manner , then present the finished article in public with beaming & deserved pride .

    Maybe someday soon our fans will realize that there are no longer any easy games in Professional Football & that if we are going to win we need to roll up our sleeves , get our hands dirty & work like slaves & fight to the final whistle of each & every game .

    As soon as the fans accept that then the players they worship will react accordingly .

    Our tactics are sound .

    Our players are enjoying playing with each other & we are an improved outfit .

    We are not the finished article though & we need to be patient .

    However if we expect anytime soon to see Dalglish pander to the press & attack his own players to be seen personally in a more favorable light  ?

    Then we are going to be disappointed .

    Kenny see's the bigger picture & he never takes his eye off the ball , he is all about the club & the club comes 1'st before everything & everyone as far as he is concerned .

    I want to win the League more than anyone but I am realistic & smart enough to know that we are unlikely to do it with a squad as small as ours , as weak as ours , as newly put together as ours , as happy to lose together as ours .

    We havent been in the top 4 in 2 years & we arent even in Europe .

    Fact of the matter is we are simply a top 10 club now .

    If we get into Europe it will be an improvement .

    If we get into the top 4 & win a cup we will have overachieved .... for once .

  10. Our tactics are outdated and few players are below expectaton and 1 of them is Lucas.

  11. If I was Kenny I'd be more worried about the silence descending around Anfield that the Booing.
    The crowd don't like what they're seeing.

  12. Thats a ridiculous comment .

    This season we beat Arsenal away & held the reigning Champions to a draw comfortably with our supposedly out dated tactics .

    Last season we beat everyone who finished above us using the same supposedly outdated tactics .

    The problem is the pathetic & ridiculous attitude among the fans & players .

  13.  "The Crowd" accepts the facts .

    "The Reactionary’s" on the other hand might not .

    Either way I dont think Dalglish is worried about much & I dont think he should .

    If you are attempting to suggest that his job should be in danger ?

    Well I would agree with you 100% if I wanted us to become a relegation candidate .

    Otherwise I'd face the fact that it takes more than 11 games & 1 pre season for new owners & new management to make all your idiotic notions & delusions come to fruition .

  14. Ridiculous statement. Teams take time to gel. We are making more chances than any other side bar City. Put our early chances away and we beat Norwich and Swansea. Please stay calm and be patient; by the end of the season it will be a far better outcome than last year and we will be in the mix for 4th. Patience.

  15. Hi, Brehon Law

    I found your comments are always offensive and harsh to people. And most importantly, you're being delusional, last season we were beaten by Tottenham and only managed to draw with Arsenal under King Kenny. If you are going to mock people, at least get your facts straight here.

    The Arsenal we beaten this season is an incomplete team and yes, credits to Kenny, we were able to hold reigning Champions to a draw. But I would like to point out here, the players performing in a single game does not change the fact that we are often outclassed by other opponent in the tactic compartment.

    In fact, we can roughly see the tactical approach Kenny would like to adopt in his transfer activities before the season. He had given time and money to buy players who he thought is suitable for his game plan that he is going to adopt on the pitch. But unfortunately, up until now, he had failed miserably by all of his summer signings except Enrique. Take a look at their performance now.

    In addition, his limited tactical knowledge had been proven in the Stoke, Tottenham, Swansea plus some boring drawn games. Ineffective and late substitutions, lack of adaptability to produce alteration on counter tactic, poor decisions on the starting line-up. And I won't blame all the fault on the attitude of the players. Look at Carroll, clearly he is not been using well under the Kenny. His movement is so stiff, inability to find space, ending up playing on the flanks sometimes while he can't dribble or make the final pass to the final third. I agree his work rate might not be the best in the squad like Kuyt, but still the fact he is underperforming in Liverpool is mainly because of the King is misusing him on the pitch.

    I just hope Kenny can find a way to activate the players' potential and push the player to their limit. During Rafa's time, we had 'never say die' attitude but we only have that attitude on the final 5 minutes during Swansea. I hope to see that Liverpool again.

  16.  Hi Yingxian1122 ,I fail to see how anyone can find my comments offensive & the fact you havent managed to name one in particular leads me to doubt the sincerity of your claimed upset .The rest of your post I found very difficult to understand & I'm afraid I lost patience & gave up trying .Perhaps English isnt your 1'st language & if it isnt ? Then I applaud your effort , it was very good but sadly I am not skilled enough or patient enough to devote my time to your efforts .

