7 Oct 2011

MARTIN KELLY: The Liverpool FC defender injury-curse strikes again...

Liverpool right-back Martin Kelly has reportedly been injured whilst on duty with the England under-21 team.

Kelly played the whole 90 minutes of the 3-0 win over Iceland last night, but reportedly suffered a groin injury along the way. He has returned to Liverpool as a 'precautionary measure', and will be assessed by Liverpool's medical staff.

Hopefully, it will turn out to be a non-serious injury but Kelly's persistent injury problems are a real concern. Let's hope he doesn't turn into another Fabio Aurelio or Daniel Agger.

Injuries to defenders seem to be the norm at Liverpool these days. Obviously, we have the perpetually injured Agger and Aurelio, but Glen Johnson and Martin Skrtel have also been injured recently, and Jamie Carragher was out for three months last season with a shoulder injury.

Liverpool's defenders are seemingly cursed! How long until Jose Enrique joins the injury list?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Its quite strange, especially as CB's aren't expected to run as much as other players on the pitch.

    However one thing to note is perhaps how long each player has been in the PL, and the general consensus that it's the most physically demanding league, may explain the continual injuries they are now suffering.

  2. Tornike Khomeriki5:09 pm, October 07, 2011

    I really hope we don't have to field Johnson against the attacking threat of Man United.

  3. If Kelly's reported injury is serious then I am really going to be gutted for the lad. He has earned the RB position and I would 1000000 fold rather have Kelly play against UTD. Johnson is a defensive liability and would rather see him play on the RW as he is actually an attacking player.

  4. Typical Kanwar sensationalism- you should write for the Sun mate.

  5. I disagree. Kelly has been great and has the huge potential but I think it is as a Cb and not RB, especially with Carra announcing his plans to retire soon. Hopefully johnson will recover in time for the Manure game, Kelly is alright going forward but Johnson offers something completely different and with Kuyt starting on the right we should be fine defensively

  6. Cannot imagine kenny will play two liabilities like carragher and Johnson against manure especially

  7. So we need Kuyt to accomodate Johnson?

    Why has Dalglish used Kelly as a CB in one match only and why did we sign Coates? Kelly is made for RB. He is fantastic at defending and also very good at attack. He has more than enough pace, can take on defenders and also has a powerfull shot.

    Kelly vs Johnson at RB...

    Kelly wins the matchup hands down. He is also way less experienced than Johnson but already at 21 is proving to be far better than his senior :)

  8. Like I said, Kelly has enormous potential, to suggest that he is already a superior player to Johnson is silly.

  9. Why is it silly arebee? Kelly is a defender who can attack. Johnson is a defender who cannot defend but he can attack.

    I would actually really like to see Kelly at RB and Johnson on the RW. There will be nothing wrong with that. What do you think?

  10. It's silly to me because I don't think you rate Johnson as highly as I do. The fact that his managers never play him as a RW not even as a 20 min experiment tells you that he is not suited to the pos

  11. But how many times has Johnson played for us at RW in a match?

    So how sure are you that Johnson who is an attacking player is not suited for that position?

  12. Our manager's have played Wilson & Agger at left back, Skrtel at right back Meireles at left wing, Degen at right wing & N'gog as a lone striker - that alone doesn't prove that those players are suitable for those role anymore than their failure to play other players in other roles though does it?