5 Nov 2011

GILLESPIE: "Luis Suarez is like a God in Liverpool right now..."

Former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie has refuted suggestions that there will negativity around Anfield as a result of the controversies currently enveloping star-striker Luis Suarez.

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In recent weeks, the Uruguayan has been hit by a triple-whammy of accusations, with Manchester United's Patrice Evra alleging racial abuse, and both Sir Alex Ferguson and West Brom's Paul Scharner accused him of diving.

Such accusations would weigh heavily on anyone's shoulders, but despite the maelstrom of negativity swirling around him, Suarez continues to perform at the highest level for Liverpool.

Gillespie is confident, however, that this will have no impact on the atmosphere around Anfield:

"I don't think there will be any negativity around Melwood or the training ground whatsoever.

"I think Kenny Dalglish appreciates what Luis Suarez brings to the team, as do all Liverpool supporters, and that's all Kenny will be concerned about, and that's all Luis Suarez needs to be concerned about.

"He's working for LFC; it's as simple as that. It doesn't matter what some journalist says about him down in London, or the Midlands, or Manchester, or the North-East.

"He is like god in this city at this moment in time, and rightly so because his performances have been absolutely sensational since he's come to the club".

Gross hyperbole aside (!), let's hope Gillespie is right. The last thing Liverpool need is for Suarez to suffer a slump in form.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Those who accuse Suarez of diving are sour grapes. It is also an insult to the referees.

  2. I dont think Suarez's performances will be effected, he has dealt with controversy previously probably on a grander scale (handball and biting incident), that said I hope players / managers / the press do not elaborate on the diving accusations as it may lead to issues with key decisions in future matches.

    Annoyed Alex Ferguson had the cheek to openly label him a diver considering past and current players at Man Utd, I admit sometimes he is theatrical when he goes down but I dont think he dives - the last thing we want is for the referees to carry that conception into matches

  3. Just quite clear he was very clever to win the penalty against WBA. Call him dive, is ridiculous.

  4. am sure luis wont duel over his past to much good or bad, the man wants to build something there in liverpool not worry about any media or people.
    i will know this week how luis is doing we are playing chile for the qualifiers...
    lp they need a mid fielder enough said.