  17. Second that.....Agree 100%

  18. Well, your right about one thing, Kenny doesn't care what you and I think.

    However did you see John Henry in the crowd...you know, the owner.
    I wonder what he was thinking while watching that dismal performance after the 100m he spent ??

    But yeah, your probably right, nothing to worry about there...

  19. It goes something like this,....Eh judge me after 10 games......eh noo noo, I need 10 weeks......eh eh noo noo noo wtf, make that 10 month's.

    After King Kenny/Comolli  spending over 80mil on british shite!, WTF do we expect???.

  20. Now you are trying to put words in my mouth .

    I didnt say that Dalglish doesnt care about what we think , in fact if I were to comment on that I'd say that the man is magnificent in the amount he does care , its beyond me because I couldnt ever see myself being as decent a human being as he is .

    Dalglish has nothing to worry about because he knows exactly what he is delivering he knows exactly how long its likely to take & he knows there are very few if any at all who can do a better job for us than he can , he would never have come out of retirement otherwise .

    If JW Henry or anyone else disagrees then they are free to do so , that wont change Kenny in any way shape or form , it will only weaken the club & that will injure us all .

    With that said I noticed tha fine lookin dolly bird on JW's arm & me being a kinda smooth man me'self with tha wimin I can tell ya that a fella his age with a looker like that on his arm isnt afraid of spending a penny or two for something he likes tha look of .

    Expect eye watering amounts of cash to be spent in tha very near future .

  21. if you all remember last year at this time lp were in 12th place or worse so lets give kenny some much needed time on this and we should see improvement, the only thing that bothers me is luis he seems to be mentally and physically tired...
    we need him here in Uruguay for the qualifiers hope he is more then ready.  

  22. British Shite ya say ?

    I'd agree with ya if I were an pig ignorant drunken bog hopper , but thankfully I am not & I accept the fact that Liverpool Football Club happen to be based in , of all places , Britain & I am not a complete hypocrite & an embarrassment to my country & therefore respect that fact , especially when I attend games , in of all places , Liverpool , in Britain .

    Should you ever venture outside yer 2 horse town & its local bar where you view the games on satellite tv with blurry eyes & drunken comments ?

    I suggest you do the same before you embarrass us all .


  23. I agree with most of what you are saying, but, if we keep buying very AVERAGE and OVERPRICED players, mentioning no names, but constituting of the last four signings!, than I regret to say that, it is not QUALITY we're signing but QUANTITY!. There I feel better now :-)

  24. Well said Artigas .

    I wouldnt worry too much about Suarez tho , he is an excellent professional & a clean living boy , he wont let ya down .

  25. Brehon Law

    'Otherwise I'd face the fact that it takes more than 11 games & 1 pre season for new owners & new management to make all your notions & delusions come to fruition'.???....

    hmm, eh how about....eh give me 10 games......eh noo,noo, I meant 10 weeks...........eh noo,noo,noo, wtf, make that 10 month's...and on an on an on...yawn!.

  26. remember to all of you in life you shouldn't kick a man when his down as some of you are doing including the media cuz it could happen to you, i know the old saying is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY but when you are one of the top horses of the epl everyone wants to go at you...
    Brehon what's your prediction on lp, mine is top 4 at the end of a long season.

  27. Brehon Law

    YOU really need to stop, smelling beans!, and get your head out your a*s*.

  28. 'in any way shape or form' you say?....you're even beginning to sound like Kenny himself. Are you sure?, you are who you say you are???

  29.  What did I just tell you boy ?!

  30.  Tell me what ya think after ya start shaving or the season is completed , whichever comes first .

  31.  How about you either make sense or give up posting nonsense when yer drunk ?

  32.  My prediction is top 5 & 2 semifinals .

    My expectation is is top 2 & a Cup .

    My hope is a League , League Cup & an FA Cup treble with Luis Suarez & Andy Carroll joint top Scorers in England !

  33. i think luis is not happy with kenny cuz he is not playing coatez after all luis had a lot to do with his signing. good luck to you on your prediction.

