23 Oct 2011

ROY EVANS: "Liverpool seemed to lose control against Norwich..."

Former Liverpool manager Roy Evans was clearly stunned by Liverpool's failure to get three points against Norwich at Anfield yesterday.

In an interview after the match, a disappointed Evans observed:

"Liverpool will be desperately disappointed, with the amount of chances they had.

"Suarez himself must have had about 12 chances, and could've finished the game in the first 15 minutes. It was all one way stuff but they just couldn't get that vital goal, which probably would've killed the game off".

Missing chances is becoming a worrying feature of Liverpool's season. As a team, the current shots on target rate percentage is very low at the moment, and this shows in the comparatively small number of league goals scored so far.

Evans also highlighted Liverpool's poor defending for the Norwich goal:

"Defenders won't be happy about the goal; Pepe Reina probably won't be happy about the goal; Holt got above them; back of the net, and they've hung on for another famous result at Anield".

Liverpool seemed to be in total control in the first 15-20 minutes but as the game went on, Evans believes Dalglish's team lost their grip on things:

"It was a very open game in the end; it became too open in many ways. Liverpool seemed to lose control of that part because they were chasing the game, thinking we're got to win it, which of course you feel they do have to, but they left themselves open a couple of times, and Norwich had a few chances, and it might have been an even worse result".

Liverpool have struggled against the so-called smaller teams over the last few years, and Evans concedes that the problem clearly still exists:

"On another day, Liverpool win this game comfortably; they go away with 5 or 6. That's not being unfair to them, but that didn't happen, and unfortunately, that's been the story over the last couple of years against some of the teams we're expected to beat. It's liverpool's loss, that's for sure".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. im hugely disappointed like everyone is i guess, the day i realized kuyt and downing are the worst players the world ever seen they just do nothing and nothing , suarez missing hundred of chances, awful finisher, the fucking silly defence allowing that stupid goal, just frustrating we fucking always have problems with small teams how the fuck we will get that holy 4th place , like this? no way i see us missing it yet again with these stupid performances , and please man dont ever play downing again hes fucking sooo crap absolute waste of money really poor lad, im pissed off so so embarrassing say no more.

  2. Holt would not have scored versus Martin Kelly.....and Gerrard was gassed way before the full 90.

  3. Evans has it spot on, we have been struggling against "the lesser" teams for many many years. There should be no surprises here...

    It is clear that we are creating enough chances but we fail to convert them. Yesterday we did enough to win that match by at least 4-5 goals and had we been 2 or 3 up before the start of the second half Norwich would have found themselves on the back foot.

    Very disappointed about the result yesterday. If Kuyt manages to start the next match then I quite honestly will not know what to say. How Johnson made it ahead of Kelly (unless he is injured) was also a mystery. GJ again showed his defensive frailties and apart from a few good runs he brought no positive impact to the match.

    The subs also did not make sense at all. Carroll for Downing, Henderson for Bellamy and Agger at 90 minutes for Kuyt? Why not Carroll for Kuyt at 60 minutes when Holt scored, Maxi for Bellamy and Henderson for Downing at around 70 minutes? We try and change the game when it is already too late.

    Keeping my chin up though, it is only a matter of time before we start putting away all these missed opportunities.

  4. I can see now why Fenway group wanted Dalglish to sign a 2 yr contract. 
    Next season is the key season for Dalglish, if we don't finish 1st next season, KD is not for us.  Already I have my doubts. 

  5. Kenny signed a 3 year deal Liv4life.

    We have not won the EPL in how long and you already have your doubts and then you expect Dalglish to win the league within 2 seasons when no other manager after him could deliver the Holy Grail?

    My my, what happened to patience?

  6. My my Red4life i could make mince meat out of you on over your reply but I'll go easy on you today.  

    Fenway wanted KD to sign a 2 yr deal, Kenny wanted a 3 yr deal.  The latter got their wish in the end. Get it?? Are you happy to wait lets say 5 seasons for LFC to win the league?

  7. 5 season is not the point Liv4live, with saint benitez we waited 6 long seasons and we were left EMPTY HANDED.

    To expect Dalglish to all of a sudden deliver the EPL next season is a bit premature don't you think?

    When Rafa joined our club I did not expect him to win the title within 2 seasons. 4 seasons was enough for me to realise that it was not going to happen so I will be happy to give Dalglish his full 3 year contract a chance...

  8. if you ask fans they have to wait 3 further seasons before we win the league, i think most wont be comfortable with that.  

  9. OK brightspark.

    Tell me and all those fans you are referring to who it is that will be able to win us the league within 3 seasons.

    Answer please...

  10. Managers are plentiful.  

    Tell me before Barcelona FC won all these trophies with Pep Guardiola did you ever think Guardiola could win the league in his first season and go on the road to become one of the great managers?When Mourinho came to Chelsea did you ever think he could win the prem league in his first season?When Vila Boas joined Porto, did you ever hear of him let alone think he'd win the Europa league and league in his first season.Before Wenger joined Arsenal had you heard of him, did you think he'd win the league in his 2nd year?

    Your problem is you lack ambition.

  11. Who is going to win LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB the EPL in 3 seasons.

    Don't just say managers are plentiful.

    Answer the bloody question.

  12. It's not my job to highlight potential managers, I'm not paid to do that.  

    It's the lack of ambition from the executive team behind the scenes which control the day to day running of a club which eventually is the demise of a football club.    

    From the pool of managers in the world, they appointed Roy Hodgson??   This is my point the new owners need to show ambition going forward.  

    One example, hate him or love him, you can't fault Abramovich over his ambitions, they went out and bagged a young coach with new ideas in Vila Boas.  Sitting third in the league, doing well in Europe all in the space of a few months!

  13. The substitutions were a little strange but it was the ridiculous lack of finishing and no holding mid-fielder that shot us in the foot. How many more opportunities do we need? Gerrard had a stinking game and NO ONE could finish. Blame the manager all you want but in the end he can't score the goals.

  14. Ah, so you are unable to come up with an answer of who can win us the EPL in 3 seasons.

    Strike 3...

    You are OUT.

  15. no you are failing terribly to grasp a point especially after i have given you concrete examples of cases of managers who weren't relatively unknown and weren't expected to win league within their first two seasons at their club.

    Let me direct the question to you- have you scoured the market to reach a conclusion there's no managers in the world of football who can deliver the EPL in 3 seasons?  Stop looking at the situation through a keyhole!

  16. You go on like no other teams exist in the league.

    Man City look like they are gonna blow everyone out of the water, financially for years to come, and I think Abu Dabhi have barely even started yet. 
    We wont be able to compete with that within 3 years no matter who is manager. Maybe 10 years if the club get structured right with new stadium.

    The target was and always has been top 4 in the next 2 years, preferably this year, but end of next at a minimum. Dalglish will probably walk away, rather than be sacked if he doest deliver that. 

    You mightn't like it, but that's the reality of the situation. 

  17. How did the lack of a holding player 'shoot us in the foot'? It's not Norwich overran the midfield and created countless chances. What does Lucas have to do with the poor finishing of the attacking players?

  18. Ask Rafa, did n't he bring Lucas on once against Everton so we would have a player who thinks more with his head then his heart and should have scored if Neville had n't cheated with the hand ball.
    Adam gave the ball away for the goal and then we were lacking a covering defencive or any midfielder covering the back 4 left us completly exposed Norwich might not have been overrunning the midfield but they play composed football and make the most of the ball when they had it and don't hoof it long.

  19. With all of Man Citys money it has still took them THREE years to get where they are now and they have spent 100s of millions to get into the champions league and top the premier league.