24 Oct 2011

SUAREZ-EVRA: "I’m as angry now as I was at the time of my incident..."

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore is disappointed with the way Liverpool and Manchester United have handled the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra situation, and questions whether either club really wants to get to the bottom of the issue.

Collymore argues Liverpool and United have too easily accepted their players' versions of events, and that there may be an ulterior motive behind this:

"With Evra and Suarez, the thing that is most disappointing of all is that Liverpool and Manchester United have just accepted their players’ version of events without question or investigation.

"They have both completely backed them. It shows that when there are ­financial assets at stake, racism and morals go completely out of the window.

"Evra claims this word from Suarez was said 10 times – and that is ­systematic racial abuse if it is true. At the very least, Liverpool and United should be starting an investigation".

"When you’re talking about the value of Suarez and Evra, their fees and wages, does either club really want to get to the bottom of a racism campaign or are they simply ­protecting their assets?"

In 1998, Collymore was involved in a similar situation with former team-mate Liverpool Steve Harkness, and it's clear that he still feels aggrieved that the situation was not taken more seriously:

"I’m as angry now as I was at the time of my incident. The fact we have a similar talking point some 13 years on shows nothing has changed at all.

"And the thing that really gets my goat is that we have had the Kick It Out campaign, with people wearing badges and T-shirts.

"Unless we are serious about doing something about this, that initiative is not worth the paper it is written on".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. What's to investigate ,Collymore ?It's one players word against another players word without any video or impartial evidence. When one of those players has a history of playing his victim status card  more than once it is telling me it's a none event.There is a racist under every bed for some and the subject gives professional  blacks like Collymore a platform that they dont deserve

  2. You can still find reports about the Collymore and Harkness incident and they met behind close doors a month after the incident but niether would back down and the PFA Chairman Gordon Taylor said he was n't happy with the situation, Harkness was taking it seriously with his lawyer but Collymore had his agent!
    Same problem here no one else heard it but Evra is saying he was abused ten times by Suarez, there is no video or sound evidence to back up Evra but I am sure someone could have lip read or heard Suarez in the penalty area.
    Collymore nearly broke Harkness leg in the next game they played against each other and Harkness was carried off bet Collymore won't be discussing or appologizing for that.

  3. Evra was so incensed by the N word that was said 10 times, that he waited until 20 minutes after the match had finished to report it to the ref.
    Why not report it after the first time he heard it?
    Why has no camera or mic picked it up?
    Why ha no lip reading expert confirmed they saw it?
    Why has no team mate said they heard it too?
    No-one in the crowd (that was close enough to the incident) nor the linesman or ref heard it.
    Add the that the previous form of Evra playing the so called race card and it points to the fact he was just done for skill time and time again and didn't like it and couldn't handle it.

    Maybe the N word he is referring to is the word nutmeg, which is what has made him mad.  Suarez was doing him for skill over and over again :-)

  4. What do u expect the clubs to do??? There is no proof of either story, nothing to back their stories up and no witnesses

  5. I think John Terry is guilty as seen on TV, at no time did TV pick-up anything said '10 times' by Suarez. It is interesting to see that the media are spinning the John Terry incident, apparently it was taken out of context??????, Oh really!!!!!. Did Terry say it?, yes he did!!!!!!

    Evra has provided not a single shred of evidence to support his claim, yet it seems like everyone wants to find Suarez guilty, as it will help this 'kick it out' campaign. Well only if Suarez was guilty?, otherwise it is a witch-hunt regarding Suarez???.

    Let's see what happens to the England Captain????, I bet not a lot as it was 'out of context'. The footage is there regarding Terry unlike the Evra rubbish, 10 times he was abused yet nobody heard or suspected anything at the time, Sky could not find anything to support Evra, at all...........!!!!!

  6. The legal right of an individual to express themselves far out weighs the oppressive political attempts of genetic aliens who have no physical or spiritual connection to the genetic territory to gain preferential treatment within a civilized society & culture  they have contributed nothing of value to .

    Stan Collymore is a disgrace as a man , not a man of a certain race but as a man , he publicly beat up Ulrika Johnson in a bar & also publicly exposed his sexual "Peeping Tom" perversions in numerous car parks among groups of other creepy perverted "Peeping Toms" .