  34. Well well well Brehon Law.....Ya? been watching too much yankee footy, no?

  35. Cheerleader? ya?..........I think we just spotted a wan*ker from ya cowboys, who knows sweet FA about football!!!

  36. Cheerleader?, Ya?, Yer?....I think we just spotted an ....imposter here. :-)

  37. Does that mean I'm not your friend anymore?, Brehon Law, cause if I thought that I wasn't your friend anymore, I think that I would kill myself :-)) 

  38.  What are you slabberin about now ?

  39.  I think you spotted at least two if the alcohol fumes coming off yer posts are anything to go by .

  40.  I think if Luis or any other player is not happy then he should make a transfer request .

  41. Highly strung arent ya ?

    A wee bit over the top , dont ya think ?

    Calm down .

  42.  Thats for me to know & for you to find out .

  43. Oh Brehon , Brehon , Brehon , when will you ever learn to punctuate ?

  44. Oh Brehon , Brehon , Brehon, I marvel at the manner in which you sweep the dirt under the carpet . Is "Ostrich" your middle name ?

  45. Brehon, I conclude from your comment that English is your first language. Can you offer an explanation as to the manner in which you punctuate your sentences?

  46. My hope is that you learn to punctuate correctly.

  47.  Cry out my name some more & I might consider tellin ya .

  48. My hope is some kind hearted man gives you a job as a secretary & that you stop followin me around like a bad smell with spell checking ability’s .

  49. Patience? I am patient for 3 years now, and? Did any one of you see any improvement? I am getting really frustrated as lots of fans i guess. Rafa was bad some of you were saying, no money for transfers, new owners, new players???Everything has change but not the game. We play even worse than before. I don't see any bright point. We will have difficulties to attract real good players who wants to play more competitive football. Plus there will be difficult to persuade the ones we have when they face a good offer and clubs who are playing in CL. So? Even writing comments and reading articles and blogs all day long makes me tired. I don't get the thrill before kick off because i am thinking about new embarrassing match  that is coming.

  50. I second you on that...Lucas=Crap...I still don`t understand what some  stupid fans find good in him. It`s obvious they never played football in their lives.

  51. DaveWestAus; I agree with most of what you say,however I personally have expected and forecast that KK does not have the tactical knowledge to make the team work better together! The new players where panic buys - they had to buy British asap??? Torres should never have been sold - he was promissed the club would buy better and became dissillusioned.That is why he decided he wanted out - whilst at the same time the new owners were looking to cash in on him.They want to buy cheap/young,but it will never work without also buying some quality players who have better ball skills! LFC don't have more than 2/3 players with good ball control.
    I forecast that KK would not succeed,and I am even more convinced I am correct! I loved him as a player but to me he has done very little as a manager!  I wish Benitez had been given a chance with the same amount money available ! I would like to see him come back !!

  52. Another british a$#hole who can barely speak his language let alone any other, trying to castigate someone because of his written English. The guy probably know's how to speak in 4 different languages and your slating him for some grammer mistakes??  Take your head out the sand brehon ostrich Law and have a look at the rest of the world. You might realise how full of sh!t you are!!

  53. Adam Johnson is another Babel or Diouf,greedy, trying to prove himself(not a team player),who runs around in circles and never makes progress!

  54. This site never fails to amuse me after a poor result, some peoples ideas on here are laughable. People who think that a great team can be built overnight and that new players will all hit the group running because of the price a club paid for them, remember Ronaldo took 2 years before he started looking anything like the palyer he is today, heck i can remember his being called a one trick pony with his stepovers. Kenny and the players know the results havent been good enough and they will be working hard to rectify this.

  55. Playing desperate is what Liverpool did against Swansea. Gave the ball away constantly because no player was calm enough to have a level head. Adam, Carroll and Downing can't handle the pressure to win. 

  56. Look this team doesn't look like it has what it takes. If Carroll finished his chance like a 35 million striker, Liverpool would have won the game. Why did he think he needed to smash it. He was unmarked, and could have easily placed it. >:O

    This brings out the second weakness, if you cannot score early you will never score later especially when players like Adam disappear under pressure. >:O

    Downing made some good runs in this game and looked a little more lively, but his end product is nowhere worth 20 million. >:O

    Suarez had an off game to his own standards; where does that leave Liverpool? A below average performance against a newly promoted team at home. :|  

    There has been no chance for Maxi in the team, he hasn't been getting much game time so how rusty is he going to be now. :( 

    Henderson is getting ruined the same way Babel did but Babel was doing a better job!!!

