10 Nov 2011

AGENT: Alberto Aquilani 'on schedule' for a permanent move...

Alberto Aquilani's agent Franco Zavaglia has confirmed that a permanent move from Liverpool to AC Milan is still very much on the cards for the Italian midfielder.

Speaking to calciomercato.it, Zavaglia revealed:

"Everything is on schedule. He [Aquilani] has still not proved his value, but he is giving his best, and I am sure that with his attributes and qualities, he will only get better|.

"He is quietly going about his business at Milan, and accepts the situation with great serenity."

The Rossoneri can make Aquilani's move permanent if he makes at least 25 appearances for them this season. So far, Aqua has made 14 appearances, scoring 1 goal and creating 6.

Imagine if those 6 assists had come at Liverpool this season; we'd probably be top of the league right now (though I understand that he wanted to leave, so it's a moot point).

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. A player who never should have been let go. By far our best and most creative player and we release him. Guaranteed same player, born in Rotherham or somewhere else in this country, would be playing for us every game.

  2. At the under 21 Euros in Holland a few years back 4 players impressed me, Chiellini, Drenthe, Babel and Aquilani - the latter two should have worked out better for us but I think with Aquilani he did not adapt to the life here and had a personal preference to play back home in Italy so not much could have been done which is a shame as he is a very good player on his day.

  3. A good player and a great pity that he can't settle in England!!!

  4. another great buy by RAFA

  5. Everybody keeps saying that 'he wanted to go' but everything that actually came out of Aquilani's mouth was totally contradicts this stance.

    Aquilani would've stayed and done his best for us if we'd showed any interest in keeping him. Simple as. Unfortunately a couple of poor showings surrounding his MOTM performances in pre-season weren't enough to convince our management that he was a better short term option than his counterparts that underwhelmed in pretty much every match they played in those same teams...

    Of course ANY player would be happy to play for a top team in his own country, rather than be a squad player for a fallen giant in a foreign country, so the fact that he was happy upon confirming the move does not prove anything.

  6. Almost ANYBODY would prefer to play for a top team at home if given the chance.

    And there was a lot that Liverpool could've done irt Aquilani - either show him that he was wanted at the club, or demand a fair transfer fee from any club wanting to take him. We did neither.

  7. Aquaman had a public voice and a private voice about his preferences. He prefers Italy!

  8. i can recall dalglish saying " we couldn't fit him in" We have gerrard in that position but he can fit in adam downing henderson and carroll stupid keey dalglish he has lost the plot got rid of mereiles i know for certain they pushed him out the door he better but class in january or john henry should show him the door 

  9. You were party to his 'private voice' though right?

  10. Ali2mart555- is your post a word puzzle where you have to match the words?

  11. Strange sentence

    "Imagine if those 6 assists had come at Liverpool this season; we'd probably be top of the league right now"

    An assist occurs when another player converts the goalscoring chance the would be assistor creates, therefore assists as a stat are very misleading in my opinion

    Opta look at shot assists, ie chances created, not assists

    We have hit the woodwork 14 times this year, and we have only scored 14 goals!!

    So we are not converting the chances created, so Aqua's would be assists may have been missed meaning he only would have shot assists, which we have oodles of c.70 between Suarez, Adam and Downing alone

    These stats are so misleading, if quarter of chances that Downing has created had been put away, he looks like he's doing great

    Our problem is not having a poacher who will finish off the chances or show some imaginative movement like Chicarito..........

    I said before that a loan deal for Anelka in January might do it or the latest mind blowing rumours of David Villa (not likely I'll admit)

    We need a real goal poacher......

  12. Spin it whatever way you like, Simon - the bottom line is Aqulani has created 6 goals; Downing hasn't. The bad luck excuse can only be used for so long.

  13. you have missed the part out about his wife and child being in Italy in the same interview, and it was difficult for him.

  14. i really wanted aqua to work, but for various reasons it didnt. 
    surely, though we need to compare adam to aqua and not downing to aqua due to the fact that adam and aqua play in the same position. alternatively, we could also compare suarez to aqua if they both play in the hole. 

    anyway, downing has created multiple chances in half the games this season. he has hit the woodwork i think three times so far as well. admittedly he has lost belief, but the king has faith in him and plays him week in week out. this is the way in which he will get over his slump and will prove the naysayers wrong. 

  15. What a pity he was not give the chance to show his worth at Anfield, instead Lucas was selected who to my mind is a handicapped player. Aqualani was bought to replace Alonso but in the end it did not happen.