    Yet & all because his skin pigmentation is in the minority in Northern Europe we are expected take his worthless opinions seriously ?

    Gimme a Break !

    Collymore should have been locked up for his behavior & as such deserves all the respect we should give any other racist who beats up women of a particular race & then publicly indulges his perverted sexual pleasures in public .

  7. Even if Evra wasnt already a proven lying dishonest rat ?

    "Sticks & Stones will break yer bones but names will never hurt you"

    He needs to toughen up & quit being such a lady boy princess looking for everything to be handed to hom on a silver platter without having to honestly earn it .

  8. John Terry has just as much right to express his emotions in the workplace as everyone else .

    Or did I miss the bit where he attacked somebody because of their Religious , Political or Philosophical beliefs & or their Ethnicity or Race ?

  9. lol stan collymore, the dogger, or the female beater, lol, what a joke, he is the kate price of footie, jump on the bang wagon, 
    glass houses, rocks,

  10. Collymore talking about morals? He battered a defenceless woman in a bar in Paris.

    Dear God. Collymore is utter vermin.

  11. I believe the LFC statement read that they will give the FA their 100 % cooperation in the investigation. It would be rather odd if Liverpool chose to side with Evra when it's his word against Suarez's word.

    You all know the melody:

    Patrice Evra is full of sh*t. Patrice Evra is full of sh*t.
    He's full of sh*t, sh*t and more sh*t.
    Patrice Evra is full of sh*t.

  12. colly, wind ye neck in...........you love  the sound of ye own bromy voice.........give it a rest. u ruin talk sport

  13. Collymore is pathetic

    He wasted his own talent and one assumes most of his earnings also

    The FA is investigating the claims as per their own processes. End of

  14. LOL,

    You lot make me sick !
    If proven in Evra case and in Terry lets see how many of you say they should be banned!
    In 2011 when the most powerful man on the planet is Black ( Obama,before you say his mixed race he counts himself as Black), you think this if true is acceptable.
    Personally if anyone called me the N word to my face I smash there faces in.
    If Black players started doing that on the pitch it would stop or better still walk off.
    Black players,represent England & captained England.
    How many of you challenge the quiet latent racism at work?..In the Pub?..etc?

    It starts at home people and judging by what I've read none you understand that.

  15. Personally I'd expect the club to respect the manhood of the players & keep its nose out of an ALLEGED verbal altrcation between two grown men who are both of sound body & mind .

    Just coz Evra is a sissy doesnt mean the clubs have to wear womens underwear too .

    Keep old woman floppy bosoms outa mens sport is the Batle Cry of the Kop !

  16. I think Collywobble is trying to cover his shame by attempting to convince us he isnt a creepy drug taking racist woman beating sick pervert who hasnt re invented himself as "The guy who courts controversy"  in ordr to misdirect the public .

    Its a pathetic double bluff by a reprehensible low life scumbag who I wouldnt personally allow near animals let alone defenceless women & children .

    I feel sick to my stomach just talking about him & now I want to bring back hanging .

    You disgust me Collymore !

  17. You have issues!!!!!!

  18. Och now Gano , behave yerself !Cant you see that the lady has had her feelings hurt & needs a strong man to govern her before her emotions get tha better of her ?

  19. If what is "proven" ?
    Worst case scenario ?That one foreign national of a particular race expressed himself emotionally toward another foreign national who happened to be from another particular place while both of them of their own free will were attending their place of work which they were free to leave at anytime ?That is all & everything that can be possibly "proven" .Perhaps you think foreign nationals should have no right to express their emotions while in this country ?Or perhaps you think only certain races should be allowed to express themselves ?Your hypocrisy is astounding .Perhaps its a coincidence that the world has fallen into an economic recession almost as soon as Obama was elected & maybe it isnt but for me his role in American life only proves how stable they are structured politically that even he or an old whining woman like Hillary Clinton could be elected & not run them into the ground , although Obama seems to be trying his best to prove that theory wrong .He has also ordered the execution of American citizens without trial or any form of due process of law .Progress perhaps in third world eyes ?But in European eyes its beyond appalling , its outright primitive  .Also you claim you would smash the face of anyone who called you "the N Word" is that anyone who isnt the same of race as you or just anyone ?Answer that one way & you are a clueless hypocrite .Answer it the other way & you are a racist .So according to you certain races should be treated different than others which leads me to conclude you are in favor of apartheid & or social segregation ?If you or anyone within the black community's within any of the European country's which have given them refuge & asylum from the shit holes they originate from have never called a Scot a Jock , an Irishman a Paddy , a Welshman a Taffy , a Chinese man a Chink , an Asian a Paki or a white man a cracker or snowflake then you would at least have a moral point in principle , however you can not make that claim therefore you like Collymore haven't got a leg to stand on .Fact of th matter is you are biting the hand that feeds you .Fact of the matter is America only elected Obama to encourage certain ethnicity's to at least attempt to live like decent human beings & play an active contributory role within the society they are leeching mercilessly upon .Take that how you may & do with it what thou wilt .