    I've commented before, Agger can agree with me also, that Liverpool look like headless chickens. Although this comment can be hypocritical because who was the headless chicken to miss an open header :P

    I don't understand all these chance creation pointers people are talking about. People need to understand who it was that created most of these chances, and the players that are not good enough to finish these chances. 

    Torres and Meireles should never have left, Meireles was undervalued (hense not offered an improved contract) and Torres wanted Champions League football (The best players are not always the ones that want to play for the badge). Liverpool got rid of these players on foolish pride, any fan will tell you that the only decent young British players out there are Bale, Adam Johnson, Smalling, Kelly, Wilshere, Jones, Welbeck, Henderson (if used right MAYBE). 

    Liverpool lack the composure to win games, the creativity and skill to win games, the "players" to win games. 

  57. Wow...Never thought I'd say this so soon but we really do need to seriously think about what we are doing as a team...We're slowly looking like also-rans. Watched the game on Saturday and couldn't believe how much space we were leaving them (Swansea)TBH, they looked more looked top 4 quality than we did. What's becoming even more worrying is that Suarez is quite obviously the 'only' attacking threat. Even though I was originally very pro Carroll I can now 'finally' see why all my mates have been slagging him off. Suarez didn't have his best game on Saturday but Carroll didn't do himself any favours with his miss (On his favoured left foot!) Even though we're only 11 games in.... Is there really gonna be much of an improvement in results with this set of players? Apart from Reina, Suarez, Agger and Enrique (who has been a revelation by the way and a snip at 6 mil) I can't really see much chance of a top 4 finish. I may be premature in my assessment but sorry, I find the fact that 2 of the 3 promoted teams coming to Anfield and gaining points completely unacceptable, why aren't Maxi Kuyt and Bellamy getting starting places? Every time Bellamy has played he has looked a threat! Look at the impact Maxi had at the end of the season... Even in the Carling cup! (Rant almost over) English, British UK players DON'T WIN LEAGUES! World class one's do! Case n point, when's the last time England or any home nation won the world cup.....Our survey says .... Our spending has been a joke (Getting rid of dead wood to bring in new dead wood) 35 mil for Carroll? Wow that mean that messi is literally priceless! Rant over! Sorry

  58. I was at the  game, Liverpool were quite honestly woeful, two weeks ago we played Norwich, we drew, but the difference was we created 27 chances, about half of which could and should have been converted.
    On saturday we created a few chances which we again should have converted, again sadly they were not.
    The difference between the 2 games was against Norwich we pressed, we passed well, we attacked with a swagger, this was all missing against Swansea.
    Our passing was woeful, the team selection at the start was wrong, Henderson is not and never will be a right sided midfielder/winger.
    Glen Johnson is not our best right back at the moment Kelly is. The decision to play them both nullified our right side as an attacking unit for 45 minutes.
    Johnson would have been better on the right of midfield with Kelly behind him.
    Our left hand side fared much better, Enrique has got to be the snip of the season. Downing in my opinion is flattering to decieve at the moment, there are a few moments of brilliance, but not enough, and he is being outshone by Enrique.
    The rest of the defense if good, i prefer Agger and Skrtel at the back.
    Center mid is a problem at Adam and Lucas are not the fastest, and our attackers were often isolated waiting for support from midfield.
    Its no use getting in behind teams and there are not enough bodies in the box when the cross comes in.
    And that brings me to our crossing, at times on Saturday it was dire. Balls that did not beat the first man and far too many that beat everyone.
    Oh and there was a few senseless booing. Which was dissapointing but hey you pay your money, and this is the type of fan populating Andfield these day, but thats another debate.
    I'm sure things will improve, but Kenny does need to look at his team selection and tactics.

  59. all of  ya r as shittty as liverpool players.f**k u all,and get agrip.

  60. when we beat stoke in the carling cup, we looked a better team than the teams that get put out in the prem.

    spearing brought some much needed energy and movement to the midfield. 

    Maxi, kuyte and suarez look good together, the are technically better at picking passes in the last third. 

