23 Nov 2011

CRAIG BELLAMY: I wish Liverpool had signed this player...

Liverpool have lost out on many great players over the years for a variety of reasons but there is one player most fans - including Craig Bellamy - would agree is the proverbial 'one that got away'.

That player is Danish maestro Michael Laudrup. Liverpool had two chances to sign this footballing magician (1983 and 1989) but failed on both occasions, and Bellamy is still gutted about it:

"My biggest regret is that the club didn't sign Michael Laudrup when they had the chance. They should've got that deal done, but they didn't"

Liverpool may have missed out on Laudrup, but Bellamy believes the club now has a player who is very similar to him:

"Luis Suarez fits into that mould. He's just made for Liverpool, and that number 7 shirt is made for him".

What Might Have Been: No 6 - Michael Laudrup: The greatest player never to play for Liverpool FC?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. zzzzzzzzzzz..... ancient history. What a yawn.

  2. No, Maradona was the best player we could of but never did sign

  3. Totally agree with Bellamy here

    I saw a Laudrup documentary a while back, he was all set to move to us on a 3 year deal, then Liverpool changed the terms to a 4 year deal and he told us to piss off

    Big mistake

  4. Really!! also missed out on pele, eusebio, guillit, van basten

  5. Eric Cantona would have won Liverpool the title

  6. At that time, Laudrap didn't want to come to Liverpool just like this French guy, David Trazeguet that Houllier wanted to buy. At that time we had Jan Molby and MU had Jesper Olsen, all Danes.

  7. We could recently have bought Dani Alves, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Silva as well but failed to to so. If we had all 3 together with the squad at that moment in time, who knows what could have happened

  8. Laudrup DID want to come, but as it was said earlier, Liverpool changed the deal from 3 to 4 years. And they didn't change his salary. It was his father that stopped the deal ... Laudrup was pictured in magazines with the Liverpool shirt on... he was ready, but it didn't happen... shame!