  20. Why do you have to discredit Collymore's comments by bringing up his off field antics?  

  21. Collymore is a racist? has this been proven, and bring back 'hanging'? you need to calm down pal.

  22.  It was proven to me when after punching Ulrika Johnson in the face & kicking her on the ground he then spat on her as she lay there unconscious & bleeding as he called her a white bitch .

  23. I didnt discredit Collymore , he done that himself & I brought it up because I'm disgusted a racist woman beating , drug taking creepy sex pervert like him is mouthing off in public as though he has an ounce of credibility , I thought that was obvious .

  24. Suarez gets little protecton from the British referees.

  25. Black,white,brown,yellow....we are all people of the earth!
    Neither has any superiority over the other and anyone who thinks different needs to sort themselves out!

  26. You got daddy issues......
    Or you're a fat,bald,fugly pale face whose bitter at foreigners just because your wife left you for a well hung dark skinned man!
    Shall we send all the foreign players back except white scandanavians?

  27. He called her a 'white bitch' you've made that up!!!!!!! 

    Collymore is guilty for beating her up, however Ulrika nor any other reports have ever claimed Collymore made racist remarks that evening.  

    If you're going to make such claims then please support them with facts! 

  28. I was there & I kno what I seen & I know what I heard & my report is as valid as any other .

    Ulrika didnt even weigh 110 lbs & less than an hour after he threatened to kill her at a French TV studio she was out cold on the floor after being struck by a man bigger than an Olympic Heavyweight boxer who then started to kick her in the head , shes lucky to be able to walk & talk at all after that never mind recall any details of the incident . I'm sorry our sympathy is in different camps on this one .Collymore has beaten up many many white women but has beaten up no women from any other race . He stood trial for threatening to kill the mother of his child , Estelle Williams who also claimed long time physical abuse as did Lotta Farely to name only two who were brave enough to expose the cowardly scumbag .He was also jailed in Australia for inciting racial hatred in a bar .Those are all undeniable facts .

  29. I didnt discredit Collymore , he done that himself .
    I brought it up because I'm disgusted he is mouthing off in public about the morality of others when he doesnt even have an ounce of credibility .

  30. Why he finds it so bad being called the n word makes angry. All you need to do is turn on the radio, buy any black rappers cd, watch any film. Blacks seem to be calling themselves it all the time and do i hear anyone complain no do i shyt. But as soon as any white guy says it all hell breaks loose. All to often do we hear the race card getting pulled out what do we think would happen if a white man was called challky or honky nothing and why becaus its just a friggin NAME 

  31. Obama is an American and should n't pick either Black or White if he his multirace is n't that being racist? 
    Problem from the looks of things with Suarez is that he did n't use the N word and discredits all people who are suffering racism at work and could make people with real issues not come forward because they will be scared of being called an Evra or a trouble maker in other words. 

  32. Totally agree was watching Chris Rock on youtube the other day he was throwing the n word about like it was going out of fashion almost everyone in the audience was black not one was up in arm. Not 100% sure but i do recall they were laughing go figure 

  33. LOL,

    If you all comfortable calling Black people the N word or calling them Black C**TS Then I suggest to to any heavily populated Black Area such as Brixton,Mosside,Hackney etc and call them that, see what reaction you get.
    If you make it make without any harm let me know.

  34. Maybe he is sh*t, but one thing is certain Liverpool are sh*t and haven't won a trophy in six years, bunch of deluded mugs. F**k off to the dole queue.