    The problem we have at the moment is there is no competition for places in the first team. On paper, there is, but the fact is henderson, adams, johnson and downing have not earned the right to be first choice, they have not shown they are better than what we have on the bench or in the squad. 

    till we get back to basics of earning your place in the team by producing the goods on the pitch, as apposed to being picked because you are the new managers player. 

    out of all the players we have bought, only enrique has earned his place in the team.

    it alright saying at the end of the season we will be there or there about for 4th, this season, 4th is the minimum required to keep Reina, suarez and the like   

  61. so basically anyone but kenny interviews are boring all i hear "is credit to the club" and when hes asked for an opinion or the interview gives an opinion he goes crazy any way footballs changed and he heasnt simple, got luky wiv blackburn his gtram was built wiv liverpool and he was awful wiv celtic he needs to leave a legend he is but manager in 2011 for liverpoolfc ? NO his buys i wont even blame for because im pretty sure comolli was parly responsible but the results havent been good ebough simple as if rafa had the money kenny had then we would be looking at sum top quality players at liverpool rite now nd im not even a fan of rafaa !!!! but i can admit the truth

  62. I totally agreed that KD wasted all the money on "very AVERAGE" players.  I am prety tired watching Liverpool's games.  The owners may need to consider if KD is really suitable to manage Liverpool.  I think it may really be a challenge for Liverpool to achieve a 4th - 5th placing.  Sigh, I started with such high hopes but always doubtful on the players KD bought!! He should be barred from buying "very AVERAGE" players at inflated price!!!

  63. I agree with Davey boy here , he is on tha ball .

    Adam Johnson like 99% of the City squad is merely a second rate player who was never good enough to be 1'st choice at any genuinely competitive big Club , its why City got him , he is an over paid over hyped average player .

    The only genuinely decent player City have hates the club , hates the manager & cant wait to get away from them .

    They are called "The Bin Dippers" because they went out & bought all the rubbish all the genuinely big clubs disregarded as rubbish .

    Their manager is a fake , his tactics are school boyish at best , perhaps because of the standard of player at his disposal but besides that there isnt a week goes  by he isnt in the newspapers fighting with his own players .

    If it isnt Dzeko , its their drug cheat centre back , or Tevez or that charity case Ballotelli .

    Johnson = Dung .

    Mancini + Platt = Dung

    Man City = Dung .

    The wheels are about to come off their season , just you wait & see , we have their number & we have a far higher pedigree of player than them & just like we knocked Chelski out last season & sent them on a losing streak by showing the rest of the Premier League how to get at em , we are going to do tha same to the over hyped , over paid , under talented City .

  64. Who rattled your cage ?

    Its not my fault he speaks 4 languages badly & doesnt have the good sense to concentrate on one .

    He could be mentally handicap for all you kno & I politely told him I'm not qualified to deal with special needs people & or goofy foreigners lookin for someone to devote time to them learning tha lingo .

    As for me being British , you know nothing about me , who I am or where I am from so keep yer arrogant pig ignorant , bog hopper assumptions to yerself .

  65. From what I can understand from that jumbled mess ? I agree 100% ... I think .

    Kenny is without doubt the best manager working in Europe today & in terms of Football knowledge there is only Cryuff & Platinni who can seriously rival him .

  66. i played this sport my friend and i know when to pull my socks up and play with so dignity...adam don't cut it his too slow and not mean enough.

  67. Egotistical "I'm Better Than Kenny Dalglish" Drivel ^^^

  68. Sorry Kenny but what is disrespectful is the way these British players treat Liverpool. I think their over inflated price tags has lead to over inflated egos. The only players showing passion for Liverpool are the foreign players - Agger, Suarez, Reina, Skirtel, Lucas and Enrique!
    You were so quick to get rid of Torres and Meireles because "they didn't want to be here" the truth is that they did want to be at LFC but they wanted to win. Maybe we should be trying to keep the players with winning ambition rather then showing them to door.

  69. Brehon - As I've requested before, please refrain from slagging off other posters. If you think the post is 'drivel', then argue against it.

  70.  A sensible respectable comment by a supporter who is a credit to our club ^^^

  71. For 43m you swap them all for David Silva!

  72.  Did I fall asleep & miss the season ending ?

    Keep yer knickers on & quit yer panicking wee girl .

  73.  Consider it an opening salvo & get yer itchy trigger finger away from yer gun Arnie , I'm nobodys mother & its unfair ov you to expect me to be .

    If they like me are fool enough to express a comment publicly then they have to be aware that no one is bound to agree with them , least of all me .

    N'est Pas ?

    They aired their view , I cast doubt upon it with my summary inviting them to defend it , and awaited their reply , what else could I do ?